CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 12 - Art Poll 3

which art should we use?

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Short explanation:
I'm a sucker for colour so my vote'll go to CyzirVisheen with aragornbird's design riding right up behind in second place.

Long explanation:
Cyzirvisheen's work through both colour scheme and overall look has created a fighting design that looks less like he's going to beat you up out of aggression and more out of self-defense unlike the pirate based or wrestler based designs and that appeals more to my nature. The fact that it's also not based on an octopus/squid design which has been done before also goes in its favour as well. That is my own personal preference in the matter.

I must say, the standard of designs in this project is impeccable with quite the selection available this time around. Every participant should be proud of themselves for their work win or lose for helping to place a face on the hard worked stats. I'm not sad for the loss since nearly every design submitted would have been a wonderful choice. Well done to all.

(Now bring on the sprite polls! I'm looking at you rival KoA. ;p)
Cyzir says "Show me your moves."

but wow, darkie is moving very quickly, especially because some people can't get on during Christmas.


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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there were 192 votes in the last poll. usually I move on after ~150, but more people vote for art because apparently that's the most important part of the project??
there were 192 votes in the last poll. usually I move on after ~150, but more people vote for art because apparently that's the most important part of the project??
To be fair, it takes only a few seconds to look at ~10 pictures and decide which one you like whereas it can take a few hours to look at ~10 stat spreads or movesets and run a bunch of calcs to decide which one you like.
It's gotta be the Luchador Squid.
Fits right in with the Sugimori crowd.
Gee, if I were Cartoons, I'd make another animation to promote my design...*wink wink* *NUDGE NUDGE* :)

The artwork is really amazing, it gives you a sense of pride when you see such an amazing octopy drew...I mean you get so proud you have such a great artist in the community that can draw so many awesome pokemons..

It kind of looks like the last pokemons in the pokedex (460-510) those are the cool ones since they look like digimons, and considering they look like digimons then that means they're pretty much win as the sense of complixity they have is truely amazing.
aragornbird as always. While CyzirVisheen's does look awesome, as does Cartoons!, I think aragornbird's perfectly melds the Water/Fighting type.
Voting Cartoons! It looks very bulky, physical, and unified.

Aragornbird's looks amazing, I'd totally be fine if it won, too.

Cyzir's looks "cool", just not nearly as bulky as the stats suggest IMO. I'm also not a big fan of the complexity, clothes, or the bell-shaped silhouette :/
Voted Cartoons! again, and I'm glad it made through the second poll, since I wasn't able to vote on that one.

All three designs are great. However, I feel that Cartoon's hits perfectly the middle road that many pokémon designs have in common: Being inspired by an animal, but not being too obvious on that inspiration.

That, and the eyes: I love its eyes!
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