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A little history of me if you want to know about me.
I've always loved drawing since I got my first notebook when I was little. Drawing just lets me escape from reality for a few hours and it lets me run my imagination wild. Drawing is something that I will never stop doing. I've taken over 3 art classes, and I'm still looking for more ways to practice. Most of my influences comes from movies and comic books. Oh, and there are a lot of artists in my dad's side of the family :D

Hey, welcome to my art thread, hope you make some requests and enjoy the shit I have to offer ^_^
"A man paints with his brains and not with his hands."

I use a Bamboo PC Tablet, along with Photoshop CS6, and other things. Enjoy.

Here's my list of drawings that I do from requests and just for myself.

Current Requests:
Kepperino's Dragonite(Done)
Iggdrasil's Lucario(Done)
Tamama_Black's Jolteon(Done)
Magic Toaster's Toaster Rotom(Done)
SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET's Sableye(Done)
TEA DEMON'S Porygon2 tracing Salamence's Intimidate(Done)
Kepperino's Sceptile using Leaf Blade on Umbreon(Done)
Rittercat's Purugly(Done)
Arcticblast's Badass Slowpoke(Done)
Kepperino's Ludicolo and Dusknoir using Pain Split on Flygon(Done)
Kennyboy's Electivire using Thunderpunch on Shiny Gyarados(Done)
Kepperino's Azelf taunting Aerodactyl(Done)
Kennyboy's Shiny Ninetails Flamethrower on Breloom(Done)
Tentafool's Shiny Lucario using close combat on a sceptile using Leaf Storm(Done)
Alchemator's witty Ninetails restraining a Hitmochan using it's Psychic powers(Done)
Tentafool's Karate Kid Lucario(Done)
Kepperino's Empoleon vs Hitmontop(Done)
Alchemator's Meganium(Done)

Homeslice's Kabutops(Done)
Rittercat's New Purugly(Done)(Done)
Kepperino's Infernape vs Forretress(Done)
Kepperino's Trainer on Dragonite(Done)
LevetatingLamprey's Accelgor looking 'cool' and angry(Done)
elDino's Buff Terrakion(Done)
GlassAbsol's Creepy Absol(done)

Culuis(Pre-Evo of Culuaxic)
Ground/Dragon Head

Kipp's Mawile
Juice!'s Ralts
Kepperino's Dragonite
Iggdrasil's Lucario
Tamama Black's Jolteon
Magic Toaster's Toaster Rotom
SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET's Sableye
TEA DEMON'S Porygon2 tracing Salamence's Intimidate
Kepperino's Sceptile using LeafBlade on an Umbreon
Rittercat's Purugly
Articblast's Badass Slowpoke
Kepperino's Dusknoir using Pain Split on a Flygon
Kepperino's Ludicolo
Kennyboy's Electivire vs Gyarados
Kepperino's Azlef using Taunt on Aerodactyl
Kennyboy's Shiny Ninetales using Flamethrower on Breloom
Tentafools Shiny Lucario vs Sceptile(Non Shiny)
Alchemator's Ninetales stopping Hitmonchan
Alchemator's Meganium
Kepperino's Empoleon vs Hitmontop
Tentafool's Karate Kid Lucario
Homeslice's Kabutops
Rittercat's New Purugly
Rittercat's Creepy Purugly
Kepperino's Infernape using Flamethrower on Forretress
Kepperino's Trainer riding a Dragonite
LevitatingLamprey's Cool and Angry Accelgor
elDino's Terrakion
GlassAbsol's Absol
RitterCat's New and Improved Purugly

Sketches and Non-Pokemon related stuff
Fakemon Dark/Ghost
Satanic Fakemon Doll
Dark-Lookin Breloom practice
Azelf using Taunt on Aerodactyl sketch
Ninetales Flamethrower on Breloom sketch
Lucario using Close Combat on Sceptile sketch
Witty Ninetails vs Hitmonchan
Beast Ganon from Twilight Princess
Smaug the Dragon, from the Hobbit

Completed Pokemon!
Sandstorm Tyranitar
Shibirudon dodging with Levitate
Shandera w/ Shadow Tag
Erufuun using Taunt
Ninjask v/ Abomasnow
Swords Dance Weavile
Weavile and Breloom talking about 5th Gen
The Two Amigos
You think we'll be back in OU?
Blaziken's head
Dokkora's "huh?"
Kojufu's Little Cupin'
Johto Starter Trio
Scrafty and Koffing
Weird Lickitung
Awkward Togetic
Creepy Sableye
Dying Oddish
Soul Eating Haunter
Banette and Shuppet

