DPP in-game movesets


Item : Lucky Egg is best overall but you can use different items.
Ability : Simple is best in Platinum, but anything can work in Diamond and Pearl.

-Yawn / Thunder Wave / Pluck / Superpower (Platinum only) / Stealth Rock / Amnesia
-Super Fang / Curse (Platinum only) / Focus Punch / Toxic / Shadow Ball / Dig / Thunder / Thunderbolt
-Waterfall / Surf / Blizzard / Ice Beam
-Rock Climb / Strength / Hyper Fang

Explanation : Bibarel is just so versatile meaning it can fill most rolls a team needs. Need something for Crasher Wake ? Thunder, Bryon ? Dig, Fatima ? Dig, Thunder, Defense Curl + Rollout, Shadow Ball, (Diamond and Pearl only) Volkner ? Dig, Strength, Rock Climb, Thunder, Superpower, Return, not that you should use Bibarel against him but it can be useful in an emergency, Aaron ? Stealth Rock, Rollout, Strength, Rock Climb, Dig, Return, Surf, Waterfall, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Agatha ? See Aaron but take away the normal and rock moves, Flint ? See Aaron, Lucian ? Swagger, Amnesia, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Shadow Ball, Super Fang, Hyper Fang, Take Down. Each moveslot has different reasons for the moves in it. Slots 1 and 2 are utility, stuff you can throw on when you need it then take off afterwards, Slot 3 is for general ground-type killing, water moves for the Graveler and Steelix endgame, ice moves for the victory road dragons, Slot 4 is just for rounding it out with a reliable STAB, Strength can't miss if there is no accuracy or evasion modifiers, Rock Climb is the most powerful, and Hyper Fang can form paraflinch when combined with thunder wave.

Pros : Can be tailored for most things, can sweep Flint after Sunnybeam users go down in platinum, can wreck the victory road blissey with Yawn or Super Fang, comes early and can have a good moveset by Fantina in Diamond and Pearl, gets an 80 Base Power STAB move before most things are ready for it.

Cons : Weak without setup, Simple causes Superpower to drop attack and defense by 2 stages.
Good sets all around, the Curse + Amnesia is like a cross between this and the HM slave one. Anyway, I have Medichams set

Item : Any item that boosts his attack, preferably life orb.
Ability : He only has one

- Fire Punch / Rock Slide / Toxic
- Ice Punch / Substitute / Poison Jab / Thunder Punch
- Hi Jump Kick / Focus Punch
- Recover / Meditate / Bulk Up

Explnation : Medicham just makes the Elite 4 a whole lot easier, heart scales are top priority for this moveset, 2 of its best moves need them, 3 if you decide to use Meditate, though you should only use Meditate if another Pokémon you have needs Bulk Up and Recover is better then either of them. Fire Punch makes Aaron and Lucian's Bronzong a lot easier, while Rock Slide makes Aaron and Flint easier, but Medicham shouldn't stay in against Aaron's Drapion either way. Toxic can be useful, but only if you have Substitute, Focus Punch and Recover as your other 3 moves because Medicham can't pull off Toxic tricks without Substitute and Recover, and even then the real reason for Substitute is so you can use Focus Punch safeley, Toxic is secondary. Poison Jab and Thunder Punch aren't useful apart from the fact that it hits all water types other then the really important ones (Berthas Quagsire and Whishcash) super-effectively, though if you caught Meditite beside Eterna city and trained it You can hit Crasher Wakes Floatzel and Gyarados with it.

Edit : Mothim to

Item : Any
Ability : Any
- Bug Buzz
- Air Slash
- Psychic / U-Turn
- Giga Drain / Energy Ball

Explanation : An all-out offensive set for an offensive Pokémon, the moves are really the only viable moves it gets, but I guess Toxic or Shadow Ball could be used if you really needed them. You might wonder why I put a 60 base power attack as the most viable move in the last slot, but seeing as the only things your'e grass move of choice will hit are 4X weak things like Geodude, Graveler, Quagsire and Whishcash the health recovery can be more useful then the, admitably large, power increase that Energy Ball has. Psychic + Grass move cleans up most caves but U-Turn can be used to get out when Mothim has no business against your'e current opponent.


Item : Splash Plate if you have it.

- Waterfall / Surf
- Ice Beam / Blizzard
- Gunk Shot / Psychic / Energy Ball / Flash Cannon
- Signal Beam / Flamethrower / Fire Blast

Explanation : Octillery has one of the biggest movepools in the game so this set is a perfect combination of his best moves in one set. Waterfall or Surf, choose your weapon depending on which of your Octillerys attacking stats are higher, while the other 3 moves are very useful coverage. You could use a fire move and Signal Beam on the same set so that you could do lots of damage to the psychic type elite 4 member.

