chaos answers your questions on YouTube

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Post your questions for the creator of here, he'll try to answer them all in a YT vid, as long as they're not completely obnoxious / are actually questions.

Why am I posting this thread? GOOD QUESTION. I'm helping him filter through questions but ideally most of these go through...
This was briefly discussed on othermetas, but I would like a more formal answer/promise. Could alternative randbats ladders be created to stir creativity in lesser played metagames? I would love to see this in RU personally, but BH could be a lot of fun. What would be the logistics of this if it were to happen?
1)Do you play any game format besides random battle?
2)What are your fondest memories of smogon or pokemon in general?
3) How does it feel to have established one of the greatest pokemon sites of all time?


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Do jokes about Chaos Control piss him off?
Adding to this question, how does he feel about the name "chaos" (and other names containing the word) being like one of the most common usernames on the internet? Does it make him feel less special? o3o


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when and what triggered you leaving Pokemon's competitive scene? Do you see yourself battling in srs tournaments in upcoming generation XY?


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1. What got you into competitive Pokemon in the first place?

2. Did your beard end up getting that Ph.D you spoke of in the Smog's first issue?
Do you think they will continue to make more generations of Pokemon as long as kids and adults alike still enjoy it?
Do you see this site still being a hub of competitive Pokemon in 12 years?
Do you will ever stop using this site altogether considering you are the creator?
I moved this to "a forum" since kd24 is damb and posted it in the "social media" forum which nobody reads

(for some background, we are trying to improve YT visibility, and it seems fun anyway. I didn't even know what an "AMA" was until this idea was suggested to me.)
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