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Juicy Fruit
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Jun 16, 2016
Jul 7, 2012
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Juicy Fruit

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Jun 16, 2016
    1. icepick
      Hey, how's your card for the Smeargle card project going?
    2. Raichoice
      like how you shade stuff, how you draw so realisticly and stuff
    3. Raichoice
      dude you gotta tell me how to draw, mine drawings look like s*** next to yours
    4. RitterCat
      Yeah only mods there/smods+ I think
    5. RitterCat
      Yeah sorry I haven't had the chance to ask anyone yet.
      When you are approved, it'll just appear as a forum under Tournaments
    6. Eagle4
      Haha, i love it,thanks!
    7. TheMantyke
      Just wanted to pop in and say that I've seen your Facebook banner WIP from a few months ago. If you have the time, try to finish it up as it'd make a spectacular banner for the page!

      (I am the other guy who works with the facebook page. RBG's lacky, basically)
    8. Zracknel
      hey there-- A number of people have both spoken up and stepped up for the MAC, so I think the consensus is that it will continue under different leadership until alch returns. We'll be officially sorting it out today-- sorry for the wait!
    9. RBG
      Well, none are done yet (that are only original art), so I don't mind with extensions.
    10. Furai
    11. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      srry, nachos made a mistake.
      i only tutor adv ou, not bw 2 ou
    12. Furai
      Poppy said he wants Rayquaza's eye closed; that is something I can edit myself, but since this is your art I won't do it without your permission
    13. Furai
    14. Furai
      It looks great! May I ask what are these two dots on Rayquaza's arm? And Mewtwo's eye looks a bit odd to me 9.9 Looks like he didn't sleep for a week!

      I really liked the concept :)
    15. Furai
      Great, I'll go check it out now!
    16. Birkal
      yep! expect a PM today.
    17. Harsha
      oh dang that's sweet, i love it haha :D
    18. Harsha
      awesome work for the no-weather ubers tourney art haha! i'm gonna be happy with that in my thread :)
    19. Bummer
      I use the eraser almost as much as the brush. If I see any bumps or edges sticking out of the strokes, I either make the line thicker to cover it up or erase them. If I want some help with longer lines, I use the pencil tool to either stroke the paths, or to make the paths into selections which I then use to delete stuff within it.

      Since you don't have a tablet, getting some smoother strokes is a hassle so I'm afraid I have no advice to offer on that end. I try to make the lines look good as I'm drawing it, but there's plenty of options to modify it afterwards so that it looks smooth and fine. And as I've been telling others, having the same thickness on all strokes usually doesn't look as vibrant as it could be, but if things like body outlines get thick lines while details and smaller features can have thinner lines, it tends to look more alive.
    20. Birkal
      It was sent. Hopefully I can get results to you within the week.
    21. Alchemator
      Yeah, he disappeared for a little bit: he's for now though.

      You should probably wait for the release of the next Smog issue [which should be soon] and then try contacting him again.
    22. Alchemator
      Really that kind of thing is only a formality: there are usually far more annoying things we have to deal with.
    23. Alchemator
      Awesome, done. Have fun!
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