CAP 4 - Pre-Evo Poll

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Was fun while it lasted
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I can't use the vote scripts any more but I'm fairly certain nobody will doubt the result of this poll (at most 10 votes out of 90 weren't for Two).

So yeah, Aurumoth will have two prevos! So who's leading this, you may ask?

Well, I didn't ask him formally, but jas61292 has expressed interest in leading the project over IRC and since he was my playtest opponent as well as a very close second in the Topic Leader Poll, it seems only right that he should have this opportunity.

jas, if you accept this mission, ask a friendly mod for some project mods and then you're free to start whenever you want. If you don't accept, send me a quiet PM and I'll find somebody else.

Birk-a-dit: Here's the votes for those interested!
[none] => 4
    [one] => 5
    [two] => 77
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