Create-A-Pokemon Website and Relaunch: We have lift-off!

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The Create-A-Pokemon relaunch is in full swing, and the biggest part of it is the NEW CAP WEBSITE!! Our website is now part of the overall Smogon website. It is linked in the Participate section of the Smogon front page. If you haven't seen the CAP website yet, here's a link:

We have been working on the website for more than a year. Believe it or not, it was actually part of my original plans when I first opened the CAP forum! In August 2008, Darkie made the first CAP website workshop thread, and began the project for building the site. Over the past few months, we made a concerted push to get ALL the CAP project information HTML-ized and put on the site. It has been a huge effort involving many people. I'd like to mention the following people specifically, for the work they did in helping to build the site:
Darkie - The site project leader from the very beginning. He was the one that kept pushing me and others to keep moving forward with the site, even when various roadblocks made it hard to continue. Darkie helped me layout the basic structure of the site, and also wrote and edited sections of the site all over the place.

Stellar - He did much of the first wave of HTML-izations after I got the basic framework created. Stellar's work made the under-construction site look like a "real website" -- which really inspired me to kick into high gear in working on the programming behind it all.

Tennisace - He was the workhorse who helped write and edit almost every single page on the site. Every time I needed someone to help me get something written, Tennisace was always ready and willing to pitch in.

Jumpluff - She was the one who did the first wave of cosmetic changes that made the Pokedex look like the "real" Smogon dex pages. She inspired me to put a whole bunch of programming behind the dex, and make it emulate the Smogon style almost perfectly. She also was a constant sounding board for me on various things related to the site design.

Cartoons, Wyverii, CyzirVisheen, and Kopie contributed some fantastic artwork for the various CAP pages (not counting all the artwork already in the amazing CAP Art Gallery!)

Magmortified, Wyverii, and Gen. Empoleon also lent a helping hand in building content for the site.​

I hope everyone takes a stroll through the new website. I love our new information homebase on the web, and hope you do too!

The rest of the CAP relaunch is mainly centered around the changes to the role of Topic Leader and other process changes that are a consequence of that. Even if you are a longtime CAP member, please read the OP's for CAP 9 very carefully. We've made some changes to the process to help the Topic Leader take a bigger role in every thread. Don't presume to post in CAP threads under the assumption that everything is the same as it used to be.

Thanks to everyone who has helped keep the CAP community interested over the past several weeks. Congratulations to the following playtesters that earned custom titles, as a result of finishing at the top of the ladder during the retesting of Syclant, Revenankh, Pyroak, Fidgit, Stratagem, and Arghonaut.
  • ReyScarface
  • Bobtheball4
  • Dragonites
Thanks to everyone that participated in the retesting effort!

Also, congratulations to Wyverii, who earned a much-deserved Artist Badge for her artistic contributions to Smogon. Her art is used prominently in the CAP website, she has won two CAP sprite competitions in the past, and she is a regular submitter to all CAP art and sprite threads. She is also a Featured Artist in the CAP Art Gallery. Congrats on the badge, Wyverii!

In this thread, feel free to comment on the CAP Website and the relaunch in general. I'm excited about the CAP project being back in business, and I'm looking forward to the future!


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This post has a two-fold purpose.

First and foremost, I'd like to extend a big congrats to Wyverii on getting the artist badge. Without her help on the website, and all the art she contributed, the CAP Website wouldn't look nearly as nice. Grats!

Second, if anybody finds bugs or errors, just PM me on the forums, IRC, or the CAP Server, and we'll get that fixed up for you.

Thanks to everyone who helped get the CAP Site up and running!


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Wow, I just check the website, and I got a big surprise. Its very organized, like the process itself. Good work here!
Good to know that CAP9 is starting, hopefully I'll be in Art Poll this time.

Also, Congratulations for Wyverii!


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Pirika, we decided to go with something a little cleaner than the original "virtual tour of an art gallery" idea I originally had. Regardless, that art is still nice and we may use it in the future, maybe for the Smog!

As for the website itself, I'm really, REALLY happy that it's finally up and ready to go. While it is true that I was the one driving the /cap/ car for most of the time, at the end, it's really all Doug's work that let everything come together perfectly. He took over the reins, and I'd like to thank you for that, Doug.

Also, I want to thank the rest of #cap, especially Umbreon Dan, for giving me input during the summer.


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Yes, /cap/ looks really nice, good job to everyone that worked on it, I couldn't imagine it any better.

Also if tennisace+ scares you too much you can also PM me to fix up some minor errors too ;x


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Finally, CAP 9 has started! Good job guys!

It's also cool to see that the website is finally done, although I feel kind of guilty about not being able to contribute to the effort. However, I will try my best to get back on track for this next CAP.
Wow, fantastic work, it been a year coming and its finally here. The CAP Site looks amazing, nick work to everyone who contributed! I especially love the CAP Art Gallery. Too bad I wasn't able to help like I wanted to.
It looks great! The Gallery is so far my favorite part. Good job to everyone who participated. I had actually forgotton about this thing for a while to be honest.

While may sound a little nitpicky, I would like to see a new tab for each of the CAPs that links back to the pages from the actual creation, so if you wanted to go back to see the old threads you could without having to go through 15 pages of CAP-iness. It isn't urgent, but if someone has time on their hands....
Really nice new website. Great job everyone, and the art gallery is fantastic. Also I like the description of the process, its quite in depth and explains all the differences between this CAP and other ones. Great work =)

Edit: I must edit my post to add this: the cap pokedex with the strategy and dex and everything is unimaginably useful and THANK YOU for putting it up
Well, it's extremely impressive, and I'm surprised nobody has commented on this feature, on the pokemon page, it gives a description of the main use of each pokemon, and the sprite.

It may just be me, but I think that would be cool if it could be put on the main pokemon as well. Anyway, thanks to everyone who made this possible, it looks great.
I must say, the new website is looking rather spiffy.

Nice job.

(Also, "Omnious Wind" on Stratagem's move page, while unimportant, sticks out like a sore thumb. There's some other spelling errors on Pyroak's analysis, but it's getting updated anyway.)


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Many thumbs up from me on this. :)

Looking through the old galleries makes me feel old, as I forgot all about that il ice bug I submitted for the first cap and I like how the pool of art increased with each cap.

(I know there are some submissions missing, but time is cruel and things get lost. I do recall Soy Monk's submission for the first CaP though that I think he deleted...)

Stoked this site is finally up and that Wyv got her well-deserved badge. :)
My post is also two fold. Firstly, congratulations to Wyverii on the artist badge!

Secondly, I actually missed CAP a lot while I was gone and not able to log into Shoddy Battle. It has grown massively since I was last around and I hope to be a bigger part in it in the furture. That said, the website looks amazing and good work to everyone who was involved.

Stellar said:
let's do this thing.
Kitsunoh's Scarf set is missing its 252 Spe EVs, and it would be nice if we can figure out the stats of CAP-exclusive moves (Shadowstrike and Paleo Wave) on site, since they currently link to nowhere.


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I love how finally the CAPs got their Smogondex-like page and no longer the post-like one^^ Impressive job, thanks to everyone for the effort you put into this (and congratulations to Wyverii for her new brand Artist badge too!)
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