You looked familiar, I saw that peice submitted in our battle topic on PR and then saw it on Smeargle's Art Gallery.

Hai fellow DN teamate. ;D


acta est fabula
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Heheh I love how Flygon's head is placed where it is, the rock in the background looks like its body. That said, the artwork you have in this thread is phenomenal.
I haven't been drawing lately because my tablet isn't working, every time I try and use the pen the cursor on my screen jumps to the top left of the screen and it won't move with the pen :s
I'm really not sure if I'll finish that flygon :s I can't get the body right sorry, I can draw a flygon in the standard pose if you want, but i don't see much point.

heres some fractals, I just got apophysis recently.

and a vexel landscape since my tablet wasn't working, I got it working now though