Togekiss (platinum only)
Item : About anything works
Ability : Serene grace

Air slash
Aura sphere
Flamethrower/Fire blast/any special move you want to give

Not only it's very powerful and has good coverage but yawn is also very useful in-game : it puts stuff to sleep without missing and I like using yawn to help a team member setting up. In my platinum mono-flying run, I used yawn then switch to Gyarados or Gliscor to set up dragon dance or sword dance respectively while the opponent is taking a nap.
This trio is surprising very strong and balanced despite sharing the flying type.

The main drawback is that you get togepi from an egg so you have 50% chance of getting that crappy useless hustle ability instead of the amazing serene grace and not a possibility to get another togepi. This still works without serene grace though.
Ambipom was pretty fun to use mine wasnt physical like it probably should have been but technician made me want to give it water pulse, any water type would have access to surf anyway so it didnt seem like a bad loss. Shock wave just because Luxray was physical. The damage wasnt really that bad since mine was a special atk + nature

Ambipom Silk Scarf
Shock Wave ( I thought it would help vs Wake)
Water pulse (Rock types typically had lower sp def)
Rock Smash (technician and rock smash was a pseudo stab)
Cut (My hm slave, someone had to learn cut)

Explanation: I was trying to get a snorlax but then I found this guy, he was pretty good for that point in the game (eterna), and while he was useless against maylene he probably could have beaten Wakes Gyarados if the two had actually fought, I do know that it handles Fantina fine at the very least handled her Drifblim fine with shock wave and was also able to score a ko against Candice's Snover along with Volkners enemy Ambipom. The best thing about Ambipom is that it has great diversity this really shined in our battles against the elite 4 when Ambipom was taking down several of Flints members with rock smash and water pulse.
Not quite sure about Special Ambipom, but it would probably still be good based on your experience. My Ambipom set would be more like:

Ambipom @ Silk Scarf/Expert Belt
Ability: Technician
-Double Hit/Return
-Brick Break/Rock Smash/Fire Punch
-Shadow Claw/ThunderPunch
-Iron Tail/Ice Punch/ThunderPunch
Double hit is good STAB tht you get by level up (It's required to evolve), but Return can be used for superior accuracy if you're willing to give up the TM. Brick Break is to beat stuff like Steels and Rocks and would work against Byron. Rock Smash can be used as a weaker alternative if the TM is already being used, as the Technician boost and defens drops can still make it very useful. Fire Punch is if you can use the Move Tutor, but the other two options are much easier to obtain. Shadow Claw obviously is used to have perfect coverage with a fighting move, although you onloy recieve it AFTER you beat Fantina. In Platinum ThunderPunch is a fine alternative if you have enough shards. Anything can really be used in the last slot. Iron Tail is probably the best option in DP, but in Platinum the Elemental punches can be used to have more super-effective coverage. If you are using ThunderPunch though, Ice Punch will give the best coverage
Special Ambipom without Nasty Plot? Not really a good idea imo. If I really want a special Ambipom (for whatever reason), I'd probably use this

Ambipom w/ Silk Scarf (or wiseglasses or anything)

Water Pulse

Works pretty well in rain too. Swift is a nuke with both Technician and STAB, boosting it to a respectable 135 BP (it's stronger than Thunder!). Simple, yet effective.
Torterra and Luxray are already done, I already gave Floatzel and Ambipoms sets here, my Weavile set is awful guess the only one left is Crobat.

Crobat metronome (Fly is the only move really worth using)
Fly (Walking is way too slow, its also not a bad stab this gen)
Defog (I wish I could say that it's been useful it really was in finding celestic town other than that no, I wish I kept bite)
Poison Fang (Its good stab decent option, sadly poison isnt much for defense)
Confuse Ray (Clutch move I think it's the only auxillary on my team except defog)

Explanation: I did not know starly was getting close combat by level up, I would never have chosen Crobat if I did, Barry had a starly and I didnt want to be copying him so I picked up zubat, (Barry later got a buizel but I didnt want to drop mine by that point). I can't say that zubat dissipointed though, no one on my team liked fighting grass types except zuzu and luxio, so it was really useful for gardenia, grotle was busy fighting Luke so it was able to deal some damage to Maylene too, it worked out great against Fantinas gym but that was back when it had bite. It was useless against byrons gym which was fine as the others could pick up slack, but it really shined against Candice as Fly is really powerful at that point in the game especially with Crobats power Volkner was naturally less fun but it managed to fight pretty well against Octillery despite it having charge beam. Aaron was nothing for it, Flints Infernape was blitzed, after Steelix somehow beat Floatzel confuse ray help let Luxray finish it, confusion also let Crobat beat Garchomp, if its hax its reliable hax and more often than not it helps out.

