Data CAP ASB Highlight Match (MATCH 4 - 9/23/2012) - Player Nominations

HLM #4 v2 | WEEK OF 9 / 23 /2012

Welcome, one and all, to the greatest bi-weekly spectacle of ASB talent: the ASB Highlight Match! Highlight matches pit two of the top ASB players against each other for all to see! These matches will test the skills of the players chosen, and will give us a chance to see who comes out on top! Best of all, YOU are the one who gets to choose the participants! That's right, you will be voting on who gets to play who in these matches. It's a fun time for both the players and the spectators. You don't want to miss this battle, folks!


The format for each battle will always be different (save Disqualification rules). It will always follow the normal battle formatting rules, which are as follows:


Disqualification: 1 Day DQ / 2 Day Ref DQ
Switch Rules:
Item Rules:
Ability Rules:


  • Only evolved Pokemon are allowed unless stated otherwise in the specific battle.
  • A Highlight Match will always be one person against one person. That means no melee battles or tag battles.
  • This match does NOT count as a normal battle. That means it does not go against the current three battle maximum AND does not count as a win or a loss on a record.
Prizes consist of normal battle counters (that's 2 TC per trainer and 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC and any gained KO Counters per participating Pokemon). The winner receives 2 universal KO counters to spend as well and, of course, will be recorded as a Highlight Match winner!

Match #4 v2: 9/23/2012

BATTLE NAME: There are Other Arenas in ASB!

Format: 3v3
Style: Singles
Chills/Recovery: 2 chills / 5 recoveries
Disqualification: 1 Day DQ / 2 Day Ref DQ
Switch Rules: OK
Item Rules: On
Ability Rules: All
Arena: ???

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: At first glance, this appears to be a standard battle, with completely straightforward rules. But then, you, the spectators and potential battlers, notice that mysterious ??? in the arena slot, and then we all release a coordinated gasp as we realize it is not the ASB Tournament Arena! Its up to you to vote for the arena, as well as the battlers! Make it good, ASB, because its up to you!

Anyone that wishes to ref this battle may PM me stating their qualifications to ref. I will choose one ref and one subref to avoid problems if the original ref has a conflict.

Previous Battles
Deck Knight vs. Rising_Dusk, Match 1 (The Bond of Friendship)
Flora vs. Engineer Pikachu, Match 2 (K.I.S.S)
zarator vs. Athenodoros, Match 3 (Pokeswap)​

Player Nominations

In this stage, we will decide who will be in the poll to select the final four contestants. Post one to five players you would like to see battle. Order is not a factor.

Arena Nominations

In this stage, we will also decide which arenas will be in the poll to select the final arena. Post one to three arenas you would like to see for this battle. Order is not a factor. Here is the handy-dandy arena compendium, look through here if you need ideas. Post the full description (in Hide Tags) in this thread, so other ASBers who are unfamiliar with the arena will know what it is.
lol at "bi-weekly"

Elevator Music

I've battled and reffed in both of these arenas and they are some of the more enjoyable arenas in ASB.
Evil Circus: Field Type: Neutral; Complexity: Intense; Format: All

It seemed like a great idea at the time, to go to the circus to have a good old friendly brawl. But then that damn evil Puppet Master came and ruined all the fun. Drat... but the fight must go on! At the end of each round, the Puppet Master will cast a tricky effect, directly attack both pokemon, or summon a wild pokemon to attack and harass the competitors. He cannot be attack directly, but the Puppet Master's attacks can be defended against.

Summary: A traveling circus with an evil Puppet in the background, who will active one of the following effects at the end of each round: Use Wonder Room, use Trick Room, use Magic Room, use a ThunderBolt on all pokemon, use an Ice Beam on all Pokemon, use a Flamethrower on all pokemon, summon a wild Drifblimb to attack, summon a wild Houndoom to attack, or summon a Mr. Mime to attack. Each effect has the same chance of happening (1/9). The puppet master cannot be attacked.

No weather is allowed inside the circus tent, and the ground is dig-able. There are also standard items that you would expect to find in a traveling circus, such as large crates and performing pokemon in cages. I heavily encourage the ref to be creative with the crates and caged pokemon; anything from legendaries to explosives to items.

