DPP in-game movesets

Hi Smogon! I started this thread after deciding I wanted to create a list of the best in-game movesets for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. This is intended to be used alongside the in-game tier lists to help decide not only what pokemon to use of your playthrough, but how to use them. Please note that I will assume all pokemon will be fully evolved, unless it has a trade evolution, in which case the pre-evolved forms will be accepted as well. So, for the movesets, please use the following form (you can copy & paste this one if you like). I want at least one moveset for each Pokemon, but if you have a suggestion that is different enough to those already posted, feel free to tell everyone about it!

Pokemon: Give the name of the pokemon here. I would also like it if you used sprites as well.
Ability: Give the preferred ability
Item: The item the Pokemon should hold, if any
Moves: The Pokemon's four moves. No post-game TMs. Give a few options as well. If there is a rare TM on the moveset, them other options would be great, because TMs don't grow on trees and most people would already have plans for them.
Explanation: How the moveset works; why it is the way it is; what is it useful against; what are its shortcomings. Give some other options as well.

Pokemon: (Bold means there is already a moveset available, but it dosn't mean you can't suggest your own)

Mr Mime
Platinum only:



I'll repost when I have figured out some movesets of my own to get the ball rolling. Remember, everyone is free to post, and post as many as you want! I hope this works out well. When this is finished, I will collect all the best movesets and put them all together.
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Lefties or Expert Belt
Moves: Wood Hammer, Crunch, EQ, Curse
Explaination: A purely physical set for a mostly physical Pokemon. Torterra's one of the few Pokemon in the game with the defenses to pull off a Wood Hammer without killing itself in the process. Crunch and EQ are obviously there for coverage (and STAB, in EQ's case), and Curse jacks up your Attack and Defense, two stats you'll be relying on in this case.

Wood Hammer, even with Torterra's great bulk, is still Wood Hammer, and still absurdly risky. You may want to replace it with Leaf Storm if you're concerned about it, as Torterra does have respectable SpAtk.
First Moveset:

Pokemon: Torterra
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Whatever you want
-Wood Hammer
-Curse/Rock Polish/Rock Slide/Stone Edge/Rock Climb
Explanation: Torterra is probably the best Grass-type in DPP. In-game, this is his best moveset. Wood Hammer and Earthquake provide STAB (although Wood Hammer needs a Heart Scale; Razor Leaf is probably the best Grass-move until you can get it), and Crunch means he can be useful against Psychic- and Ghost- types, especially Fantina and Lucian (Bite will do until he learns it).In the last slot, you can put almost anything in. Curse and Rock polish can be boosting moves for filler, while Rock Slide and Stone Edge give good coverage, if you're happy to give up the TMs. Rock Climb is there because you need someone to learn the HM and Torterra is one of the few Pokemon that can easily facilitate it.
Wow, ideas came in while I was making mine. I'll add them to the OP in a sec. I'm going to create a document of all the movesets and put them on there when complete
I think most in-game sets are going to be pretty straightforward really. 4 attacks, or 3 attacks and a setup or status move. Item choice isn't generally critical, I typically just bung an appropriate type-boosting item on since they're readily available. But whatever, I'll post one:

Pokemon: Infernape
Moves: Swords Dance, Mach Punch, Flare Blitz, Close Combat.
Explanation: Swords Dance to power up then KO most things with the Dual STABs, it's not complicated. Mach Punch if you think the opponent is fast but weak, you could take a coverage move instead but I think priority's more useful. Great set for a physically-leaning Infernape, only minus is the P80,000 effective price of the Swords Dance TM.

Or two...

Pokemon: Golem
Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Protect.
Explanation: QuakeEdge coverage goes without saying, Rock Polish means you can sweep without having to tank so many hits. Protect is to scout for grass and water attacks.

Or three...

Pokemon: Luxray
Moves: Spark/Thunder Fang, Return, Crunch, filler
Explanation: Luxray's lack of a decent boosting move hurts his good stats but this still works well. Spark has more accuracy and PP but Thunder Fang can flinch so take your pick. Crunch is really useful against psychic and ghost types, you can get away with it as your team's only answer to them I reckon. Return rounds out the coverage and means only Dialga and Magnezone resist you, if you don't fancy the 160 grand cost use Strength instead.
Let's be real, Staraptor is a badass in-game.

