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[Expert] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Mafia - Game Over (GFed/DSamus win) - Postgame Up!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by UncleSam, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    Hosted by UncleSam and Walrein

    14:37, Space Pirate Command Center, Agon Wastes.

    “Sir, there has been another break-in.”

    This was the fourth one in the past sixteen hours...and they all had the same pattern.

    “More Phazon taken, I presume?” sighed the Pirate Commando from behind a large holopanel, not even bothering to look up in acknowledgement of the Trooper in front of him.

    “Yes sir. Same blue residue left behind, same reports of a “Dark Samus” from the few who engaged it and survived.”

    “And when are our reinforcements arriving again?”

    “That’s the other bit of bad news I had sir...it appears that a Galactic Federation vessel engaged our supply ship and followed them down to Aether’s surface. The supply ship was badly damaged and the munitions it was carrying are destroyed. Based on the planetary turbulence the Federation ship must have sustained heavy damage on it’s entrance through the atmosphere, but initial reconnaissance reports indicate that their squadron made it down safely nevertheless.”

    This day just kept getting better. The Commando sighed again.

    “Any sign of the indigenous race, the Luminoth, scouts?”

    A different lower-ranking pirate answered this question.

    “No sir. Based on the casualties we have sustained fighting the Ing and the indigenous creatures of both Light Aether and Dark Aether, our reports indicate that they must have been wiped out some time ago.”

    “Didn’t I hear that we had managed to bring back a few mostly intact specimens from our recent excursions to the planet wastelands?” said the Commando.

    “Yes, sir” said the scout Trooper. “Bring them in!” he yelled out, and a group of other Troopers brought in a pair of carcasses.

    “Sir, initial Science Team analysis indicates that these creatures were the following:

    And the other, more sinister-looking specimen...

    “Well, that is very interesting...” started the commander.

    “SIR! We have a report in that Samus’ Gunship has been spotted entering the atmosphere!”

    The entire Command Center was quiet for a moment, before the Commando announced:

    “Ladies and gentlmen, Space Pirates all, welcome to hell.” And walked out of the room slowly.

    The Troopers were grumbling something else, however.

    “Welcome to Aether I think he means, cause there ain’t no difference between the two.”

    Welcome to Metroid Prime 2 Mafia


    The Rules (open)
    1. Do not do anything to screw up the game, for all of our sakes. This is by far the most important rule, and requires you to exercise some common sense. This includes but is not limited to deadtalking to users/aliases not mentioned in your role PM, posting screenshots of any kind, c/ping your role PM during Night 0, impersonation of any kind, and other behavior that is generally not allowed in mafia games. You should all know the basic rules if you are in this game, so I am using this as a catch-all so I can get to the rules that are more pertinent to this specific game.

    2. Each user will have an alias based on the alias list below these rules. Every alias is used exactly once. The reason there are thirty-four aliases and only thirty players is that there are four aliases assigned to specific temples (see rule 3). All actions in this game target aliases, but apart from that this is not at all like a standard-issue anonymous game. For one, all votes will be posted in this thread, by the actual Smogon user. For two, there is no anonymous board at all--you will have to prove your alias via either the lynch system (see rule 4) or the anonymous messaging system (see rule 5).

    3. As (briefly) mentioned above, there are what I call “temples” in this game: the Agon, Torvus, Sanctuary, and Sky Temples. Each of these temples is assigned an alias. In short, your goal is either (depending on your win condition) to “unlock” or “protect” each individual temple. Each temple has a specific number of keys assigned to it that must all be used to unlock it. A key is considered an item, and you must be holding a key to use it or give it to someone else. If you believe you have found the alias of a temple, during the night and rather than submitting any other individual actions (you may still perform factional actions) OR during the day and rather than submitting any other individual actions or voting (you may still perform factional actions, if applicable), you may submit a PM titled “N/DX-Using the <Temple Name> Temple Key(s) #x, (#y), (#z), etc on <Aliasx>, <Aliasy>, <Aliasz>, etc”. You will use all the temple key(s) you specify on the temple(s) you specify (in other words, if you idle an action, you can use as many keys as you are holding and want to use). Passing a key (or any other item) to a temple will result in a failed pass. Additionally, you may steal from a temple to gain any keys that have been used on it, you may safeguard (or use other abilities that block thieves) a temple to block thieves, and you may choose to idle individual abilities and instead protect a temple by sending in a PM titled “N/DX-Protecting <Alias>”. When a temple is protected, no keys can be used on it. Thieves and safeguards will still work, however, though safeguards will not stop key usage. Additionally, if you send an anonymous message to a temple alias stating either “Are you a temple?” or “Are you the temple of <Temple Name>?”, the following day you will receive an answer from that alias of “Yes”. Beware, however, as other users can also send you a fake “Yes” in order to appear as a temple. All actions other than temple protections, safeguards, thieves, or key usage will fail should they target a temple.

