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CAP 16 CAP 5 - Name Submissions

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by capefeather, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. RODAN

    RODAN wikifeet admin
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Live Chat Contributoris a Smogon Media Contributor

    Nov 13, 2007

    adder + adam n eve
  2. dwarfstar

    dwarfstar mindless philosopher

    Apr 7, 2011
    RavensNation, "orochi" isn't Japanese for snake. It's the name of an eight-headed snake demon from Japanese mythology. The Japanese word for snake is "hebi".

    Anyway, my tentative submission is Ringophis. The name is derived from "ringo" (Japanese for apple) and "ophis" (Greek for snake/serpent). Thoughts?

    EDIT: I'll post comments when I finalize my submission.
  3. GRs Cousin

    GRs Cousin

    Nov 27, 2011
    I've got two works in progress I think someone might like.


    Serpent + Eden
    Pronounced: "Sir-peh-den"
    IPA: sɜrpɛdɛn

    Straightforward and very biblical. Serpents are looked upon as antagonistic creatures, in and of itself fitting with the Dark-type (and obviously the fact that it's a snake). Eden, from the Garden of Eden, is the main setting and best known occurrence of a snake doing evil, being tricking Eve into eating an apple and making God damn an entire gender for over several millenniums.


    Malice/Malus + Hiss
    Pronounced: "Mahl-ihss"
    IPA: məlɪs

    Malice, otherwise known as to do with evil intentions, is the perfect adjective for a Dark-type, especially considering that Dracoyoshi's vision of his design involves this Pokemon being genuinely evil. Simply throw in some wordplay, like hiss, and you have a creature that speaks its name as both a noun and adjective... Threatening and punny. Bonus in that malice also sounds a lot like malus, the genus of apples.
  4. Jebus McAzn

    Jebus McAzn

    Apr 11, 2010
    I'd like to pitch two suggestions for feedback.

    Cobrapple - Simple portmanteau of "cobra" and "apple". Not much else to say.

    Lucifruit - Plays off of "Lucifer" and the original sin story and the word "fruit".

    Other than that, I'll say that my favorite submission thus far has been Sertempt. Rodan's Adderaneve is pretty great, too.
  5. Bughouse

    Bughouse Like ships in the night, you're passing me by
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    May 28, 2010
    Posting support for Adderaneve and Snidewindr as very clever options. If only Snidewinder would fit... though Feraligatr gives obvious precedent for Snidewindr being ok.
  6. Menace13


    Jan 17, 2013

    A combination of "nahash" ("serpent") and "shtik" (an alternate spelling of "shtick", which means "a characteristic trait or theme" or "gimmick").

    Pronounced: NAY-hash-tick
    IPA: neɪhæʃtɪk

    First of all, I know Nahashtik looks like naw-hash-tick or naw-haw-shtick, but according to Google, "nahash" is pronounced NAY-hash. Then again, I don't know Hebrew. Anyways, "nahash" is Hewbrew for serpent, specifically being the word used in reference to the serpent in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Pretty obvious. What is less obvious is the "shtik" part, so I shall go into depth on EACH of its meanings. Firstly, it can be "a characteristic trait or theme". In this case, CAP 5 has a VERY characteristic trait and theme: what other Pokémon has a golden apple as a tail? Furthermore, its theme, that being of the serpent from Genesis, is quite characteristic. As for the second definition, "gimmick", many people were calling Harvest a "gimmicky" ability to give CAP 5, or simply saying that it itself would be a "gimmicky" Pokémon to have on a team. Nahashtik would be a great name in this sense for two reasons: if CAP 5 turns out to be a gimmicky Pokémon, then Nahashtik labels it as such and warns the populace through its name. On the other hand, if it is NOT a gimmicky Pokémon, Nahashtik will be an ironic name which purposefully pokes fun at those who would dare call such a useful Pokémon a "gimmick". Also, you can go sssssss on the "sh" in the middle. Nahasssssssshtik. Snakes. Yep. Anyways, it should be easy to see, from my explanation, why Nahashtik is a great name for CAP 5.
  7. RavensNation


    Aug 30, 2012
    I forgot to comment...