Note: This arena is inspired by the game Shining Force, when the evil puppet kidnaps the grandson of the mayor. To any who haven't played this game, I heavily recommend it; it is one of the best Strategy RPGs of all time.
Field Type = Neutral
Complexity = Moderate
Format = Multiples!!!
No Restrictions

The battlers are on a solid platform in the middle of a giant bowl filled with delicious broth. No move restrictions at all, because you can safely go seismetoad on the platform and there is plenty of broth to swampert your enemies with. In the soup, there is one of each letter unown floating in around aimlessly. They are all close enough to pick up, and a battler may use one action each round (they can't just use three unowns) to use any move that begins with that letter. Once an unown is used, it cannot be used again.
I would like to nominate the following players:
Seven Deadly Sins

Field Type- Varies
Complexity- Simple-Super Intense
Format- Varies
Restrictions- Varies

The Ref's Mind:
The mind is a powerful thing, so its time we used it to maximize the opportunity to have interesting battles! The battlers have somehow found themselves inside the creativity center of the referee, and they are at his mercy! the ref can make anything happen, and controls all aspects! from the arena setting to the accuracy of moves to the color of the pokemon! for example, the first round might be in an volcano, and if a player uses a bug type move twice his opponent will lose 10 energy! the match can be as simple or as intense as the ref wishes. Battlers have fun coping and adapting to what the refs throw at you!

Field Type = Neutral
Complexity = Moderate
Format = Multiples!!!
No Restrictions

The battlers are on a solid platform in the middle of a giant bowl filled with delicious broth. No move restrictions at all, because you can safely go seismetoad on the platform and there is plenty of broth to swampert your enemies with. In the soup, there is one of each letter unown floating in around aimlessly. They are all close enough to pick up, and a battler may use one action each round (they can't just use three unowns) to use any move that begins with that letter. Once an unown is used, it cannot be used again.

Field Type = Neutral
Complexity = Moderate
Format = Eh, whatever
No Restrictions on anything

Here at the magical type shop, Mr.Heefloot sells many strange and mystical devices. Within these seemingly ordinary devices, a great power is contained, so great that it is even capable of changing the types of Pokemon! For a meager price of less than nothing, Mr.Heefloot is glad to rent these items out to budding trainers for the duration of a battle in his yard. He just loves seeing small creatures crushed by Shieldons! His yard is rather regular, covered in grass and with a small pond nearby, so there are no move restrictions.

The arena is nothing special, but Mr.Heefloot will gladly give one of his precious seventeen items away to a Pokemon at the start of a battle, adding an additional type to them! For example, if the Fairy Wings are given to a Shieldon, then it would be counted for purposes of STAB, type resistances, etc. as a Rock/Steel/Flying type! Just to clear some stuff up, Mr.Heefloot says a Rock/Steel/Dark type is considered 8x weak to Fighting attacks (for an ASB modifier of 3.0), and a Water/Ice/Fire type is 8x resistant to Ice attacks (for an ASB modifier of .29). In addition, a Pokemon may take an item of a type they already are. For example Conkeldurr can go ahead and grab a Super Karate Black Belt to gain double the STAB bonus on fighting-attacks, but also doubling his weaknesses! Only one of each item can be attached per battle, and they do not take up the regular hold item a Pokemon usually has. Here is the list of items, have fun incorporating them into your flavor refs!

