CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 15 - Sprite Poll 1

Which sprite should we use for CAP8?

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Our Pokemon so far:

Name: Cyclohm
Type: Electric / Dragon
Style Bias: Somewhat Defensive
Build Bias: Mixed, possibly Special
Ability: Shield Dust/Static
Stats: 108 HP/60 Atk/118 Def/112 Sp Atk/70 Sp Def/80 Spe

This poll determines the battle sprite that will be used when the pokemon is implemented on the CAP battle server. Sprite submissions for the art poll will be selected by the Topic Leader, based on preference and feedback in the Sprite Submission thread. The sprites for all voting options should be included in the OP and referenced by artist name in the poll.

This is a clicky poll where you may vote for as many submissions as you desire. Please do not vote for all of the submissions as it may lead to unnecessary extraneous polls. The options are:
Well, seeing as I'm not gonna have any time to make any more modifications, I'm just gonna post up my Final Submission. Hope you guys like it.

Considering the standard of all the other entries this year, and considering I've had little feedback, I'd be surprised if I got any votes other than mine, but at least its good practice. I'm rooting for Aragornbird, Clawed Nyasu or Doug in this one, but good luck to everyone.

PS: There is no gender difference, so don't try looking for one. :P
Final Submission

The shinys are a little different from the previous ones, but I'm still quite happy with them. I also made the gender differences, with the female having a shorter tail. Not much more to say, good luck to everyone who enters.

Final Submission

Lots of great submissions, so my chance of winning is probably very slim, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. If my submission doesn't make it through the polls, I'll be pulling for Aragornbird (assuming he gets a backsprite up!) His has the best blend of style and spriting mechanics, imo. The stylistic design aspects of Wyverii and Doug's are reaally not my cup of tea.

Male Normal------------Female Normal
Male Shiny-------------Female Shiny

This is my final submission unless anyone strongly objects to the shiny.
Final Submission:

  • Far left head was moved down and right.
  • Open mouths now have shading.
  • Male and female differences. (males get longer claws)
Thank you, Gir! and Flamman, for your helpful comments.

Well i've done work on the backs. If there's no more objections i'll be making this my final submission. I'll be looking forward to the other entries.

Didn't feel like bandwagoning the whole "pink fluff" shiny approach, so I took a new spin on the coloration. Also gender differences are very minute this time around, females just have shorter claws. This ain't enough of an impact to affect the backsprites at all, so they use the same ones for both genders, I just posted them twice for convenience though.

Based on feedback from various people, I made several small tweaks to these sprites, but nothing major. I sharpened the left face on the front sprite, and I made the backsprite faces and horns slightly more "pointy". I also darkened the back leg on the frontsprite, just a little bit.

This will be my final submission post. If I make any more changes, I will just edit the images here. Thanks to everyone that has given me advice and suggestions in this thread. With your help, I think my sprite is a million times better than my original draft. Regardless of the outcome of the polls, I've got myself a few snazzy-looking avatars to use in the future. I'm already a winner! ;-)

EDIT: New fronts as posted later in this thread.

Well this is it. Thanks for the suggestions and support, everyone! I hope you like the final product. See you at the polls!


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I have to say, I liked a lot of the sprites, and I honestly don't mind who wins. That being said, I'm really rooting for Clawed Nyasu's sprite.
Its good to see HeadPunch´s submission is doing relatively well, 6 votes so far is not that bad, and Wyverii is doing well too. I know I have repeated this over and over again, but HeadPunch is, as of my, my favorite sprite, I just hope it manages to pass the round
Doug's sprite was really amazing, he involved a dynamic and relatively new pose, with the awesome shiny sprite i love and the effort he placed in making the sprite, doing all the changes people sugested, show how much he worked to make a great design, which he did.

Clawed Nyasu's is a very good one, with the bulky and "in guard" pose he added, looks very well done, and while being cute, it keeps the dangerous sense the dragons should have.

Aragornbird's did an amazing job by adding beutiful light details on his sprite, using a combination of cuteness and bulkyness like few other contendants, and i really like his idea for the gender difference.

Wyverii's one has a tremendous pose, coupled with the eyes looking at the opponent like thinking "im going to destroy you!". It looks like a dedicated sprite and a great shiny color too.

Awesome job this CAP spriters! You never let the community down x)
Wow. I never would have believed that this many submissions would be so good. Aragornbird's is still my favorite, but I need to give mention to Doug's. I'll be honest--I couldn't stand it in the beginning, but all of the changes he made in the last day or so have only now started to "click" in my head. The heads in particular are 394032 times more appealing to me now. There are still a few things I don't like about the body and legs, but to each their own, right?

And I'm throwing a vote to Estranged. Despite the fact that his sprite is weaker on the mechanics side compared to many, it has my favorite pose ever, and besides the huge claws, the most stylistically true to the original design, imo.
I voted for aragornbird's, but I liked DougJustDoug's shiny color. White and Light Blue would look absolute amazing on this Pokemon, I wish ara had used those colors.

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It was a toss up for me between aragornbird's and Doug's design. I ended up going with aragornbird. I like the how the positioning for the back sprite in each are closer up than the other submissions, but the pose seems a little more natural for me in ab's.
I personally feel that AB's is the superior sprite. Everyone put in a fantastic effort though.

Even though they aren't "big names" yet, a few of the unsung spriters are doing better and improving at a good rate. A little part of me is rooting for the underdogs this round, I might try spriting the next CAP just because you guys always put in a good effort.

I'm finally starting to feel like the CAP art is stabilizing, the good get better and the better stay good.


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Love Dougs shiny version. #1 pick x)

Wyv and Aragorn also got the nod from me.

They all look great, I love all the poses. Good work guys ^^
Even though I only voted for my very favorites, I think that any of these would make a fine sprite for CAP8. I'm proud that we have such talent around here. :D
Had to go with DougJustDoug's submission on this. I loved everything about it from the lightning where the necks meet the cloud to the different take on the back sprite. Despite that all of the sprites look great and I would be fine with any other sprite winning.
I voted for Doug and Aragornbird. Doug's backsprite is AMAZING and Argornbird's front sprites are perfect... also Aragornbird's shiny colour scheme is by far the best.
I only voted for Aragornbird, as I really want it to win so I decided not to vote for Doug, Nyasu or Wyverii as well. They still were amazing, especially Doug's back sprite. What I love in Aragorn's? Well... simply put everything! The colours (both; normal and the shiny), the pose and the drawing which makes it look bulky, cute and totally awesome. Good job everyone!
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