Pokemon: Staraptor
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Lucky Egg? I dunno. This is pretty situational, and mainly down to what you have available. A Yache Berry is a good idea at Snowpoint Gym, for example.
-Fly/Brave Bird
-Return/Take Down
-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace/Double Team/Defog
Explanation: Staraptor is available very early, necessitates pretty much no TMs or Heart Scales unless you choose to, and hits hard and fast. Fly is reliable STAB without the Brave Bird recoil; it's wholly viable ingame as the AI doesn't tend to switch or take advantage, and you'll probably get the HM well before Staraptor learns BB anyway. It also has that invaluable field effect. Return hits hard, and considering how early you'll get it Staraptor is bound to reach max happiness, although Take Down is an option if you don't wanna use the TM. Close Combat is valuable coverage against rocks and steels that other birds don't get. The fourth moveslot is really whatever you want it to be - one of the problems with Staraptor is its limited movepool. It can serve a few niches though - Aerial Ace hits those god damn annoying occasional double team abusers, double team lets you be one yourself, making you nearly invincible with a bit of luck, and Defog is there for the field effect - although it does help against those truly irritating double team pokemon.

But yeah stick with Staraptor and you can damn near solo the entire game. I agree that this is a pretty straightforward task.
BrianFatana, I like the Staraptor set. I'll add it to the doc and OP soon. Cantab, Infernape needs more information, and I want movesets that are easily accessible. No-one is going to spend that many coins for Swords Dance, he dosn't need it. I would probably put Fire Blast or ThunderPunch over it.
Cantab, Infernape needs more information, and I want movesets that are easily accessible. No-one is going to spend that many coins for Swords Dance, he dosn't need it. I would probably put Fire Blast or ThunderPunch over it.
IMHO this Infernape set does need Swords Dance to be truly powerful. He's a frail Pokemon to start with, once you're using Flare Blitz and Close Combat if he doesn't OHKO he's liable to be taken out. I suppose you could bung him an X Attack but that's only half the boost. The set swept Cynthia, albeit helped by poor AI (Spiritomb used all its other moves before actually using Psychic). You might not get Swords Dance when you first hit Veilstone, but by the late game when you're about to face the Elite Four the money won't be a big deal unless you have a bunch of other Pokemon that need Game Corner TMs too.

Fire Blast and Flare Blitz are I think a pointless pairing, just run the one that corresponds to your Infernape's higher offensive stat; my set is as mentioned for a physical Infernape, if you have a special Infernape do something different. Thunderpunch is an option in Platinum but not in DP and anyway you don't need it for any major trainers I can think of, considering a super-effective Thunderpunch is weaker than a neutral Flare Blitz or Close Combat.
Wouldn't Torterra be better with Rock Polish? For example, then you can outspeed Flints whole team and EQ him, instead of taking repeated SE Fire moves.
I remember abusing this in my runs of DP:

Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Leftovers (or just about anything)

-Rock Smash
-Rock Climb

Blissey is terrible for combat, but it makes a great abuser of field moves: Softboiled is awesome if you want to minimise usage of Max Potion/Full Restores out of combat by dumping all the damage on Blissey, then healing her. The other three are pretty self-explanatory, but Blissey makes going through some places a breeze(hint: Victory Road, Coronet). I'm not sure how you guys want to look at this (when I play Pearl I usually bring in 2 lv35 blisseys to the E4 for lulz and have nape/star/ray/palkia own everything) since this obviously has no combat purpose other than being item fodder but it's pretty much good utility imo. If you want to put an actually decent offensive move, you can replace some of the HMs with Blizzard/Hyper Beam/Fire Blast, or even SR.
I'm going to add one that no-one else will think of:

Pokemon: Unown
Ability: Levitate
Item: Nothing
-Hidden Power
Explanation: The one and only.....


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Pokemon: Gengar
Item: idk, this really depends on what you've got. Spooky Plate isn't a bad choice.
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Thunderbolt
- Hypnosis/Focus Blast/Substitute/Explosion
Explanation: Shadow Ball, and Sludge Bomb are obligatory STABs, Thunderbolt provides good coverage, and the last move is primarily filler, but Hypnosis is good for putting shit to sleep (if it hits), Focus Blast gives perfect coverage with the other moves, and allows you to actually hit Steelix (lol), and Substitute is Substitute. Explosion is fun to just kill random shit, but can come in handy in a pinch.
Oh well, let's complete all the early guys

Pokemon: Empoleon
Item: Anything works

- Surf
- Blizzard / Ice Beam
- Drill Peck
- Waterfall / Swords Dance / Return / Protect?

Pretty straightforward. The fourth slot can be anything, really, since Empoleon's options are kinda weird (either one-off TMs, or just... random things).

