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Creative (and good) Movesets Mk II (READ THE OP FIRST)

Discussion in 'BW OU' started by sax king, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Onicon


    Jan 7, 2011
    You know it, the 4MSS is strong in this one.

    Do not use HP Flying. It is unable to get past Skarmory to an extend and Rotom-W. In most cases it is better to stick with HP Ice, which also hits Breloom, Lati@s and Gengar, but additionally makes short work of Gliscor and Scarf-Mence after RP.
    Focus Blast allows you to muscle past Breloom and Rotom-W after SR as well as Balloon-Heatran, but struggles a bit after SR. Unfortunately you fail a 2HKO against Gliscor at +1 when it protects, does pitiful damage against Lati@s and Gengar walls it completely.
    Psychic is similar, accurate and weaker. You can overcome Gengar and Gliscor easier but need to do more damage against Choice-Rotom-W.

    The lack of an equivalent special move to Stone Edge hurts his coverage. But should you use this one, take either HP Ice or Gravity, though the latter probably requires a bit more setup than Landorus can archive.

    In hindsight, just forget what I have written. Ground/Ice has the best SE coverage but has only a mediocre neutral coverage.
  2. tintinwong


    Feb 12, 2012
    Rain Support tornadus
    Tornadus@ damp rock/ focus sash
    252 SpAtk/ 252 Spe /4 Atk
    - tailwind/ u-turn
    - rain dance/ u-turn
    - hurricane
    - super power

    Yes. It's quite similar to the uber support set but this one is has rain dance. Using this set instead of politoed would allow you to run swift swimmers in your team, which is pretty darn powerful. You may also be wondering, rain dance AND tailwind? Wtf? Yes. Rain dance is for swift swimmers, while tailwind is for medium slow attackers (kyurem-b). although, if you prefer, running u-turn over one of them is fine.
  3. acheron01


    Oct 2, 2010
    A Surprising? Kyurem-B set I use

    First, a lot of people have been asking about what to do with Kyurem-B (maybe not on this particular thread). Kyurem-B has a lot of potential because it is so powerful, relatively bulky, and when you think about it, its kinda fast. But alas, it has a lot of weaknesses to a lot of common physical types, and some other ones that make it hard to survive in OU. It's also not fast enough to take out those threats on its own. It also has a terrible physical movepool, and sometimes I am wishing they had brought Kyurem-W for testing instead. But I have an answer for all of this, something that a lot of people haven't used: Scarf-Mixed Kyurem-B.

    BIG DADDY set
    Nature: Naive (+Att, -SpD)
    Item: Choice Scarf
    EV Spread: 252 Att, 4 SpA, 252 Spe

    -Fusion Bolt
    -Ice Beam
    -Earth Power

    The thing about Kyurem-B is that while it is extremely powerful, it really only has two viable offensive moves it can use, which is Fusion Bolt and Outrage. Fusion Bolt takes out most water types and flying types, but is really only useful if you wish to take out a single threat, such as Politoed. Outrage is this sets most useful attack. Once you've eliminated the opponents steel types, and other physically defensive pokemon, and faster scarf users, you can send out Kyurem-B against something it can resist, or revenge kill, and tear 2-3 pokemon apart with it.

    One of the pokemon that frequently gets in Kyurem's way is Gliscor and Landorus, and while most other dragons can be handled by Outrage alone (Scarf Kyurem outspeeds Dragonite with 1+ Speed), Ice Beam takes out Gliscor and other Dragon, Flying, Ground, and Rock type pokemon when they least expect it.

    Another common threat Kyurem-B faces is Heatran, and it usually comes in to take an expected Outrage. With a little prediction, Earth Power comes in handy by taking out Heatran. Watch out though, most Heatran's run Balloon's to avoid the Ground type attack.

    I'm still experimenting with this set, but so many people expect the choice-banded Kyurem-B or a bulky set of some kind, but they are often taken by surprise with this set, and most of the time it's too late.

    If Kyurem-B ever gets some event moves like...oh I dont know...Ice shard, or Earthquake...it will be much more viable.
  4. Siggu


    Sep 22, 2010
    I think you should use a Lonely nature on that Kyurem-B set; Dragon/Ice is a very poor physically defensive typing but it's surprisingly useful on the special side
  5. Boondocker


    Nov 6, 2009
    Scizor@Steel Gem
    248HP 252Att 8Spe
    Adament Nature
    ~Bullet Punch
    ~Swords Dance

    Weaken your counters early with U-turn, and lategame you should be able to break them with a +2 Steel Gem boosted Bullet Punch. Unlike Life Orb, Steel Gem doesnt wear you down, and unlike Choice Band you arent locked in.
  6. Sciztar


    Mar 24, 2012
    I feel that Iron Plate would be better for this set b/c once you lose the Steel Gem, you won't net some critical KOs afterword unlike Iron Plate you can constantly abuse its boost to your Bullet Punch.
  7. chuavechito


    May 28, 2012
    One of my favourites Ferrothorn set. It works best in and against Rain teams since it counters one of Ferrothorn mains counters.

    The reason why I tried out this set is because so many times I switched into my Ferrothorn to sponge an attack and then I simply couldnt do anything other than monoattacking with Gyro Ball and then dying or losing most of my HP in the process.

    With one or two boost he can hit like a truck because of his nonexistance Speed after 2 Curses and his access to STAB Gyro Ball. Also, he turns into a ridiculous physical wall.

