Cyzir's Simple Sketches


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I decided to open up an art thread for myself. I haven't been drawing too much until recently, mostly because of the CAP 4. But I'd like to share some of my past work as well as any recent work I'll end up doing. Unlike most artists here I'm kind of bad with digital work, so almost all of the artwork here will be ink and copic markers. Also, you can request away, but I'm horrible with requests most of the time, so unless I respond don't expect me to accept them. And though the majority of my art will be pokemon, expect some other stuff every now and then as well. So, let's begin the thread.

Links to posts with the images:

Mantyke, Finneon, Ralts, Golbat, Drifloon, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Azumarill and Regigigas
CAP 4 Concepts, Shiny Electrode and Regice
Shiny Solrock
Rotom, Registeel and Ledian
Rotom, Lorak's CAP 4 chimaera, and Ampharos
Hitmonchan and Female Wobbuffet
Piloswine, Beedrill and Joker Wobbuffet
FAIL Vaporeon, FAIL Penguin Empoleon with Piplup minion, and THE SLOW-MINATOR
PS Syclant
Revenankh, Pyroak, Syclant and Kate, with SOU NAN DES KARR
CombeeMan, links to various "what if [pokemon] were another type" drawings, and SNAIL DOMINATION
CYZIR VISHEEN!? Also my CaP 6 submission and a Dark/Steel Jumpluff
A badass Dragon/Fire Scizor and the Fruit Fly Leaflet (Thanks *Hen*)
More WIPWAT drawings, Stellar's Suspect Team, and the introduction of Cyzir's REALLY Simple Sketches.
An evil cloak fakemon and its evolution, and a small REALLY simple sketch.
After 2 months of no updates, my CaP 8 submission (along with lineart for my other concepts) and SWINUB FLU
Oh hey, I got myself an Artist Badge. I guess my pics for the Smog helped with that :P. Also a rather nice pic with Flint and his Magmortar.
TEAM PMS IS IN THE HOUSE! Also a girl eternally in a world of darkness

Quick Links

Leaflet - Bug/Flying
Cloakmon - Dark/Psychic (original)
Cloakmon Evo - Dark/Psychic

CaP6 Final Submission
CaP6 Mantis Shrimp Concept
CaP4 Oil Skater Concept
CaP4 Death Worm Concept
CaP4 Combo Spider Concept
I do update from time to time. So, enjoy!
I've never tried copic markers, but they sound interesting (and I like the look).

It's nice to see artwork done on paper. Don't get me wrong, I like computer art, but I'm more of a traditionalist.

The Hitmonlee looks awesome, as do Drifloon, Finneon, Mantyke, and Golbat.

Ralts's body looks "fat" to me, somehow, as does Hitmontop's head.
Still, it's good stuff. :)
I love the style of these pictures, Cyzir! The technique and cut-outs make them look like vintage Pokemon artwork!

In fact, in Ralts' picture, I think you just forgot to draw in the cigarette holder and the text "More Ralts smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!"


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*note* Moved all images and text from first post into here to turn the first post into a directory for all my posts in this thread

It's Mantyke and Finneon! Despite Lumineon's ass stats and meh design, I'm quite fond of Finneon. It's simple, it's cute, and it's small. And Mantyke's simply adorable~!

Oh, and you'll notice that these pics and the pics following will be cut-outs. I've developed a habit of cutting out my small sketches, so don't mind them too much. It helps practice my precision.

Next up, here's Golbat, Ralts and Drifloon! The first thing you'll notice is that Ralts is cut pretty badly. Alas, I was trying to hold it up with scissors to take a look at something else quickly, but I accidently cut it. Looking back at it, that was pretty stupid. However, Ralts was so well done I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. That, and I wasn't able to replicate it well enough.

Golbat's such an annoying pest in the games, but I still like it. IT HURT ITSELF IN IT'S CONFUSION x 1000000, GRAHHH! Supersonic shouldn't even hit that often...

Lastly, Drifloon. It's a evil ghost balloon. I love it. Enough said.

Here's Hitmonlee and Hitmontop! This was supposed to be all three Hitmon pokemon using their relatives' moves, but I couldn't get down Hitmonchan right. I guess that will be my first project. Hitmonlee is using Hitmontop's Rapid spin (breakdancing ftw!) and Hitmontop is using Hitmonchan's Mach Punch. Obviously when I do Hitmonchan, he'll be using Hi Jump Kick.

