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Malus- Plant Kingdom subcategory that contains apples.
Cossaea- Greek word for the region east of Babylon that the Garden of Eden was said to have existed in.
Pronunciation: MAL-uh-co-sa
In Dante's Inferno the fifth bolgia (pocket) of the eight (second worst) circle of Hell is guarded by 13 demons called the Malebranche, and their leader is Malacoda, which roughly translates to "evil tail" from Italian to English. This seems a pretty good fit to me! And, to make the fit even better and to stop the name from simply being a character from a poem a craftily placed 'n' reinforces the snake. I present: Malaconda

The fact that it also combines "Malicious" or "Malus" and "Anaconda" is a bonus.

Base Speed

What a load of BS!
Had this one ready to go for a while now.


tempt(ation) + tail.

Very simple. We know this snake is a biblical reference to the one that tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruits in the garden of Eden, and in this pokemon the fruit is on the tail.

I'm also really like the following:
Snapple (of course)

I feel these roll off the tongue very well and/or capture the flavour of Dracoyoshi8's work well. If you're deliberating over several names for a final sub and I've put one of them there, I hope that helps!
My ideas so far, not a final submission.

Derived from serpent and karos, the Greek word for fruit. The serpent part is obvious, and since it's holding the forbidden fruit, karos comes in.

Pronounced: SIR + ka + rose. Accent on the Ser.

IPA: I have no idea how to make IPA, so can I have a little help with this? When I figure it out, whether by myself or because of someone's kindness, I may make this a final submission. EDIT: I put it in a IPA translator, and came up with this:
Serkaros. It is exactly like the word.
Work in progress


A combination of "atrocious" + "hiss".

Pronounced: "a·tro·cious"
IPA: əˈtroʊʃəs/

A play on hiss, the sound a snake makes, with Atrocious, meaning extremely or shockingly wicked.
I was toying with a couple of ideas.

Firstly, Discoild - or Discoiled.

Fairly obviously a portmanteau of Discord (as in Apple of Discord) + Coiled. Not certain which spelling to use - Discoild retains the Discord element better visually; Discoiled looks nicer on the page - may also imply 'uncoiled', which I don't know whether I like or not.

Secondly, Malevopent.

Malevolent + Serpent. Rolls off the tongue nicely when you pronounce it məˈlɛvəpənt (muh-lev-uh-puhnt) but with the given spelling the temptation is to read it as məˈlɛvəpɛnt (muh-lev-uh-pent), which doesn't communicate the meaning as well. Of course, now that we have to provide pronunciation I guess this is a non-issue anyway.

I'd appreciate any advice on spellings and feedback on which is better :) oh and I know this is an unusual thing to say but if anybody particularly dislikes these just straight-up tell me and I probably won't submit; I'm not really in it to win it, just to find an attractive name.

Since I started writing this post a really stellar submission has been made in Malaconda btw. I'm normally against literary reference because Jesus, it's corny, but this one is solid as it doesn't rely on it exclusively to communicate its meaning (intentional or not most people are going to see malicious+anaconda before they see Malacoda).

Pronounced: Fa - Res
IPA: fɑːrɛs

So Ekans and Arbok did it, how about CAP5.
The word is Seraph spelt backwards (almost, kept the 'ph' the same) coming from the Hebrew Bible which used the word as a synonym for serpent. It seemed fitting considering the biblical backstory to its apple. The backwards spelling also shows a distortion to the word Seraph. The word is usually used for 'heavenly serpent' or simply 'heavenly' in other biblical texts. So just as you flip the crucifix upside down to become a symbol for the devil the same could apply here.


(1) Pharess

The extra 's' gives a nice 'sex-sound' to the word highlighting that famous hiss. Open to thoughts on this.

(2) Hpares

The true backwards spelling.


