CBMeadow's art thread

Here you go!

I toyed around with new ways to utilize colour this time, putting reds and violets in to shade the blues and using red and orange to shade the yellow. I think it looks pretty good.
Yeah using the other colours to give depth to the shading really works well, it looks great! That might be my favourite piece of yours just for the lovely colours haha
I hope this isn't too small, avatar-size always throws me off especially when I'm drawing traditionally.

(Glad you like it! :3 I can make the background transparent if you'd prefer.)

Additionally, have a little preview of an animation I'm making. Knowing me, it may never be completed, though... :P

Very much influenced by Cartoons!'s style. Also, the onion-skin feature on GraphicsGale is great.
(ah god double posting again aa)

but yeah that animation is done:

(kind of flashy)

Also kind of rushy looking. Animations are really, really hard you guys. And take forever. This one in particular is 90 frames long.
Ow my eyes! Anyway, you've really come into your element with pencil drawings, they're amazing.

I'll vote for your CAP submission if you change it back to your second design, the one with legs but segmented and rainbow-coloured.

Oh, and thanks for the avatar. It's great!


You told me to make a request here, so I'm doing so!
Two of my favorite Pokemon happen to be the two sheep Pokemon: Ampharos and Whimsicott. If you can do anything adorable with them, that would be awesome. Like, an upside-down Whimsicott on an Ampharos's head so it looks like the Ampharos is wearing an afro wig. Or maybe an Ampharos with wool like Flaffy's that it turns out just stole a little Whimsicott's fluff. You know, something cute and silly like that.
I'll get right on those requests, but first..

Gwuh, there goes several hours of my life. Fairly worth it though.

EDIT: Forgot to mention it was a Salamence.
It's a Salamence.
Your "mischievous" Gligar. It doesn't quite fit the adjective properly in my opinion, but I'll gladly redo if you like now that I've kinda got the hang of it. they are incredibly hard to draw right

Ampharos and Whimsicott:

Whimsicott looks a bit dull to me, I might tweak and update later.
x3 triple post combo!!!
Pwnemon's better Gligar

(a tad overweight though)


a BW Charizard, done with markers like a sane person

(a tad smudged though)

semi irrelevant rant ahead:
I plan on, whenever a Smeargle artist bumps their thread to comment with praise and/or critique as desired - at the very least I want to say something on all the recent artists' threads. I haven't done this already because I feel like I'd be forum-hogging if so, but as long as I give reasonable substance to replies I think I'll be good.

More relevant: I will be drawing way more than this in the future I hope, the big issue is not having a way to look up references in school. That's why I'll often draw the same Pokemon many times in this thread- because I don't want to guess a Pokemon wrong when I already remember what a different one's traits are.

Of course, requests are very wanted- they make my job of thinking up what to draw much easier, so please don't hesitate to ask for one!
These are obviously fantastic. Obviously. The Charizard shows you can work with heavy contrast, whilst the Gligar is just...

On average, how long does it take for you to draw a pokemon in your style?

Cough, you could comment on my art thread, cough...
Uh.. Well it depends on the style, and it depends on the Pokemon. Once I've got the hang of what the Pokemon looks like, though- assuming I work nonstop:

-BW (Salamence/Charizard): like, two days with ballpoint pens, and maybe... 2 hours with markers? One?
-The outlined coloured pencil detail style(Uxie): Couple hours. Lineart-thickening takes much longer than anything else.
-Pencil(otherCharizard): An hour or so.
-Realistic coloured pencil (which I don't believe I've posted, just means there's no bold outlines): also about an hour.

In short, really not too long, at all, since I pretty much have all day to sit here. Backgrounds complicate things though, assume the time goes double for those.

I totally want to, there's just rules about bumping older threads (hence 'commenting on the ones that've bumped'). If the rule means years-old or something, let me know somewhere!
just a little tip; the yellow in your 2nd gligar drawing is actually the 2nd darkest color in there, so it doesnt work well as your highlight glaze lol
Oh my god some of these are amazing! I love the salamence, its such a dynamic picture, great stuff.

The pencil drawings are fantastic too, you really blend the colours well
How about this?

Additionally, a dragon head, since I personally feel I draw those better than anything else:

@Everybody else (and Pwnemon too, of course): Thank you all immensely! It really helps me to see people liking my stuff, makes it easier to crank out more.

@Espeon65: I'll get right on that! :3

(critique is appreciated too, though- don't hesitate if you have any!)
That's really great CBMeadow! I'm sure there's something there to critique you on...then again, I'm a crappy artist, so I wouldn't know very well XD.
The perspective of the head looks iffy in the Tauros drawing, considering the animal appears to be mid-gallop having the head exactly flat side-on looks very bizarre, and how the nose appears more 3D when the jaw isn't.

Another thing is the hind-quarters: Notice how you've drawn the abdomen overlapping the leg? It's very unusual to see that for an outstretched leg - or we're talking about a really fat Tauros here. Usually the leg would blend straight into the body when it is pointed backwards, this is emphasized even more when an animal is running, it will then come forwards to be outlined over the body.

Other than that the shading is really good and I like the perspective, good to see somebody trying really dynamic positioning as well instead of having it sat on its arse.