God, I've been dying to do a Tyranitar for a while. Unfortunately, I lack the colors to do so. Copics are pretty pricey, and I only buy one or two every few weeks. Still, I am going to the art store tomorrow, so I may be able to get the colors to do one.

@CPU V2.0
Yeah, I'm a traditionalist myself. I have tried to do digital work, but even with a tablet drawing is impossible for me. Though I can color pretty decently.

lol, I didn't intend for that. Though I can see it, now that you mention it...

Anyway, here's another pair of pics.

Azumarill was actually a rare request I did for someone. It turned out decently, especially since he requested I do a mean-faced Azumarill, and I just can't take an angry-looking Azumarill seriously.

Regifail ;_;
I've always loved the Regi pokemon, and Regigigas is no exception. It's such a shame that it's kind of bad competitively. Oh well, here's hoping it gets a boost in Platinum.
I love the looks of your work. Not only is it done traditionally, but the cut-outs give it a handmade vibe. I also like the style you put into your poses. I really wanted your oil skater to win the current CAP, as it was perfectly suited and very creative. You should post your submissions here (they are really good and should be on display). ;D


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Thanks. I'm actually surprised the oil skater got as much attention as it did, especially since it was pretty late in the thread. But yeah, I'll put the designs up here.

Oil Skater

Death Worm (Based on the Mongolian Death Worm)

Combo Spider

Oh, and here's a couple non-CAP pokemon while I'm at it.

It's a Shiny Electrode! And a Regice! As stated before, I absolutely love the Regi pokemon. Regice is at the top of the group for me. Just look at it. Regice wants a hug. GIVE IT A HUG! I also love shiny pokemon, and since I was in a blue mood at the time, I felt like doing a shiny Electrode.


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Regice does want a hug. Still... the right hand's icicle fingers looks a bit off, as if they're all behind the middle icicle. Likewise, something seems off about the arrangement of the feet.
You know, you can still re-use those Pokemon design for another project. It's not that hard to change a few times on them.

I have to say, the boxing Azumarill is pretty cool and ready for some action. All your other cut-out pictures are great as well, in fact I adore them.


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Haha, good catch. Yeah, Regice's hand and feet are all messed up perspectively. Then again, this is nearly a year old, so maybe I should try doing one again.

EDIT: There we go, Lorak. Will you hug Regice Cream now?

I know I could, but it's just so much more fun creating new designs rather than just tweaking old designs for future projects.
I know I could, but it's just so much more fun creating new designs rather than just tweaking old designs for a future project.
Well then, I will always remember you awesome Pokemon designs in fan art or whatnot. Speaking of art, that Regice cream sure looks tasty :9. We need more Regi fan art, preferably Registeel and Regice.


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I'm actually planning to do Registeel soon, but I need to find the correct colors first.

Not a big fan of Ledian, but I'll see what I can whip up.

I think you'll regret what you see. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

Too tired to do a new pic right now though, so here's another oldie.

A shiny Solrock using Will-o-Wisp! This is my personal favorite out of all my current pics. So ominous... So evil... So elusive... I WILL GET YOU YET!
a year later and i still love the hitmonlee more than anything you've drawn =)

i like your recent work too though!

wouldn't mind doing a rotom for me, would you?
I'm actually planning to do Registeel soon, but I need to find the correct colors first.
You could color it in camouflage and just say that it's been training for the army....Regicamo xD

I so love your drawing of Solrock. You made it more cooler than Game Freak could ever do with our floating rock. It truly does give off that mysterious feel when surrounded by Will-o-Wisp.


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I'd be delighted to. Here ya go.

It's a Scarf Rotom! Lovely, isn't it?
*Insert ball joke here*
EDIT: I was unsatisfied with this one, so I'm redoing it.

Here's one of the pokemon I said I was going to do.

It's a Registeel using Flash Cannon! This one I had to do multiple times, mostly because I kept on drawing on the blank area where the Flash Cannon was forming. Not only that, but I had a bit of trouble on its body. And I only had one type of grey, so I had to color the same area a LOT of times. Oh well, this one came out pretty well.

I'm sure you were expecting a cute Ledian. Well, I'm here to disappoint you a bit. Here's your Ledian.

A Yellow Scarf makes everything look tougher, lol.

As for Lorak's masterpiece, I'll have that done probably tomorrow. Registeel really took a lot out of me today.

EDIT: Blargh. I did the pic, but I just watched The Dark Knight (Amazing movie btw, go see it immediately), and it's 1 in the morning. Tomorrow they'll be up.