Alternatively, here's another that abuses SD

Pokemon: Empoleon
Item: Anything works

- Swords Dance
- Waterfall
- Drill Peck
- Avalanche / Steel Wing / Blizzard / Surf

Again, different choices for the fourth slot: Avalanche is the only physical ice move Empoleon gets, and has some utility against Chomp... if you survive EQ, that is. Steel Wing is there for Steel STAB... if you even need it. Since those two are one-off TMs, Blizzard and Surf are alternatives: Blizzard does just as well against Chomp (there really isn't a diff unless you overlevel to the point where you outrun Chomp), Surf is just there because HM, good STAB, yadayada


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Pokemon: Gyarados
Item: Splash Plate, I guess?
- Waterfall
- Ice Fang
- Return
- Dragon Dance / Earthquake / Bounce
Explanation: Waterfall is obvious STAB, Ice Fang hits Grass types, Return has nearly flawless coverage with Waterfall, and then Dragon Dance allows you to easily sweep through teams, EQ is for Electric-types, and Bounce is a secondary STAB.
Personally I never wanted to give ingame pokes non-buyable tms since I wanted them for ev trained ones. My best ingame set is probably for Floatzel:

Pokemon: Floatzel
item: Wide lens (surprisingly helpful)
Aqua Jet (waterfall came pretty late)/Waterfall
ice fang (heart scales were pretty easy to get since I loved the underground)
Focus blast (it helped immensely with byron and Candice)
Crunch (Filler move it helped with Lucian but really it was just there)

Explanation: you get buizel right after roark the one place it could be really helpful, I didnt have a fire type since dp was awful with fire distribution and i had a grotle, so i had no real way to beat luke, I gave floatzel focus blast since it could learn it and it kept it ever since, floatzel on floatzel was fun and crunch was actually useful there but essential vs fantina, byron was not scratched by my aqua jet but was decimated by focus blast as was Candice, I'm not sure how it would have dealt with Volkner since it didnt fight there, but it was a flinch king vs bertha if it didnt outright ohko it usually flinched and got the kill next time with its new waterfall, Flint should have been easier but he had like 2 actual fire types and his steelix had a much better evasion than byrons, Lucian lost out to crunch, and Cynthias chomp got frozen our first match every subsequent time it was outright ohko'd. I love'd my ingame Floatzel
Meanwhile, here's an easy one

Pokemon: Palkia
Item: Lustrous Orb / Wide Lens

- Surf
- Spacial Rend
- AncientPower/Fire Blast/Blizzard
- Blizzard/Fire Blast/Dragon Claw

Honestly, there isn't much to say about Palkia. Easily has the best stats out of everything you have, has strong STAB moves, and a wide variety of TMs to choose from. SR puts a dent in just about everything that exists and isn't Bronzong, who dies to Fire Blast. Palkia doesn't have any weaknesses out of the obscure Dragon, though sadly the one major dragon you fight has a higher base speed than Palkia (although Spacial Rend will still put quite the hurt).
I sort of intended this for beginners ad people who are just doing playthroughs, not really for people who intend to EV train.
I'm a TM hoarder too, but it's worth bearing in mind there's quite a lot of reobtainable TMs if you have access to most games. I made a list for my own reference a while back.

DS = Department Store
GC = Game Corner

All the first 50 can be easily cloned in Emerald.

04 Calm Mind 4th Gen Frontier
05 Roar 3rd Gen Celadon DS
06 Toxic 4th Gen Frontier
07 Hail DP Route 212 TM-Shard trader
08 Bulk Up 4th Gen Frontier
10 Hidden Power Slateport Market, Veilstone GC, 4th Gen Celadon GC
11 Sunny Day DP Route 212 TM-Shard trader
12 Taunt 4th Gen Celadon DS
13 Ice Beam Mauville GC, 3rd Gen Celadon GC, Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC
14 Blizzard Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
15 Hyper Beam Lilycove DS, 3rd Gen Celadon DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
16 Light Screen Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
17 Protect Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
18 Rain Dance DP Route 212 TM-Shard trader
20 Safeguard Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, 4th Gen Celadon DS
21 Frustration Veilstone GC, 4th Gen Celadon DS
22 SolarBeam Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
23 Iron Tail 3rd Gen Celadon GC
24 Thunderbolt Mauville GC, 3rd Gen Celadon GC, Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC
25 Thunder Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
26 Earthquake 4th Gen Frontier
27 Return Veilstone GC, 4th Gen Celadon DS
28 Dig 3rd Gen Celadon DS, 4th Gen Celadon DS
29 Psychic Mauville GC, Veilstone GC, 4th Gen Celadon GC
30 Shadow Ball 3rd Gen Celadon GC, 4th Gen Frontier
31 Brick Break 3rd Gen Celadon DS, 4th Gen Frontier
32 Double Team Mauville GC, Veilstone GC, 4th Gen Celadon GC
33 Reflect Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
35 Flamethrower Mauville GC, 3rd Gen Celadon GC, Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC
36 Sludge Bomb 4th Gen Frontier
37 Sandstorm DP Route 212 TM-Shard trader
38 Fire Blast Lilycove DS, Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
40 Aerial Ace 4th Gen Frontier
41 Torment 4th Gen Celadon DS
43 Secret Power Slateport Market, 3rd Gen Celadon DS
44 Rest Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC
45 Attract 3rd Gen Celadon DS, 4th Gen Frontier

