dans art

Holy Shet! 4 Requests already!
Well, turns out I'm still looking for a good program for shading and what-not. But, for now, here's your requests!

Kepperino's Dragonite-

Iggdrasil's Lucario-

Tamama_Black's Jolteon-

Magic Toaster's Toaster Rotom-
Thank you <3

Gimp is not bad for a free program, but you should download a free trial of Photoshop sometime 8D

I like this sketchy style :).
Here you go, broh.

(I suck at resizing, sorreh)

And, still practicing shading. Trying out cell-shading on Flash, most cell shading tutorials on GIMP are pretty hard to understand >_<.
So here, Shibirudon dodging Earthquake with Levitate

(I missed coloring the earthquake, but it doesn't matter, it's still a practice sketch)
I can't sleep knowing I had a request!
Here you go, Demon!

Also, here, Sentret.

And, finishing it off with a new Fakemon.

Gonna dump these in....Maybe they can be used for something else

Shandera's Shadow Tag

Erufuun using Mischievous Heart for Taunt
Hey guys, just gonna bump and dump this here.

It's the head sketch for one of my Fakemon.
Can't think of a name, but he's going to be a Ground/Dragon type.
If you wouldn't mind making me another one, I LOVE your work. :3
If you don't have time for this, it's ok.

~ a Sceptile using Leaf Blade on an Umbreon.
That was quick. And awesome

Can I have a Purugly?
Well, I am a pretty fast artist. But at the same time, I try not to make it TOO fast, so I don't mess it up.
And sure!

.....Here you go! Sorry if it looks a bit, meh, I'm not a big fan of the cat, xD. But hope you like it.