The Smog and Smogon Articles art
Excadrill and Darkrai for Uber Speed Tiers
Gengar for DPP OU Metagame Analysis(Issue #18)
Tyranitar for DPP OU Metagame Analysis(Issue #18)
Munchlax for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Gallade for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Rotom for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Tangrowth for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Klinklang for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Crustle for Featured RU RMT(Issue #18)
Hitchhiker Guide to Berries Article: Elgyem can't eat this!
Excadrill for Rapid Spinning Among the Tiers(Issue #19)
Blastoise for Rapid Spinning Among the Tiers(Issue #19)
Hitchhiker's Guide to Berries Article(actual one): Chatot
Marowak for What's New in NU?(Issue #20)
Kyurem-W for Featured Uber Pokemon: Kyurem-W(Issue #21)
Prof. Aipom for IRC Survival Guide(Issue #21)
Chilling Starters for The Orange Islands - Smogon's Casual Retreat(Issue #21)

Hope you enjoy my art!

The final evolution reminds me of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, it's gorgeous. <3 I love how you draw with such detail.

Also, your Fire-Poison line is so much better than the trash-bags of Gen 5.

And, if I were one of your friends from school I'd agree. :>

Do you take requests perchance?
Yeah, I do, but I still need to find an Artist who can color them.

EDIT: I put up that I can take requests, and that I'll be editing the colors in Photoshop :)
I really like these, though Steelryugon has an uncanny resemblance to Blue Eyes White Dragon, like chocolate-kipp said.

The meteor one... it's part of a trio with Solrock and Lunatone, if I can read your notes correctly? Sounds cool.
I'd be able to color them if I had something other than MS Paint, haha.

You said you aren't too great at drawing normal Pokemon, so why not practice? Hoping you can do a Mawile. :>

EDIT: Whoa, three posts in half a minute.
Haha, awesome comments are awesome.

About the Steel/Dragon. I wasnt really thinking of Blue-Eyes when I made it,xD.

About the Meteor. Yes, it is part of the Lunatone/Solrock trio.
All 3 are Rock/Psychic.

More will be put on the computer tomorrow, and colored in a few days :D
Those are sick bro, the steel dragon is awesome! =D I can't wait to see what you create when you have a tablet!

I know you don't like to draw real Pokémon but Ralts it my favourite and can't be too hard to draw, would you draw a Ralts for me? ^_____^
These are more like sketches, so when I get that Tablet for Christmas, it'll be 100% perfect ;)

And, I'll do it Juice :D

Thank God for my good right arm. Macromedia Flash MX does great with drawings.

I've added the full colors for the Fire/Poison types.

Mawile for Kipp
I like your Fakemons a lot (: I got a tablet for my birthday and once I managed to use it my art got better, Id love to see what you could do with a tablet.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
That right there is awesome. And that quite aside from how awesome a Fire/Dragon in OU would be. Amazing work. And an Electric/Dragon in the same way would look great if you are thinking of doing more retypes.
Here's a little something for you guys.
It's almost Christmas! Can't wait to get my tablet and stop drawing with this mouse xD

Pre Evo for Culuaxic
Got a surprise for you guys....


WOOH! I finally got the tablet! I prefer using Macromedia MX for it, suites me well on the style of art I'll be doing. Here's somemoar!

Remake of Kipp's Mawile-

Juice! Ralts-

Random Sketch-
That Ralts is so pretty :D I like messy lineart a lot actually, but yours is just perfect. Not too neat but not insanely messy either. Kudos.

Also, my new Mawile is SO CUTE <3
Giving a quick bump.
I won't be able to make art until Sunday or Monday, as I am in vacation.

But, if you guys have requests, I'd be happy to do them when I get back!

That's so awesome dude, I had no idea how big a difference a tablet makes! I mean your stuff was already good but this is just crazy! ^_^

It's now my desktop. =)
Thanks-man, :P
Enjoying my vacation, but I'm missing my tablet ;_;. When I get back, I'm going to start to make backgrounds. Got a nice idea for a Salamence using Draco Meteor.