52 Focus Blast Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
53 Energy Ball Frontier
54 False Swipe Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
55 Brine Celadon DS
56 Fling HGSS Pickup
58 Endure Veilstone GC, Celadon GC
59 Dragon Pulse Frontier
61 Will-O-Wisp Frontier
64 Explosion Veilstone GC
68 Giga Impact Veilstone GC, Celadon GC
70 Flash Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
71 Stone Edge Frontier
72 Avalanche Celadon DS
73 Thunder Wave Frontier
74 Gyro Ball Veilstone GC, Celadon GC
75 Swords Dance Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC
76 Stealth Rock Celadon DS
78 Captivate Celadon DS
79 Dark Pulse Celadon DS
81 X-Scissor Frontier
83 Natural Gift Veilstone DS, Goldenrod DS
86 Grass Knot HGSS Pickup
87 Swagger Celadon DS
89 U-turn Veilstone GC, Frontier
90 Substitute Veilstone GC, Goldenrod GC

On Blissey, I feel she's worth giving some special attacks to, she's got the power to use them considering she'll often wall the heck out of the computer. She's also great in doubles, pair her with a Surf, Discharge, or Lava Plume user who can then attack without worrying about hurting Blissey much.

Item : Lucky Egg is best overall but you can use different items.
Ability : Simple is best in Platinum, but anything can work in Diamond and Pearl.

-Yawn / Thunder Wave / Pluck / Superpower (Platinum only) / Stealth Rock / Amnesia
-Super Fang / Curse (Platinum only) / Focus Punch / Toxic / Shadow Ball / Dig / Thunder / Thunderbolt
-Waterfall / Surf / Blizzard / Ice Beam
-Rock Climb / Strength / Hyper Fang

Explanation : Bibarel is just so versatile meaning it can fill most rolls a team needs. Need something for Crasher Wake ? Thunder, Bryon ? Dig, Fatima ? Dig, Thunder, Defense Curl + Rollout, Shadow Ball, (Diamond and Pearl only) Volkner ? Dig, Strength, Rock Climb, Thunder, Superpower, Return, not that you should use Bibarel against him but it can be useful in an emergency, Aaron ? Stealth Rock, Rollout, Strength, Rock Climb, Dig, Return, Surf, Waterfall, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Agatha ? See Aaron but take away the normal and rock moves, Flint ? See Aaron, Lucian ? Swagger, Amnesia, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Shadow Ball, Super Fang, Hyper Fang, Take Down. Each moveslot has different reasons for the moves in it. Slots 1 and 2 are utility, stuff you can throw on when you need it then take off afterwards, Slot 3 is for general ground-type killing, water moves for the Graveler and Steelix endgame, ice moves for the victory road dragons, Slot 4 is just for rounding it out with a reliable STAB, Strength can't miss if there is no accuracy or evasion modifiers, Rock Climb is the most powerful, and Hyper Fang can form paraflinch when combined with thunder wave.

Pros : Can be tailored for most things, can sweep Flint after Sunnybeam users go down in platinum, can wreck the victory road blissey with Yawn or Super Fang, comes early and can have a good moveset by Fantina in Diamond and Pearl, gets an 80 Base Power STAB move before most things are ready for it.

Cons : Weak without setup, Simple causes Superpower to drop attack and defense by 2 stages.


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Bibarel is not useless outside of HMs

Pokemon: Bibarel
Ability: Simple
Item: anything that you have
Explanation: Can only really be used in Platinum as it doesn't get curse in DP. Basically against any boss battle you can just set up to +6 really quickly against their first mon with boosts and simple. Especially effective against Cynthia who I 6-0d pretty easily at just level 53. (the level it learns curse). Plus Waterfall and Strength mean it can keep being your HM slave.