    Comments (open)
    @Akela: Frither... I can't hear the fruit in there at all, but I really like Bacamba. The mamba reference can open it up for movepool guys to give Snappe a "hidden" Poison typing.
    @THE IRON KENYAN: Hissceiver. Maybe it's just my footballized mind, but the word that comes to my mind from this is "receiver"... It distracts me from the Pokemon. Also, the "ssc" in the name kind of bothers me, but it's something pretty minor and it works.
    @Glacier Knight: Rattleseed. Two words that make it sound like a baby Pokemon when combined. When I see "seed" it makes me think of a baby Pokemon. When you add in "rattle" it makes me think of a baby Snapple holding a little baby toy rattle.
    @Vann Accessible: Aspleduce. I still hear too much "ass" in the name...
    @erisia: Pythonesis. Genius name. Is it pronounced "py THO nuh sis" or "py tho KNEE sis"?
    @TravelLog: Serpenumbra. That's 11 characters.
    @Deck Knight: Adderice. I first read it as Adder rice. Like an adder composed of rice. Others may not have that problem, though.
    @Imanalt: Pineapple. Umm...
    @Texas Cloverleaf: Fapple. Could you use that in a sentence? "Let's go Fapple." Also a clear example of why punctuation is important. The difference between "Let's go, Fapple!" and "Let's go Fapple!"
    @Shaxx: Ouroboa. Too much snake... Ouroborus is a snake, a boa is a type of serpent... you get what I'm saying. Sounds nice, though.
    @felix: Malzana. I was thinking along those lines, too, but I figured people would mistake the pronunciation for "malzayna" rather than "malzahna".
    @Oglemi: Edaconda. I personally think "Edeconda" looks better. It gets the same sound. If you go "Edaconda" I think you miss out on the Garden of Eden reference more than if you go with "Edeconda". People will always understand the -conda suffix, but may have some trouble recognizing "Eden" if you use the "a".
    @Blackhawk11: Leafssifur. Why -fur? Snapple has no visible hair, so I don't think using -fur makes much sense. -fer works just fine and makes the "Lucifer" part of the name more obvious.
    @Yilx: I love Apulcoros, but Eviper and Liedown... not so much. Eviper sounds too similar to "Seviper" and Liedown sounds like something you would tell a dog to do.
    @Darth Missingno.: Thanks for the info. I'll make sure to fix it. Anyways, Ringophis. I keep reading it as "ring of his".
    @Magistrum: Devichus. The -chus part makes me think of mice. Solid ideas otherwise, especially Maluboros (even though it makes me think of Final Fantasy Malboros).

    If I didn't mention your entry it's because I have absolutely no problems with it.
  8. Magistrum

    Magistrum Ufufu~♪
    is an Artist

    Jan 10, 2013
    WIP's for now:


    Etymology: Adam(or Adam's Apple) + Mamba. Another religious reference, and quite easy on the tongue to pronounce. Simple but effective.

    Pronounced: "A-da-mam-ba"
    IPA: /ˌɑdɑˈmɑmˌbɑ/


    Etymology: Malus + Ouroboros. Malus is the genus of the Apple's scientific name. Ouroboros is the snake that is destined to eat its own tail. Combining the two words would be quite fitting for the concept since the snake eats its apple tail as a demonstration of its Harvest ability.

    Pronounced: "Ma-lu-bo-ros"
    IPA: /ˈmɑlubɔrɔːs/


    Deviant + Opiuchus. The Opiuchus, roughly meaning serpent-bearer, is the most controversial zodiac, dubbed the 13th. If that's not dark enough I don't know what is.

    Pronounced: "De-vi-yoo-kus"
    IPA: /dɛvɪˈjukəs/
  9. BlakDragon


    Oct 24, 2012
    Pretty sure this will be my only guess, but we'll see.


    It's a combo of the words "undulate" - that zig-zagging forward motion snakes typically make when moving, and anaconda, a large type of snake found in South America.
  10. Vann Accessible

    Vann Accessible

    Feb 19, 2013
    I updated my post on the first page with a few more suggestions. I think Edensnare and Beezlebulb are both pretty clever and fit our snake well. I also like Kadew's Sepentice and Master of the Six King's Condasend.

    I'd like to see a play on "Forbidden Fruit" somehow, but I can't get it right. Anyone have any ideas?

    All I could come up with was Forbadder, and I think it's lame...
  11. Brambane

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 31, 2009
    I want to thank everyone who voted during every stage of polling. This CAP had a score of amazing artwork from many different artists, some I know and some I don't. I think any of them would have made for a great CAP5. The final poll was certainly a rollercoaster, but Yilx's design was incredible and deserves equal admiration. And extended thanks to everyone who supported my artwork during development and voting, you guys are great ;_;. Excellent work everyone, and I look forward to CAP6's artwork.

    As for names, I have Evel (Eve+evil) because I am horribly punny.
  12. Shiruba


    Mar 1, 2013

    "Belle," - "beautiful" in French, referencing both Adam's Apple and Aphrodite/her apple; "-thiss" is an onomatopoeia for the sound snakes make.

    Pronounced: Bell - eh - thiss

    IPA: bɛlɛthiss
  13. RivRivRiv


    Mar 12, 2013

    A combination of "Hiss" + "[Judas] Iscariot"

    Pronounced: His-kar-ee-uht

    IPA: hɪskæriət

    Obviously Judas has nothing to do with the Garden of Eden and original sin, but it fits the Dark theme well and two Bible references are surely better than one. My Biblical knowledge is limited, but I'm sure there are some parallels between Judas' betrayal of Jesus and Satan's betrayal of God so yeah. Let me know what you think.
  14. DFrog


    Aug 1, 2009

    These are the names I have come up with slight variation in pronunciation.