I felt compelled to submit a name for this slithery critter due to my name and avatar. :heart:
Name Final Submissions can only be posted after a CAP Moderator posts in the thread that final submissions are open. Any final submission posted prior to the Moderator notification post, will disqualify the submitter from the poll entirely. Even if the offending post is edited later or deleted, the submitter will still be disqualified for the remainder of the thread. This ensures that all submitters have equal opportunity to post final submissions without anyone unfairly "jumping the gun".
Please read the rules. I mean, maybe stuff like this could have have been made clearer, but I figured people would at least read the first paragraph and realize maybe rule changes might affect them. Plus, the rules were copied directly from the CAP Policy Review. This rule disqualifies Master of the Six Kings and TheSilverShadow from submitting.

On actual submissions: Personally, I'm partial to names that include personality traits, like Mallure, Serpentice and Hisscord. I find Ouroboa and Malaconda the nicest-sounding names so far that attempt to include mythical references. I wonder if doing both is doable...
I've decided to throw this out there.
Combination of "mal" (meaning bad) and asp (a type of snake).
Pronounced "MAL-asp"
When spoken, it sounds like both "malice" and Malus, which is part of the apple's scientific name, Malus domestica.

What do you think?
I'm dropping De(ce/si/ci)rpent, since I think it sounds like it has 'deserve' or 'decimate' (depending on the spelling) as part of its origin.

Quick comments:

  • Unoriginal Name: It won't make it, even if Excadrill and Durant already have real-life counterparts. Names and their trademarks. D: Hissin, though, isn't too shabby. Sounds like hissin', but Slaking exists with that sort of name similarity.
  • akela: Frither has a nice flow and ring to it, being very snaky in sound. It is slightly silly, but that's not bad at all! Bacamba is slightly less wieldy, and having os in the phonetic pronunciation confuses me. It also has a nice ring, but I prefer it less than Frither.
  • Ralts: Ah, hiss names. They are prevalent in this thread already, and I'll have to say that they feel uninspired. :/ I think you should try something else.
  • THE_IRON_KENYAN: Same as you, with 'hiss' being incorporated into a name. X3 It's a personal aversion to them--apologies.
  • Gasoline: Ah, but 'tempt' and 'pent' muddled together doesn't flow well. :( I think of the name as being pronounced akin to 'certain'. It works for a pokemon name; real ones don't need to flow together that well, so it's fine in my mind.
  • Glacier Knight: I see 'rattle' + 'seed', unfortunately. :(
  • Vann Accessible: I lightly mused over this for a moment on #cap, but DetroitLolcat commented how it sounds like something else. It's a bit too simple, as well.
  • erisia: If it flowed better, I'd favor it more. It's currently fine with the references, though the idea that it'll bring a genesis to a new metagame is quite contrived. It gives me an aversion to the name.
  • TravelLog: That's three names you've concocted. Make sure to check the rules in the first post. I don't find the names simple enough to understand; Erebus is not a common god, and neither is Aconitum. I can give you Serpent and Penumbra, but it's too long. :(
  • Deck Knight: My favorite name so far! It features three components that work well and give the name a great snaky tone to it. The parts completely fit the design without being too enigmatic or simple.
  • Timeblaze: Flows well, references the mythology well. I'd vote for it.
  • Kadew: It's certainly not a bad name; serpent and entice do flow together with that shared syllable. What's strange is that it looks more like an actual word instead of the conjunction of the two words you intended. If I could think outside of that, I'd think that you have a great name on your hands.
  • Shaxx: I like Anacordia. :D Has a good tone and references the mythology well. Ouroboa isn't too shabby, but it's just slightly more removed from the Christian and Greek mythologies.
  • felix: Two apple names imply apple more than snake. :( Allude to the mythologies or snake some more, please.
  • Oglemi: Not bad. o3o It works, it references snake and mythology, it fits.
  • reachzero: I thought 'elapid' was related to 'dilapidation', which also fits. This is cool as well! It is rather simple of a union of words, but again, it works very nicely.
  • Blackhawk11: Hmm. If it flowed more nicely, it'd be nice. Good idea, but the name is rather clunky. Leacifer looks better and flows more, but loses 'leaf'.
  • Leethoof: Ooh, the 10-character limit is a barrier toward votes, if anything. I do like how nicely 'snide' fits into 'sidewinder', and how fitting it is for the design :) Pity about that limit, though, as it's great.
  • RavensNation: The first two aren't too shabby; Devicoil has a nice rhythm to it and it fits the design without being contrived. Lepporochi is slightly more 'eh' for me if only because it includes a berry name (even if it's intentional) and there's no precedent in that, but it's still fine otherwise.
  • TheSilverShadow: It flows well and is suitable, which make up the standards of a good name. 'Vermin' makes me think of rats more than snakes, although it may just be some language differences. Unfortunately, you're out of the polls for making a Final Submission post early. D: I was going to warn you, but it's now too late!
  • Breakdown: Ah, great portmanteau of two words, although if the 'sl' from 'slither' could be added without mangling the flow of the word, that'd be my personal preference. It's great even without that, though, certainly!
  • Woodchuck: Hmm... o3o Don't encourage more CAP shippings. XD I can't take 'Capsanova' seriously, and I doubt voters would. Serrepent is a variation of a name I've heard, and it works, maybe because the first part reminds me of 'serrate'. I had thought of 'Serpenance', though that didn't make sense for the snake of the original sin, but this does.
  • Yilx: The first one works really well, oddly enough. o_O I'll be ignoring the second and third ones, but yes, the first one works with the criteria I consider with its flowiness and origins.
  • Rodan: When I saw the name, I mentally said 'Add-a-nerve'. The idea's not bad, actually, though if it was more cohesive, like Willowitch of CAP 2, I may consider it. ;)
  • Master of the Six Kings: You sure you didn't mean to include 'condescend' in the name? Because that's really cool as a third word that fits with both in there! It's certainly a name I like, but, ah, shame for breaking the rules and being kicked out from the polls.
