Deoxys-D (Analysis) [QC 0/3]



  • Has a great support movepool, including Taunt, Spikes, and Stealth Rock.
  • Two base 160 defenses are extremely good, but the low 50 base HP
    means Deoxys-D isn't as bulky as its stats would suggest.
  • Most of its roles are performed better by its counterpart, Deoxys-s.
  • Arrivals of several high power threats, most notably Sazandora and Shanderaa, means that Deoxys-D isn't as durable as it once was.
  • Addition of the ability Mischievous Heart makes it hard to for Deoxys-D to set up without getting taunted.
  • Nattorei is better in most utility roles.
name: Cosmic Power
move 1: Cosmic Power
move 2: Toxic
move 3: Recover
move 4: Taunt/Substitute
nature: Bold
item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def / 4 SpD

[Set Comments]
Cosmic Power seems to be a move made just for Deoxys-D. Granting a boost to both Defense and Special Defense, the aforementioned move can transform Deoxys-D into a real pain in the neck when used in tandem with Toxic and Recover. With two 160 base defenses, Deoxys-D simply has "stall" written all over its forehead. Taunt and Substitute are two viable options for the last slot, but Taunt is recommended as to prevent Deoxys-D from becoming set-up bait. Despite its mediocre typing and relatively low base HP stat, Cosmic Power Deoxys-D is sure to make many opponents scratch their heads trying to take it out.</p>

[Additional Comments]
With Cosmic Power, Deoxys-D has little to fear - from basically anything. One of its biggest enemies, Tyranitar, rarely runs Attack EVs nowadays, meaning that Deoxys-D doesn't fear Pursuits and Crunches as much as it used to.

name: Spikes
move 1: Spikes
move 2: Toxic
move 3: Recover
move 4: Taunt/Ice Beam/Focus Blast
nature: Calm
item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/ 4 Def / 252 SpD

[Set Comments]
This set is a carbon copy of the set Deoxys-D ran last generation, and is really the only reason you should have Deoxys-D on your team if you are considering it at all. Deoxys-D's bulk, respectable speed stat, and access to Taunt are reasons to consider it over Nattorei and Forretress, who also run a similar set. Spikes is Deoxys-D's best way of helping out it's sweeping teammates, limiting the amount of switches your opponent can make. Recover helps preserve Deoxys-D's supposed bulk, and makes it's job easier. Toxic does work when combined with Recover, allowing it to stall out anything that may try to come in and threaten it. The last slot goes to whatever you want Deoxys-D to do along with setting up Spikes. Taunt prevents Deoxys-D from becoming set-up bait, Ice Beam wards off dragons and genies, and Focus Blast surprises any Dark-types that'll try to stop Deoxys-D from setting up. The EV spread given allows Deoxys-D to be as prepared as possible for the Shadow Balls and Dark Pulses that will more often than not be aimed at it, as well as sustain its overall durability.</p>

[Additional Comments]
Deoxys-D can be run in the lead slot, but that is not recommended as Deoxys-s serves as the better lead with it's suicide lead-esque stat spread. This Pokemon works best as a mid-game Spiker, especially on stall or dedicated semi-stall teams. Knock Off may be substituted for Taunt, ruining a lot of Pokemon that rely heavily on their items to play a role for your opponent. Thunder Wave may be used to spread paralysis, but this makes Deoxys-D Taunt bait for the likes of Ononokusu and Sazandora, who will gladly take a couple of free boosts. An alternate spread of 252 HP/ 180 Def/ 78 Spe allows Deoxys-D to survive +1 LO Outrage from neutral Ononokusu, as well as Payback from a +1 Bulk Up Roopushin (calcs pending). This spread, however, makes Deoxys-D a lot more vulnerable to the special attacks that will more likely be aimed at it.

[Optional Changes]
The two sets listed above are really the only reason one should consider using Deoxys-D. There's not too many things it can do without being outperformed by other walls (*cough Nattorei cough*)

Teammates & Counters:

Spinblockers are to Deoxys-D as candy is to little children. Important. Sableye is easily the best option for this role, as it's part Dark- typing removes the glaring Ghost/Dark weakness shared by Deoxys-D and all other Ghost-types bar Spiritomb. Virtually all sweepers appreciate the entry hazards making their job easier, and so do phazers. Skarmory is a great teammate for Deoxys-D as well, as it resists the many Ghost and Dark-type attacks that will undoubtedly be aimed at Deoxys-D.

Virtually everything with Mischievous Heart, especially Sableye, is a counter to Deoxys-D, as well as anything with more than 90 base speed carrying Taunt. The aforementioned Pokemon prevent Deoxys-D from setting up. Deoxys-A can tear straight through Deoxys-D's defenses as well. The two biggest threats to Deoxys-D are Sazandora and Shanderaa, who don't fear spikes, and unless Deoxys-D runs Taunt, will easily be able to set-up on it. Perhaps the best counter to Deoxys-D is Scizor, who can come in and OHKO with STAB U-Turn, or trap it and 2HKO with Technician Pursuit.