    Malgene [mal + jean]
    Malgen [mal + gen]
    (Malus + genesis)

    Malus is has a dual meaning in latin, apple and evil. Gene (or gen) pulls in the biblical reference to Genesis. "Mal" coincidentally draws on the word malnutrition or rather the lack thereof, as CAP5 has a constant supply of food provided by harvest. Malgene/Malgen names draw on the bible story of Adam and Eve.
  15. scampy


    May 24, 2009
    I really like Rodan's entry : )

    Mmm, Slivine (slither + divine/vine) and Forbitten (forbidden + bitten) come to mind I guess!
  16. Eagle4


    Apr 14, 2012
    So I've got two WIP names which I want our feedback on at the moment.

    (Envy + Viper)(En-vi-per)

    Sounds good, looks good, but I'm worried that it's too similar to Seviper. Envy is one of the seven sins, which references the snake's concept and also the dark typing.

    (Python + Thorn) (Pi-thawn)

    This one is a little more generic and obvious, but certainly looks good and I can definitely imagine it as the pokemon's name. "Thorn" because of the snake's spikes protruding from its body.

  17. ShadowLime


    Mar 1, 2013
    I really like this Ouroboros line, but I want to push Harvest's cyclical nature to 11. I was thinking something like Soroborus [pronounced Sore-Oh-Bow-Russ] (snake/serpent + Ouroborus) because its kinda like a phonetic palindrome. Other possible spellings: Seroborus (more serpent), Soroboros (true palindrome) Sorroborus (pushing the inherent "sorrow" sound). Also, the "Sor" names have the added bonus of including "Or," which is french for gold.

    Other idea: Auladon [pronounced Ow-La-Don] from Aurum (latin for gold) and Ladon (the snake that guarded the golden apple tree, that Hercules subsequently beat to a pulp). Plus, doesn't the don ending sound dragon/serpent-y?

    edit: I think the IPAs would be something like:

  18. Hollymon


    Feb 22, 2013

    A combination of "jaw" and "awful"
    Pronounce: Jor-full

    A combination of "viper" and "pomme"(French for apple)
    Pronounce: Vipe-om

    A combination of "Testament" "test" "trap" and "apple"
    Pronounce: Test-rap-ul

    That's all I've got at the moment
  19. LudwigVanDamon


    Apr 30, 2009
    Looking at this snake I see a viper based on the head design but rather than trying to finagle viper in to something I've been tossing around the idea of
    Ferdelaurl (Fer-de-laurel)
    the idea came from a pit viper called a Fer-De-Lance that lives in tropical climates and laurels (that the design happens to have). Feedback welcome especially when it comes to the IPA
  20. Objection


    Sep 27, 2008
    Well I was going to submit Edenconda, but after reading this post, I would second what RavensNation is saying to Oglemi. If the prefix were changed to Ede- instead of Eda- then I would vote for that name in a flash.

    Anyway, I would like to put forward the following: Serbidden (serpent + forbidden, pronounced like Sir Bidden, IPA: sərbɪdən)
  21. Golurkyourself


    Mar 7, 2013
    wip iiit


    Con and/or Conniving + nasha*

    Pronounced: "con-NASH-a"
    IPA: kɒnɑːʒə

    Con and conniving are pretty self-explanatory for a Dark-type.

    The second part evokes a bunch of snakey terms that were probably derived from a common root: Nahash is hebrew for snake (which is specifically used to refer to the biblical serpent), Naja is the genus for true cobras and Naga are snake deities in Hinduism/Buddhism.

    As a bonus, it also evokes "Raksha", wicked and monstrous spirits also from Hinduism and Buddhism.
  22. Scoopapa


    Oct 12, 2007

    Basil + Basilisk. Two l's so it isn't just the word basilisk. Sounds like "basil isk"
  23. CyzirVisheen

    CyzirVisheen Am I poplar yet?
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 2, 2007
    Boa + Allure. Dat tempting golden apple.
  24. Mos-Quitoxe

    is an Artist

    Apr 4, 2011

    'cause snakes hiss and the apple is golden = apple of discord, the fruit inscribed with "to the fairest/most beautiful" (ΤΗΙ ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ) what Eris threw to Hera, Athena and Aphrodite to fight over like the cats they are, and long story short it caused the Trojan War.
  25. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Alright, here goes. WIP (when is this thing dueeeee)


    My reasoning: Serpent in Hebrew is "nahash" [na-hash]. "Nahissh" combines that with the word "hiss." Hebrew should be the language we use, in my opinion, as it is typically related to Biblical events.

    Nahissh is also fairly easy to say, and rolls off the tongue. I personally like saying it a lot.

    Nahissh Nahissh Nahissh.

    Another idea I had was Satanake or something like that, but I like Nahissh more.
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