Cyzir's Simple Sketches

You took request, not that I'm asking for one at the moment but yeah?

Gogo Flash Cannon Registeel. I'm actually impress on how you approach a beam based move, it's wonderful. How long have you been drawing/coloring?
Your drawings are just awesome. You use markers to colour them, right? I could never get the hang of markers...

Anyway, keep up the awesome work!


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Sorry for not uploading yesterday. I went out to watch The Dark Knight (epic movie, btw) and stayed out 'til 1 in the morning. I was too tired to scan the pics...

@ G-T
I rarely take requests. As you've noticed from my Ledian pic, I tend to decrease in quality when doing a request. However, I'm not entirely against it...

Anyway, I have a few new pics. First off, I redid Rotom, since I was unsatisfied with the first one.

Next, Lorak's little masterpiece...

Doing this made me realize I need a LOT more colors... Still, I pulled it off decently with what I had.

Finally, I have an Ampharos.

I actually did two, but I messed up the coloring on the first one and made it look like it had a 5-o'-clock shadow. This pic doesn't look as majestic as the first one, but it was more presentable. In case anyone wanted to see the first one, here's the link:

Next, I'm planning to redo Ledian and to finally work on Hi Jump Kick Hitmonchan.


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It is a masterpiece. :V Thanks much, kind artist!

Now, if only that was submitted instead of my own, it would have been a shoe-in, for sure, for the art contest...
Cyzir~ Okay, let I won't bother you with one unless I feel that you would accept one.

Clusterfuck still looks dangerous retarded, but with more quality. Ampharos look awesome and ready to kick some ass. I always wish it was a Electric/Dragon and not a simple Electric type.


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ARGH! One of the pens I needed for Ledian died! I'll have to buy my replacement pens sooner than I thought. Oh well, on to the remaining pics.

Okay, here's the Hi Jump Kick Hitmonchan I was planning. Originally, it was going to do a flying kick, but it just didn't work out too well. Meh, this type of kick is much better for a Hitmonchan using it.

I do not know what spurred me to make it, but I did. Now it's going to haunt my dreams.

Next up on the agenda...
Now that's a secret~
Cookie for the reference.


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Drat, I thought there would be some Slayers fans here. Oh well, no biggie. Time for new pics.

Piloswine... Meh, this pic's kind of boring, to be honest. I'll be redoing this later...

Now for my favorite pic of the batch, Beedrill using Fury Attack! I improvised on the limbs' color a bit, but it worked out pretty well.

I can't get The Dark Knight out of my head, so I just had to do this. Here's the final pic...

I'm still not over the first Wobbuffet I did.
EDIT: I do believe that this is my 100th post here. Go me!


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Thanks for all the comments guys!

lol, really. Despites its lackluster stats, it looks like it could kill people.

I find that I prefer thinner lines, but I do use them from time to time (SEE LAST PIC)

I don't have a very good batch this time, but meh.

Here's tirsus' request. Just keep in mind that I'm pretty bad at requests...

Apparently Vaporeon's half-dachshund :P
I really suck at quadrupeds, sorry...

Continuing with the "Batman Theme", here's the Penguin!

lol. Not much to say about this one. I also added a little minion because I thought it'd be cute.


I love these. I'm suprised the colors came out so well! That makes me feel less nervous about coloring (but I still suck at it).

And I just now realized that finneons tail resembles a butterfly.