    Finally, if you finish a temple (defined as the last person to use a key on a finished temple OR, if used concurrently, the user of the lowest numbered key) you will get a new ability, and you will open up the temple to the holders of the energy transfer modules. There are four energy transfer modules in the game (these are also items), and each one may only hold the energy for one temple. It will be announced publicly whenever a temple is restored, and the next night, rather than using any individual abilities, a holder of an energy transfer module may submit a PM titled “NX-Using Energy Transfer Module #x to capture the Temple of <Temple Name>”. Capturing the energy of a temple grants the holder of that transfer module a new ability. If two holders attempt to capture a temple’s energy, the lowest numbered module will receive it; however, if three or more holders attempt to capture a temple’s energy, the highest numbered module will receive it. I will tell you all that the rewards for both finishing a temple and for capturing it’s energy are significant, and are worth attempting to finish a temple for even if it is not mentioned in your win condition. Note that the temples will lock into their states at the end of Night 7, so any temples unrestored at that point will be permanently unrestored. This could result in the auto-loss of certain factions (as could all temples being restored), so fulfill your temple win conditions by the end of Night 7.

    4. Just like in Metroid Prime Mafia, there will be a three-votes lynch system in this game. Unlike in Metroid Prime, this will be the only stage to voting, and unlike in Metroid Prime, I will announce all the aliases that vote for each of the three top vote getters each day. Every user will have a “Lynch affects” segment of his or her PM detailing what will happen if he or she receives the first, second, or third most votes in any given lynch. Additionally, when posting a vote, please post three aliases in order and in bold, preferably in the below format:
    1. Vote Alias1
    2. Vote Alias2
    3. Vote Alias3
    Should <Alias1>, <Alias2>, and <Alias3> be the top three users voted for in this particular day, the alias of the user who voted for them will be displayed at the end of the day, along with the aliases of everyone else who voted for each of those two specific persons (the vote display is for each individual person, not for the three as a whole). Note that in the above format you will cast 3 votes for Alias1, 2 votes for Alias2, and 1 vote for Alias3 (assuming you do not have any role abilities affecting how many votes you have). However, (and I will only say this once, so pay careful attention) there are a variety of abilities in this game that affect who is shown as having voted for what alias during any given day, so do not take the displayed alias list at the conclusion of each day as being 100% accurate. If you change votes, both edit out the bold in the original vote AND make a new post reflecting your new vote.

    Finally, lynch affects can be either positive or negative, with one exception: the first lynch affect of every single role in the game is “Lynched”. In other words, the top vote-getter will always get lynched, bar use of day abilities or protections. Stealth lynches are legal, though I wish you the best of luck with them...you’ll need it.

    5. Every day and night, most roles may send exactly one anonymous message to another alias. These are most strategically used to either verify your alias to someone else or to locate temples (see rule 3). You may alter what anonymous message you would like to send as long as you do so before the end of any given day/night cycle, as I send anonymous messages as part of the turn results. Please send anonymous messages along with all other actions you may have for that turn, for the sake of my limited inbox size.

    6. Being killed is the end of the game unless you have another alias mentioned in your role PM, in which case you may talk to the person who that alias corresponds to and only the person that alias corresponds to.

    7. The game will start on Night 0. No abilities will be valid Night 0 except for anonymous messaging. Night 0 is primarily reserved for working on fake claims, and will be only 24 hours long. Day 1, all normal abilities become valid and the game will progress normally from there.

    8. There are items in this game (obviously). You may pass items to another user during any day or night by submitting a PM titled “N/DX-Sending <Item> to <Alias>”. Just like all other actions in this game, if you receive no notice of it failing, assume the action succeeded. Items are passed to killers on night deaths, and are passed to a specific person based on which faction cast the most votes for the lynched user if lynched.

    9. Conversions are not only possible but probable. Do not trust someone just because they were on your team three nights ago. If an alias is mentioned in your role PM, however, you may trust that alias.

    10. Activity is paramount. Because of the way the factions are set up, idling for even one cycle could screw your faction over. As such, consider this your warning: get your PMs in or I will sub you out. Also, be active on IRC or I may sub you out even if you manage to get PMs in on time. The official channel for this game is #aether. If you create a separate one, feel free to notify me, but note that I do not necessarily require you to share any channels or spreadsheets you create with me...though you are certainly welcome to!