Item : Anything that can boost his attack.
Ability : Huge Power is best, but Thick Fat gives more use to some otherwise useless moves.
- Defence Curl / Rain Dance / Focus Punch / Toxic / Blizzard
- Rollout / Double Edge / Substitute / Hydro Pump / Dig
- Aqua Tail / Waterfall
- Aqua Ring / Protect

Explanation : Azumarill has never had the greatest stats but with Huge Power doubling his attack he can smash stuff, if he has Thick Fat his damage output will be a bit underwhelming but not having doubled attack gives him a good reason to use special attacks. You should only use Hydro Pump and Blizzard if your Azumarill has Thick Fat because they are only for stuff that Thick Fat Azumarill cannot get past that it would be able to with Huge Power such as the Victory Road Dragons and Gravelers, though both are hit super hard with Aqua Tail after Rain Dance. Defence Curl will double the power of Rollout if it is used first, but using Substitute and Focus Punch can also be devastating. You can use Aqua Ring / Substitute / Toxic / Protect, while this takes a lot longer to defeat stuff and can’t touch steel-types it will be very hard to kill if you can get the item Leftovers.


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Still, it's worth the trouble to get a Huge Power one over a Thick Fat one
Mainly just posting to agree with this. Azumarill is a monster with Huge Power. I know it's not the same game, but I'm using him on a BW2 playthrough right now. It does so much work.

Also, to put it into perspective, an Azumarill at level 25 will have 30-37 Attack with no EVs. With Huge Power, that ranges from 60-74, while a Gyarados at the same level will have 67-75 attack with base 125.
I'm going to post some sets for my favourite pokemon now:

Ability: Technician
-Wing Attack/Aerial Ace
-Brick Break/Rock Smash
-Swords Dance/Night Slash
This set is for those of you that can't trade to evolve into Scizor, but it still can be extremely deadly in the right hands. Wing Attack is great Technician-boosted STAB, while Aerial Ace can be used it you want to hit the annoying Double Teamers. X-Scissor is secondary STAB, and is useful against people like Lucian. Brick Break is really just to hit Steel-types, and if you have other plans for the TM there is nothing wrong with Rock Smash and its Defense drops (It's also boosted by Technician). Swords Dance and Night Slash are filler. Swords Dance is probably superior, however, as Night Slash doesn't hit anything important that the other moves don't already. As for the item, Expert Belt, Insect Plate and Sky Plate can work

Ability: Technician
-Bullet Punch
-Brick Break/Rock Smash
-Swords Dance/Night Slash
This set is pretty much identical to the Scyther set listed above, but with the infamous STAB Tecnician Bullet Punch. For the item, Expert Belt, Iron Plate or Insect Plate is best. Not much else to say really.

Heracross@Expert Belt
Ability: Guts
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Strength
This is Heracross' best set. Megahorn is powerful, but comes very late. Close Combat is also very powerful, and is useful in the fact that it comes at level 37. Night Slash needs a Heart Scale, but it is Heracross' best option for Ghost types. Stone Edge and Rock Slide are to hit Flying-types super effectively, however they both use up extremely valuable TMs and anyway, it's crazy to keep a Heracross in against a Flying-type. For those reasons you can use Strength, having a good move in general, because unfortunately the TM for Facade is after the Elite 4.
Alright, I may as well do the Eeveelutions

Vaporeon@Mystic Water/Splash Plate
Water Absorb
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Aqua Ring
Surf for STAB, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball for coverage, and Aqua Ring because Vaporeon doesn't have any other useful moves

Jolteon@Magnet/Zap Plate
Volt Absorb
-Shadow Ball
-Thunder Wave
-Thunder/Signal Beam/Charge Beam
Thunderbolt for STAB, Shadow Ball for coverage, Thunder Wave to paralyze and anything really on the last slot. You could even run Hyper Beam, for a strong finishing move.
If you want a nice change from Garchomp :

Gliscor @Soft sand (or anything else...)
Ability : Hyper cutter (sand veil can be good if you have hippowdon or anything with sandstorm)
Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Sword Dance
Night Slash/Aerial Ace

You can catch Gligar quite early just near the cave where you get the TM Earthquake making it a strong pokemon early in the game. Sword dance to boost its attack to sweep and the rest is type coverage. Night slash is useful against levitating ghosts like Mismagius and whatever. Even though I admit it's outclassed by Chomp, it's still a very strong pokemon and fun to use :).