CAP 2 Pre-evo - Part 9.3 - Sprite Poll 3

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"Hey, guys! HEY! Are you listening to me?"

Everyone turned around to see that bugmaniacbob had finished... whatever he was doing. In fact, it looked like he'd laid an egg of some sort. Vader, who had been passively watching since it had been established that Super Moderators stood no chance against Sprite Polls, wondered, "What on earth was the writer of this smoking while writing this? Because I want some!" What bugmaniacbob told them next would change everything.

"I worried you, didn't I? You thought I was just randomly thrown in here to be a butt monkey as a sarcastic response to my vote in Sprite Poll 1, didn't you? Well, too bad! I have something very important to tell you.

"Theorymon and I did some research on the Art Polls and Sprite Polls. The Sprite Polls aren't really all that evil. They are motivated and fueled by the act of voting. It thrills them. They'll do anything for more votes. That is why they came here."

"So that's what's going on," replied Rising_Dusk. "We always assumed that Sprite Polls were just out to get us, but we'd overcome them because of the process. We never really stopped to think that maybe Sprite Polls were just misunderstood."

"Exactly, Rising_Dusk," bugmaniacbob continued. "It turns out, though, that Art Polls and Sprite Polls never really got along. The Sprite Polls were stronger, but the Art Polls were very crafty. The Art Polls promised the Sprite Polls a paradise where they'd be voted on for all eternity. That's when they were sealed. The Art Polls deemed the Sprite Polls too dangerous. Obviously, they were willing to release them again to preserve themselves, but other than that, they were wary of the power of sprites."

"That's where this egg comes in. It turns out that this poll paradise is real, and we made a portal into it. Theorymon insisted that it needed the inside body warmth of a human to become functional, though. I had little room to argue, considering the stakes. But MAN, was it painful!"

Birkal was relieved. "Well, then, that's great! All we have to do is-"

"Lose utterly? Yes, that is indeed all you have to do."

Everyone turned again. Someone else had appeared while bugmaniacbob was talking. "Greetings. I am Sprite Poll 3, the ultimate Sprite Poll. I absorbed Sprite Polls 1 and 2 while you weren't looking. I am here to say that the so-called 'poll paradise' is a joke! Who in their right mind would accept an infinite influx of empty votes made by no one?

"There is a more fundamental issue, however. Why do you people, in this world, make so many decisions? Clearly, you do not know the awesomeness of not choosing at all! Every decision made has consequences. Every decision alienates people one after the other. That is why, once I'm finished with you, I'll convert this world into a true poll paradise, where nothing ever gets decided! People will keep voting, knowing that they have a say in the matter, but also knowing that they will never be alienated.

"Oh, and I am definitely evil. Also, I absorbed Quanyails for good measure."

Ice-cold Claws and noobiess looked at each other. "This is bad. We need to employ a single bold vote here. We can't make any mistakes!"

"Remember," said Sprite Poll 3.

  • "Do not bold any text other than your vote.
    The script we use to count the votes looks at bolded text, and ignores all other text. You can still write other non-bolded things in your post, but don't bold them or it will mess up your vote.
  • "Spell the artist name exactly as it is spelled below.
    It is not case sensitive, but please remember that your vote will not count unless it is the artist's name spelled correctly. (e.g. "Cyzir_Visheen" is not CyzirVisheen)
"Go out, you voters, and vote for all eternity!"

(Actually, you have 24 hours.)


Final Submission:


I tried to give it a cute and playfull look because it fits the design, I think.
Also, note that the animation is a little bit diffrent then the final sprite. This is because I edited the sprite after I made the animation.
That's all. Good luck to everyone :)

Final S-s-s-s-submission

Psst, it's floating.
Thanks to everyone here!
Necturine so far:

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Pokédex entry

Ice-cold Claws

I'm really happy we both made the final poll. Either way, I'm really happy with the outcome of the poll. Good luck Ice-cold claws :)
Ice-cold Claws

But not before I managed to vote one more time!

It was a difficult decision for my vote, but I had to weigh pros and cons. noobiess's sprite is much closer to the original design and has a very organized pose. Ice-cold Claw's sprite is a bit more dynamic and fitted the in-game style. One floated, one flopped.

What swayed me to ICC's sprite was the sharper, less angled leaf. It fit, as compared to the curves on the rest of the sprite. Upon closer inspection, noobiess's backsprite doesn't have exactly the same organization as the front sprite had. So, that, too, helped my decision.

Nice job, colorblind artists. :)

Has a cuter personality to it, and ICC didn't fix the thing that bugged me about his sprite!(on Necturine's left (our right) front "leg", the outline is grey on the bottom which gives me a sinking-through-floor impression at first glance)


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It's a little bigger than I wanted, but I'm also slightly off-put by ICC's backsprite. So noobiess' it is.
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