    Examples of +2 Gyro Ball vs the 10 most common pokes with their most common sets:

    252/0 Politoed: 44% - 51.8% (1HKO at +5)
    252/88 Ferrothorn: 11.1% - 13.1% (2HKO at +6)
    4/0 Dragonite: 99.1% - 116.7%
    252/0 Scizor: 44.5% - 52.6% (1HKO at +6)
    252/0 Heatran: 17.6% - 20.7% (3HKO at +6)
    4/0 Garchomp: 89.7% - 105.6%
    4/0 Breloom: 141.2% - 166.4% (1HKO at +1)
    4/0 Tyranitar: 128.7% - 152.6% (1HKO at +1)
    4/0 Terrakion: 207.4% - 244.4 (1HKO w/o any boost)
    252/0 Jirachi: 37.9% - 44.8%

    Just so you know, Gyro Ball has a base of 26 since there is nothing slower than him. Also, you will only get that 26 based Gyro Ball when you hit a -Spe Ferrothorn w/o Curse.
    After a Curse you will pump the base to 38
    After 2 Curse you will pump the base to 51
    After 3 Curse you will pump the base to 63
    After 4 Curse you will pump the base to 78
    After 5 Curse you will pump the base to 90
    After 6 Curse you will pump the base to 101
    So even vs stuff that has no Speed you will still hit with a 101 STAB move. Vs anything else you will hit with 150 after the first Curse if not before.

    Counters: not many.
    * Phaze: hit instead build up or use it as your final poke.
    * Fire outside Rain: cant do much against this.
    * STAB Fire under Rain: again, cant do much against this.
    * Special STAB Fight: Is hard for them to 1HKO you because of the 252 HP/SpD so there is a chance you can 1HKO them back before they take you down but it will probably cost you Ferrothorn.

    Not really a counter:
    * Physical STAB Fight: Terrakion cant 1HKO after 1 Curse and he will die from 1 hit when he tries to take you down. You may lose Ferrothorn in the process tho. Breloom cant do much after you Curse 1/2 times. Sleep Talk shits on Spore and he cant kill you while you can 1HKO at +1)
    * Physical Fight: Scizor is kind of a problem only if he has Superpower and Sword Dance, but even then you can play arround him or simply take a huge ammount of HP in the process via Gyro Ball + Barbs.
  8. Boondocker


    Nov 6, 2009
    The biggest problem with the Ferrothorn is Gyro Balls meager 8pp. It is simply not enough.
  9. haunter

    haunter Banned deucer.

    Aug 6, 2007
    Sleep talk helps with that, considering that it can successfully pick and use even a move with 0 PP.
  10. papita


    Sep 21, 2010
    The problem i see with that set is that you´ll probably get killed before you have enough boosts to sweep but i guess you can solve that problem with the rest of yout teammates
  11. acheron01


    Oct 2, 2010
    Drifblim Set for OU

    With so much weather around, im truely surprised i haven't seen more of this kind of drifblim. He's great in the weather (or at least he's pretty awesome). Why does no one use this (though i admit its hard to get him to work properly).

    Drifigible set
    Ability: FLARE BOOST
    item: Flame Orb
    nature: Modest (+SpA, -Att)
    ev spread: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
    Trick/Hex/Weather move/Tailwind
    Shadow Ball/Hex
    Weather Ball

    I know there's a lot of moveslots, so bare with me...

    The idea here is that Drifblim with Flare Boost and a modest nature is actually quite powerful, almost as strong as Kyogre. It also has a decent amount of HP, making it somewhat bulky (but alas, its still quite fragile). also, this moveset abuses the fact that it has weather ball, which is the only good pokemon that can actually use that move and do some damage.

    Trick is obvious...in a last ditch effort to burn an opposing pokemon, you trick your flame orb onto another pokemon. It's tough to pull off, but with the right kind of support (cough cough Tailwind) you can do it. Its also ok because you might just be able to burn something slower than Drifblim as well.

    Hex is a special Ghost type move that does 50 base damage, but its useful because it doubles its power when the opponent has a status condition. So...Toxic Spikes support is needed for this move, but you have to take out the opponents rapid spinner first.

    Likewise, Drifblim can create/stop opposing weather pokemon, depending on what your weather is. Drifblim can learn both Rain Dance and Sunny Day, so either one of those will work.

    Like I mentioned before, Drifblim can also learn Tailwind, though its not the best user by any stretch of the imagination. It has to be faster than its opponent in order for this to work, so you would have to set up on something like a Ferrothorn.

    Shadow Ball is obvious. Consistent STAB damage that should hit hard anything that doesnt resist it. point made.

    Thunderbolt/Thunder will depend on the weather you are using. Thunder for rain, Thunderbolt for everything else. Thunder hits harder and gets the 100% accuracy in the rain (plus rain is more common). likewise, you can use Thunder as an anti-rain pokemon if you are using something other than rain, though you loose accuracy if you win the weather war. It hits hard as well.

    The last move, the holy grail of this set...weather ball. This is such a great move that Castform thought it had ALL to itself. but not the case. the great thing about weather ball is that it does 100 Base damage in weather. No matter what the weather is. It then becomes the appropriate type that the weather is, aka Water for rain, Fire for sun, Ice for Hail, and Rock for sandstorm. (dont quote me on this) In everything except sandstorm, because its the same type as the weather, it gets its power doubled. So its pretty much, a 200 base power move at its disposal. And you get to chose the type of move.

    This set NEEDS support for it to work, and the entire team needs to be built around it. Tailwind support is HUGE, Dual-screens is also huge (espy is drifblims best friend), and toxic spikes/rapid spinner is also a huge benefit.

    I wish i could see more of you drifblim...you are my favorite anti-metagame pokemon.
  12. Tobes

    Tobes Na na na na na Na na na na na
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    Jul 16, 2010
    Er yeah pretty much everything I said in the other thread applies to this one too. Closing it as well, but don't fret I'll have the reboot up in a few days at most.
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