[Dream World]
Deoxys-D has no Dream World ability. Pressure suits its main purpose perfectly.
As per request, my set for Deo-D. I believe he's the only Pokemon that can perform a specific, reliable irritating technique.

name: Red Card
move 1: Recover
move 2: Recycle
move 3: Light Screen / Spikes
move 4: Reflect / Protect / Offensive Move
nature: Impish OR Careful
item: Red Card
EVs: 240 HP/ 252 Def / 16 Speed with Impish Nature
EVs: 240 HP / 252 SpD / 16 Speed with Careful Nature

Deoxys-D has a healthy move pool. However, the new item Red Card is what makes this set particularly nasty. The thing this set wants most, beyond anything else, is Toxic Spike assistance. Forretress, Tentacruel, whomever you have for that job is helpful. Two layers is, as always best. However, you then switch your Deo-D in, and start using Recover / Recycle as you see fit. Of course, Toxic, or the Spiked variation, will hurt this set, so Rapid Spin / Poison Typed Pokemon is recommended.

The 240 HP EVs give you 301 HP, which is good for Recovering, or even for coming in on Spikes / SR. The specific defensive stat is player choice. Use whatever fits your role best. If you're already running a Skarmory, you don't need him to be physically bulky. But, if you've got something that's Specially Bulky, you might decide to run this over Skarm. It's player choice.

The 16 in Speed are there, specifically, to be slightly faster than other heavily defensive Pokemon. Of course, that's not strictly important, and the player may wish to redistribute their EVs as needed. However, when used in conjunction with Screens, it's quite potent.

This set creates a wall of a Pokemon that can force Toxic onto the other team in a reusable fashion.

It's important to note that some Pokemon carry Heal Bell. Best if you take them out first. Additionally, you may want to have some way of preventing your Deoxys-D from suffering from a Status.
Two layers is, as always best.
Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't be a single layer better your this strategy? Red Card forces your opponent to switch immediately, resetting its Toxic counter. The switch-in gets 'normal' poisoned and takes 1/8 damage instead of Toxic's 1/16 at end of turn. Until Turn 3 of staying in by using set up moves or whatever else, the damage received is the same anyways. According to your strategy, you want to get as many forced switches as possible so Spikes and SR are probably even more useful than TS.
Unless you force the opponent into a wall, i guess that set up would be more effective.


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Considering Deo-D has the defenses to annoy DD/SD Dragons, terakion, doryuuzu, landlos, why is the specially defensive spread prioritised? (Especially when a lot of special stuff can beat you anyway; taunt borotorosu, trick latias/latios, rankurusu, you can't touch gengar either, just off the top of my head).

I think the moveset should look like this:
Taunt / Ice Beam / Focus Blast
Toxic / Ice Beam / Focus Blast

Mentioning thunderwave in AC would be nice. So basically we say you taunt / toxic is good yadayadayada but Ice Beam and Focus Blast can be run to help deoxys-D take on foes such as dragons/gliscor and dory/terakion/ttar (though i don't think focus blast OHKOs any of the latter, but it should 2HKO. Deoxys-D will probably actually lose to terakion/Dory even with focus blast if they SD on switch.....hmmmmm

More later probably
You definitely need to write up the Cosmic Power set. Something like:

name: Cosmic Power
move 1: Cosmic Power
move 2: Toxic
move 3: Recover
move 4: Taunt / Substitute
nature: Bold
item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def / 4 SpD

This is the definition of a staller. Start boosting up on setup fodder like Blissey or Nattorei and Taunt (or substitute) on the obvious switch. This thing is really hard to take out. For example Scarftar can only deal (30.3% - 36.2%) vs +1 Deoxys-D. Furthermore, less and less Tyranitars are even running attack EV's. Its a nightmare to take down with Toxic Spikes support.
I agree with PK Gaming. Cosmic Power Deo-D is annoying, to say the least, and definitely merits a place on the analysis(In fact, it should be the first set.)

...An alternate spread of 252 HP/ 180 Def/ 78 SpD allows Deoxys-D to survive +1 LO Outrage from neutral Ononokusu,...
Minor nitpick, but you misspelt SpD as Spe. Deoxys-D is going nowhere with Speed EVs, unless I am mistaken.

You also forgot to remove the mention of Deo-A (which is now Uber) in the Counters section.

Good Luck.
Is Magic Coat worth a mention on the Cosmic Power staller in the last slot ? Stops Phazing AND faster status and also Taunt users all in one slot.

The Red Card Recycle set is awesome also lol.


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Dude, what happened to the Agility Toxic set? With Agility, it can avoid getting Taunted by faster Pokemon like Deoxys-S and Tricked by Lati@s and other stuff. It isn't really walled by Steels since you wall most of them anyway, so you can beat them by PP stalling using Pressure.

name: Agility + Toxic
move 1: Agility
move 2: Toxic
move 3: Recover
move 4: Taunt / Magic Coat
nature: Calm
item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP / 88 SpD / 188 Spe

188 Speed allows you to outspeed Scarf Lati@s after an Agility. Magic Coat stops Dragon Tail as well, but it requires better prediction against some Pokemon like Gliscor.


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The last update this thread received was on Januaray 31st, and the OP hasn't been on since April 5th. I'm closing this under inactivity. I'll be finding someone personally to take over this analysis. PM me if you have enough experience with Deoxys-S and think you're qualified.