  • Darth Missingno.: Has a nice ring to it, no pun intended, flows well, a bit simple in origins, but I can live with this one.
  • GRs Cousin: Yep, they are, and they're fine names. I had thought of Malhiss, although 'hiss' names can be contrived. This one is not, with a third meaning of 'malice' in there. Serpeden is also fine, but the syllable emphasis is confusing between the two words.
  • Jebus McAzn: Lucifruit. A bit quirky, but it's nice. :P
  • Menace13: It does seem too obscure for most voters to understand. :/ It's got a great flow and origin to it, but yeah, it requires Genius Bonus, in my eyes. If you bypass that, it's certainly a name to consider.
  • Magistrum: Your have a fine selection of names, and Adamamba or Maluboros would be great! I especially like Adamamba for its rhythm and near-symmetry. :P
  • BlakDragon: Ah, if it had more relationship to the origins rather than just 'snake', I would consider it more. :/
  • Vann Accessible: Beezlebulb. o3o A bit corny, but it works. Edensnare just makes me think of 'Eden' and 'Snare', though, especially with the syllabic emphasis in it.
  • Shiruba: Ah, going for the sound of the name instead of origins. Despite that, it comes off as a deceptively beautiful name, just like the snake itself. :) That works, too!
  • RivRivRiv: Hmm, I suppose. o3o I would much prefer a Hebrew Scripture name, but it works by being religious otherwise. :P As I've mentioned to others, I don't prefer names with 'hiss' in it, since they feel contrived to me. Yours teeters on the edge of that. Malaconda is great, though, so go with that. :D You don't even need to know Malacoda to get the 'mal' part.
  • DFrog: Malgen sounds like a virus. o3o I don't see 'malnutrition' in the name, but the rest makes sense. It works, too, with its origin and flowiness.
  • scampy: Forbitten isn't too bad; it makes sense with the concept and has 'forbidden fruit' and 'bitten', which work for both Grass/Dark and mythology! Slivine reminds me of Servine.
  • Eagle4: Adderice had already stolen my favor from Envyper, but Pythorn is a generic good name. :)
  • ShadowLime: I don't think another Aurum name will work after Aurumoth, but Soroborus could. That being said, there are already a few Ouroboros-inspired names out there, and a simple 'snake' addition feels less inspired than the others.
  • ShravanP: The first thing I thought of was 'mecca', and the second thing I thought of was of my design's name. Anyway, Mac could be from other words as well, and it's not too obvious that it isn't a misspelling of moccasin. Moccasin does have 'sin' in it, which is great for any names you'll make from that. :) Just, well, the 'Mac' isn't too obvious to me.
  • Hollymon: You've filled up your three-name quota already. :/ Well, I prefer Vipomme, since 'Jawful' looks like an actual word, and 'Testrapel' has less flow to it. o3o Subjective, of course.
  • Golurkyourself: Hmm. It sounds a bit feminine, but outside of that, it's got good origins and flows well. Great!
  • Scoopapa: Ooh, that's not bad. Mythological and a good conjunction of words, even if the basilisk doesn't exactly fit. Nevertheless, I like it!
  • CyzirVisheen: Okay. :P
  • Mos-Quitoxe: It works, but adding 'hiss' to something does sound unoriginal. Well, Hisscord isn't bad, as it certainly fits the design and has good flow to it.
  • inanimate blob: It does flow well, but it looks clunky. :/ Having 'hiss' in a name doesn't look original, as I've mentioned to others, and you have two snake-related words in there, even if one is from the original language of myth. Not bad, but it could be better.
  • WebsterVanCooney: I can buy 'malus', but 'cossaea' is a bit obscure for voters. :/
  • Base Speed: Huntail? o3o It works, but the idea has already been used.
  • deathsnake951: It fits and flows and isn't too obvious or obscure. If you put a word that's not recognized in the English language, you'll get an exact 'translation' back in IPA. Put in component words and see what happens.
  • adonnis85: Aaah, another 'hiss' portmanteau. I do find them contrived since you can use any word that has -ous as an ending and stick 'hiss' to it. :/ If you'd like, inspire yourself for something else.
  • BrianFantana: I prefer 'Discoiled' for its appearance, but it does lose 'discord'. Tricky. Malevopent works well, but 'punt' vs 'pent'? I read Malevolent and Serpent with the same vowel sound in the last syllable, so I don't see what's confusing. :P
  • Rotom3GS: Ah, they're both rather choppy. :( And the ideas have already been used by others to better extent. Think outside of the box to be extraordinary!
  • Espeon65: It works. :P It's not too extraordinary, but it works.
  • Juicy: I like it, and it is a unique addition to the other names we have. The name is a homophone of 'fares', but it doesn't affect anything with me. It may get reception from others, though. 'Seraph' makes me think more of 'angel' than 'snake', but that could also work with a 'fallen angel'.
  • The Steam Punk: Works, and I do prefer it to 'Malhiss' because it doesn't use 'hiss'. XD Silly reason, but hey. That's good for you with the meanings in its name.