Exceptionally Ordinary Something-or-other: This something-or-other has a habit of somewhat normalizing the Pokemon that somehow manages to wear or use it or something like that. Nobody really knows, its just kind of really ordinary and regular and stuff.
Super Karate Black Belt: This black belt is extremely empowering, and instantly gives any Pokemon that wears it the fighting prowess of Jet Lee, Chuck Norris, Yip-man, and Sawk combined! "Be wary of flying feet and fists," it says on the genuine label.
Fairy Wings: Though these wings may just look like they were ripped off of some five-year old's Halloween costume, they are genuine fairy wings. Easily super-glued on to even the most resistant of Pokemon, it grants them the ability to soar around like the average flying-type.
Hive Mind: A small and insectoid brain in a jar, the trainer applies this item by deftly lobotomizing their Pokemon and replacing their frontal lobes with this. The Pokemon is then conquered by a strange alien hive race, and begins acting far more buggy than usual.
Rotten Flower: With on whiff of this disgusting flower, any Pokemon becomes capable of spewing out toxic, poisonous goop like no other. It really is that disgusting. Trainers are suggested to wear gas masks around this item.
Prickly Rose: To apply the powers of this item, the trainer simply slaps their Pokemon silly with it. Eventually, the thorny flower will cause a puncture wound, and its grassy juices with enter the Pokemon's bloodstream. Often, the Pokemon will have a habit of lying around inactively in the sun shortly after being Roseified. Studies are inconclusive on whether this is due to photosynthesis or blood loss.
Scuba Flippers: Just stick these finely-crafted flippers onto any Pokemon's feet, and they'll be swiftly swimming through any drizzle! Instantly gain access to water sources like never before! Note: not proven to work on Pokemon without feet; Mr.Heefloot suggests jamming the flippers on the Pokemon's head.
Torch: Light up your favorite pal, and voila! Instant fire-type!
Mad Scientist Goggles: Equip these stereotypical goggles to a Pokemon, and watch as their fur/hair/scales/shield-faces becomes instantly frazzled by electricity! Soon, they'll be conducting dangerous experiments with Frankensteins and Tesla coils! They grow up so fast...
Refrigerator: Often used in haikus, fridges apparently have another use! Stick this smaller version on top of a Pokemon's head, and they'll be calling Blizzards down upon the battle. It's a wonder what a little bit of chilled ice can do for someone!
Bastiodon Skeleton: Unfortunately, not all Bastiodon fossils were in a good enough condition to resurrect. So, Mr.Heefloot hoarded them, and will gladly preform a rough full skeleton transplant with any brave Pokemon. The sturdy bones of the tough Bastiodon imbue the the patient with rock-hard skin.
Model Train (1:2 scale): When a Pokemon conducts this half-size train, they barely even need their own powers anymore! Honestly, do they really need to use wimpy Pokemon moves when they can just crush their opponent beneath a steel train?
Shovel: As Diglett and Dugtrio show, all you need to be a ground-type is live halfway underground! The shovel makes this unusually tough change much easier.
Gypsy Tent: A Pokemon walks into this gypsy tent a simple Pokemon, and out comes a mystical psychic mind-reader, fully equipped with spoons, crystal globes, and tarot reading skills.
Rusty Ghostbuster: Even Mr.Heefloot doesn't know he managed to acquire this antique, but he does know how it works. Just give it a little kick, and out comes a wicked ghost, eager to posses the nearest Pokemon!
Ominous Hood: When hiding behind this dark, shrouded hood, a Pokemon seems to become evil and wicked, no matter how nice it usually is. It just seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Extended exposure is not suggested.
Master Ball: Everybody knows that legendary dragons belong in Master Balls! So, Mr.Heefloot will gladly allow your Pokemon to sit in this legendary pokeball for a couple minutes, giving them the power of the dragons that used to call it home! Note: Mr.Heefloot does not guarantee the release of your Pokemon, especially if they are a well-trained strongmon.
Deck Knight
The Royal Guard


An artificial environment with no external water source or natural grass. Digging and seismic moves are allowed. Weather is allowed.

At the beginning of each round, the ref will give a task to the participating pokemon to perform during the round. It can be anything as long as all active pokemon can feasibly accomplish it (eg, use non-STAB moves only). Any pokemon that fail to complete the task take damage equal to 1/4 of their max HP.

Field Type: Normal
Complexity: Intense
Format: All
Restrictions: See mechanics

Yo Yo Yo! Let's see how sick you spit those rhymes! You and your opponent are teleported to a dark alley-way in some random shady city! Here is the perfect place to battle and rap! See, the Ref is an expert rapper (usually), and will rate your raps as you spit them out! Do better than your opponent, and your pokemon gets a bonus that round! Do worse, and your enemy is going to get the boost! So get that mind thinking, and come up with some tight lyrics!

-The Trainer will Command their pokemon normally. but alongside commands they will post a rap they come up with. The rap cannot be longer than 300 words and must have a rhyme scheme (Abab cdcd efef/aaaa bbbb cccc/aabb ccdd eeff/ etc).
-the rap must diss/slander the opponent and their pokemon. you can trash talk about the type, how much their pokemon sucks, or how you slept with their mother last night. it doesn't matter, just make your rap unique and epic!
-The ref will judge who has the best rap out of the two, and whoever he deems the winner, their pokemon receives a certain bonus that round (Attacks gain +5BAP, Immune to Poison, gain 30 energy, Stab attacks gain +4BAP, etc)
- The arena is a dark alley way. 30 feet long and 7 feet wide with no ceiling. Trash coats the arena, and there are trash cans and escape ladders lining the walls.
-No Move restrictions
Hahaha, I love how Bastiodons are flanking the CAPmons. :D

Oh yes. Nominations?