Is an idea I'm fiddling with... It is not actually a combination of 'omen' and 'Eve', but 'omena' (oh-may-nah... roughly... Perhaps oh-meh-nah), which is Finnish for apple, and Eve that can also be interpreted as omen and Eve... So it works on more than one level, heh. I'm not sure yet whether it would be pronounced "Oh-may-neev" or "Oh-meh-neev", but I'll pick one eventually.

Ourosuade/Urosuade (just different spellings of Ouroboros) pronounced (Or-oh-swayd or Yer-oh-swayd, depending on which spelling I go with)

This one I love because Ouroboros is a dragon or serpent eating its own tail... And this particular serpent happens to have an apple on his tail that he will continually eat via his harvest ability. The second word is 'persuade'... So it's like... 'Hey! I'm eating the apple, why don't you eat the apple too?' Heh....
Croatall is something I've been throwing around in my head.

It's a mix between Crotalus, the genus in which rattlesnakes are a part of and Fall, referring to the fall of man cause of the whole biblical reference.

I'm worried it doesn't sound pokemon-y enough though.
Newfag lurk mode is deactivated. I have a couple ideas, both combining "serpent" and the Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres.

Serpceres (Serp-sear-ees)
Cerepent (Sair-e-pent)

I personally like Cerepent better, though I'll see if anyone else thinks anything of either of them, as long as I don't get ignored.

A simple mix: Risk (Risque?) + Squirm + Wyrm

Pronounced: riskwIrm
IPA: [risk'wirm]

Wyrm is the Old English word for snake, and a moder synonym for [European] dragon. It's related to worm as well.
I'm not sure about the orthography, any suggestions would be welcome.

Maybe there could be a link or list of IPA symbols in the OP, it would make things easier.
Had another idea I have been throwing around. It is a very simple name and almost seems too obvious. I combine "rattler", a slang name for a rattlesnake with "apple" and the result is Rappler.

(Lie) + (Ladon)​

I will borrow mythos from Ladon, a Snake-like creature from Greek Mythos.

Ladon was the serpent-like dragon that twined and twisted around the tree in the Garden of the Hesperides and guarded the golden apples. He was overcome by Heracles. The following day, Jason and the Argonauts passed by on their chthonic return journey from Colchis and heard the lament of "shining" Aegle, one of the four Hesperides, and viewed the still-twitching Ladon.
Just like Ladon, our Snakemon here guards an apple; although it might not be one of gold like Ladon in the Mythos did, Ladon would be the perfect mythical serpentine name to pick for our Snakemon; the Snake in the original Mythos (Adam and Eve) dosen't even have a proper name.

The "Lie" part of the name should be quite easy to read. It was from a lie that bore fruit to the sin of mankind; a lie that the snake in the Garden told to Eve to feed the deceitful apple to Adam. I chose to go with "Lie" instead of other more complex, complicated words meaning the same thing haphazardly thrown out of the dictionary and thesaurus as it is simple, easy to read, and easy to relate to.

"Liedon" would have sounded too much like a "typical" name, so I applied some spice to it; and hence, "Liedown."


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Newfag lurk mode is deactivated. I have a couple ideas, both combining "serpent" and the Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres.

Serpceres (Serp-sear-ees)
Cerepent (Sair-e-pent)

I personally like Cerepent better, though I'll see if anyone else thinks anything of either of them, as long as I don't get ignored.
Cerepent also contains the word repent which Adam+Eve may have had to do for sinning with the apple or whatever. It sounds pretty cool as well. I like it.

I also like:
Snapple (I know this one was said as a sort of joke but it sounds really good and it's simple)

They all sound good and are easy to tell where the names came from. They sound the most pokemon-y to me.
Let's do what Dracoyoshi8 wanted to go with.

Pronounced: SNA-pull
IPA: Snæpəl

Derived from Snake and Apple, for obvious reasons. Really rolls off the tongue, and Dracoyoshi8 suggested it (as a sort-of joke, but still). Surprised I managed to nab it :P

Hissin (Hiss + sin) was also thought up by me, then Matezoide over IRC suggested Hissyn, as Ys make everything cooler.
I support the name Snapple greatly, although Malaconda also stands out to me.


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Since Texas Cloverleaf totally ripped off my original submission of Fapple, I guess I'll have to go with something stupid like Ophiden instead.

From ophidian (snake) + forbidden (as in "forbidden fruit").


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The name "Snapple" is not going to be allowed for this competition. It is a legal product trademark and we're not going there. Do not reply to this post, or derail the thread into what constitutes trademark infringement or not. If you have any doubts if your name is legal based on trademark or copyright issues, then assume it is illegal and pick another name.
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