Orcinus Duo

As for the arena, it's time to give the Tower of Heaven some exposure! These matches are good examples of how the arena would work out.

The Tower of Heaven is an ancient structure that stretches deep into the clouds, the heavens, and far beyond. It is composed of a material similar to rock, but far more durable and nearly impossible to break. Most of the structure is open-air giving a good glimpse of the clear sky. Moss and other small plant life have grown on the outcropping on the rock-like material with small butterflies flying about. There are small streams and pools of water within the structure for Water attacks and Water Pokemon. The battle will take place within one of the many chambers of the tower.

All moves can be used within the Tower of Heaven. However, there is a catch. Within my hands is the Book of Laws. At the end of each round, I'll write down a new law. The laws restrict what attacks, actions, or commands you may or may not take in battle. Violation of any law in battle will still allow you to perform the command, however the offender will be struck down with a lightning bolt that deals 10 damage flat and ignores abilities, weakness, and resistance. The lightning bolt cannot be deflected, dodged, evaded, or otherwise blocked. It will hit the Pokemon behind a Substitute, find its way through Double Team, and will go through Wonder Guard. Pokemon that are immune to Electric attacks by ability or typing will still be struck down and will gain no benefit such as Motor Drive's Speed boost. Violation of multiple laws in an action will drop down multiple lightning bolts on the offender depending on how many laws they've broken in a given action.

For instance, Pikachu decides to use Thunderbolt on a Staryu. If I restrict the usage of Thunderbolt, Pikachu will be smote once for 10 damage. If I restrict the usage of Thunderbolt and all Electrical attacks, Pikachu will be hit twice for 20 damage. Finally, if I restrict the usage of Thunderbolt, Electrical attacks, and super-effective moves, Pikachu will be struck thrice for 30 damage.

If there's any questions or need clarification on anything, PM me.

Summary: All moves can be used initially, however new laws added in each round will restrict what commands can be used. Violation of any law will be penalized with a lightning bolt dealing 10 damage flat ignoring typing and abilities. Combatants can be penalized multiple times in an action.


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I second all of the following nominations:


Also Warioware is the stupidest stage in SSBB and should be boycotted.


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Bi-Weekly? glhf managing to make that possible.

Elevator Music

And why vote for one arena, when you can...Vote for many arenas in one! :o
Field Type: Variable
Complexity: Variable
Format: Variable

Restrictions: Weather Effects, Room Effects, Entry Hazards, & Gravity only last until the end of a round, unless the same arena is rolled twice in a row, otherwise, Variable

Description: Yes, you better believe it! At the end of every round (And at the beginning of the match), the referee will roll a number between 0* & however many arena's there are in the arena compendium thread (Each representing an arena in the Arena Compendium Thread in chronological order). Whichever number you roll, for the next round, the battle will take place on that arena. Its as simple as that.

*0 represents the ASB Tournament Arena.

Concept Arenas don't count, either...Neither does TELEPORTATION! itself.

Summary: A new arena every round.
I am not voting for who should battle (as there are way too many good choices) however for the arena I would like to agree with
leethoof and pick
Mr Heefloot's Magical Type Shop!

EDIT: oh I totally forgot about the existence of Pokemon Stadium until Pwnemon voted for it. /me votes for Pokemon Stadium


Banned deucer.
i got a nom? haha YES


the first three are sort of a "a man can dream" basis; the last two would make a freaking awesome match!


Arena: Pokemon Stadium
Base Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles/Doubles/Melee (4 Pokemon on the field max)
Restrictions: The starting field is a floor of linoleum and sod. It cannot be dug through and provides no rocky materials for rock-based field attacks, nor any external supply of water for water-based field attacks. Camouflage and Nature Power treat the base field as Normal-type or neutral.

Description: At the end of every round, the arena changes to one of 8 elemental fields (non-repeating). This type-based field lasts for two full rounds before returning to normal. The field will always remain in the normal state for one full round (including the beginning of the match) before changing again. The field is scaled to about double the size of the stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee. Layout of the fields is identical to what's shown in the pictures for each stage, however, any floating platforms not attached to part of the stage should be treated as nonexistent. Additionally, the stage is treated as a flat floor that is contiguous with the ground, rather than an elevated platform; any Pokemon knocked out of the arena can return without further penalty. The elemental fields featured in this stage do not repeat until all 8 have been brought up. Each trainer will be given the option to switch Pokemon when the stage shifts; this will proceed in the same turn order as it would if the trainers were attacking, and it does NOT take up a turn in the round. After both trainers decide whether or not to switch, attack orders proceed normally.
Each elemental field brought up in this stage has its own layout that's separate from the base field, which are as follows:

Field Type: Rock
Description: Easily enables the use of Rock-based moves such as Rock Slide and Rock Tomb, reducing the energy cost of all Rock-type moves by one (1). The movement and maneuverability of Flying or airborne Pokemon is greatly reduced by the towering rock masses, lowering their evasion by 50% and adding three (3) extra energy for any flying-related commands. The cacti around the outside of the arena mimic the effects of Spikes, causing damage to any Pokemon that comes in contact with them (acts as a field/movement hazard, NOT an entry hazard).

Field Type: Grass
Description: Grass-type and Bug-type Pokemon feel very at home in this forested environment. Grass-type attacks have their base damage boosted by two (2) and their energy cost reduced by two (2), while Bug-type Pokemon have the energy cost of all commands reduced by one (1).

Field Type: Water
Description: Allows unlimited use of all Water-moves. Environmental moves such as Surf are enabled, and the energy cost of Water-type moves is reduced by two (2). Swift Swim is active for all Pokemon that reside in the pond at one end of the stage. Electric-type attacks aimed at Pokemon in the water have perfect accuracy (akin to Aura Sphere or Swift). Any interaction with the water or the fountains causes a great deal of splashiness to take place, causing the effects of Water Sport to come into effect for as long as this field is up.

Field Type: Fire
Description: The arena blazes with intense heat; If a Pokemon uses a Fire-type attack in this arena it will pick up additional heat, increasing its Base Attack Power by two (2). Pokemon cannot be frozen while this field is active. If a Pokemon uses a Water-type attack in this field some of it will evaporate, reducing its Base Attack Power by two (2). The increase in Firepower and the decrease in effectiveness of Water moves does NOT stack with the effects of Sunny Day. Attacking moves that inflict burns have their chance of doing so raised by 10% (flat).

Field Type: Electric
Description: The spinning turbines in the arena cause a lot of static electricity buildup in the area, boosting the damage output of all Electric-type moves by two (2) damage flat. Additionally, any Pokemon attempting to remain on the treadmill running laterally across the stage must spend three (3) energy per turn to stay in place or to move across the stage, but being on the treadmill doubles the static electricity buildup, boosting the chance of paralysis for all Electricity-based paralyzing moves by 10% flat. Furthermore, the ground is made of Metal and cannot be dug through with an attack stat lower than rank five (5).

Field Type: Flying
Description: Fans blow upward from underneath the stage, reducing gravity for all Pokemon present. The energy penalty for remaining airborne with Fly is eliminated altogether, and the Jump command can be used to avoid Ground-based attacks like Earthquake and Magnitude (effectiveness depends on the user's weight). The energy cost of all wind-based attacks is reduced by one (1). Digging restrictions apply here same as they do on the Electric stage.

Field Type: Ground
Description: The ground is extremely soft and malleable here, reducing Ground-type attacks' energy cost by one (1), and lowering the energy cost for consecutive Digging by two (2). Electric-type attacks have their power greatly reduced here, as if Mud Sport were in effect. The bones and fossils littered throughout the stage can be used as weapons by the Pokemon, supplying them with objects that can be picked up or used with Fling-- including items such as Rare Bones, Thick Clubs, Hard Stones, and more.

Field Type: Ice
Description: Ice-type moves become more powerful due to the frosty air. All Ice-type moves have their base damage boosted by two (2), and the Freeze chance of all moves is boosted by a flat 5%. All effects of burns are neutralized, though not eliminated, while this stage is in effect, though the burn will flame up again when this stage is no longer active. (In other words, the Pokemon is still afflicted with a burn, but it is temporarily treated as if it is not. This also applies to the effects of Facade, etc.) Additionally, the ground is very slippery, and any commands that require dodging or traveling will have a 30% chance of resulting in the Pokemon slipping and falling on the icy floor. Ice-type Pokemon can travel more easily on the ground and are exempt from slipping.

NOTE: Format and Complexity are the same for all fields featured in this Arena, so these sections are left off of the 8 elemental fields.

yup i went there
spose id have to vote for:

The Royal Guard
Eternal Drifter
Orcinus Duo

and i think id have to throw my wait behind either the Tower of Heaven, or Rap it Up, just cause it would be silly