    11. I am human and make mistakes. There will probably be grammatical errors in some of the role PMs, and I may make hosting mistakes. Please keep this in mind and try not to get unnecessarily angry if I do muck something up.

    12. Do not edit a post made during a half-cycle after the deadline for that half-cycle for any reason. You may (and are indeed required to) edit lynch votes during the day to which they correspond, but all other editing is banned, as is editing lynch votes after the conclusion of the day for which they were made.

    13. Do not ask about priorities.

    14. All factional abilities (kills, steals, and team abilities) work in the following manner: if exactly one member of the faction to which the ability corresponds sends in a PM to use it, it will be used. If more than one send in a PM, no one will use it successfully, though if the ability can only be used on a limited basis (for example, once every three nights), other users in the faction who have not yet attempted to use it may still try. Note that any individual user may not send in a PM to perform the action in question more than the limit (so in the above example, no user in the faction may send in a PM to perform the action more than once every three nights), and the ability will never be successful more often than the stated limit.

    15. I have provided roughly half of you with safe claims which contain win condition, team ability, and a safe role name to claim to a given faction. I will post all team abilities exactly as they appear in PMs in the OP, as well as the PM template I used to create all role PMs in this game. Outside of that, you are on your own in creating fake claims.

    16. Every single role in this game improves under certain conditions, and in almost all cases those conditions are not made explicit or are even hinted at in a user’s Role PM. If you seem to have gotten a bad role at the start, just give it some time...it might turn into a monster. No promises, though!

    17. If you want to fake a log, just PM me and I will help in any way I can. If you ever have a question about the rules, I highly encourage you to come and ask me yourself.

    18. There will be 30 players in this game.

    19. When a faction achieves its win condition, it leaves the game. When a second faction achieves its win condition, the game ends and anyone left loses.

    For fake claiming purposes...
    Role PM Template (open)
    Dear <Alias>, you are <Role Name>.

    <Flavor, generally between two and four sentences long>.

    <Action paragraph>.

    <Additional actions, powers, votes or protections if applicable>.

    Your lynch affects are: <First>, <Second>, <Third>.

    Your team ability is that <etc>.

    Your team’s steal is currently successful a maximum of twice every three nights. Your team’s kill is currently successful a maximum of once every three nights. For the kill, <flavor>. For the steal, <flavor>. (NOTE: Only applicable for the six main factions, though other factions have similar paragraphs, just different success rates for steals and kills).

    Your safe claim is <Role Name>, allied with <Faction>. The <Faction> win condition and team ability are as follows:
    -Win condition: <snip>.
    -Team ability: <snip>. (NOTE: Some roles do not have safe claims, in which case this paragraph is simply ommitted entirely. Safe claims include a role name, alliance, complete team ability, and complete win condition).

    You are holding the <snip>. (NOTE: Everyone begins the game with exactly one item).

    You are allied with <snip>. You win if a member of your faction is alive when the <snip>, <snip>, and <snip> factions are eliminated while <snip for temple condition>.

    For the purposes of fake claiming should one not have a safe claim, I have copied out exact team abilities below; note that most of these abilities will change under certain conditions, and only those who received a fake claim for that particular faction or are in the faction whose ability changed will be notified:

    Team Abilities (open)

    I am well aware that not all of these abilities are equal in power. I took ability strength into account when balancing the roles.

    Additionally, team kill and steal rates will change under certain conditions. Again, only those allied with the actual faction or those who were given a safe claim for the faction with changing rates will be notified.

    To avoid confusion as to what lynch affects do, I am going to list all possible lynch affects below. Remember that “lynched” is every single role’s first lynch affect.
    Lynch Affects (open)
    BPV: You gain protection from one night kill. This protection cannot be passed and is passive.
    LPV: You gain protection from one death by lynch. This protection cannot be passed and is passive.
    One-Time Hook (Day or Night): Once during the day or night, you may submit a PM titled “N/DX-OT Hooking <Alias>”. <Alias>’s actions that day or night (including voting if used during the day) will be stopped by a burst of pure energy. This will stop anonymous messaging or item passing.
    One-Time Steal: Once during the night, you may submit a PM titled “NX-OT Stealing from <Alias>”. <Alias> will be paralyzed from a jolt of pure energy, allowing you to take <Alias>’s items.
    One-Time Message: Once during the day or night, you may submit one additional anonymous message (so, if you can normally submit one anonymous message each day or night, you may submit two).
    One-Time Robot Vote: Once during the night, you may submit a PM titled “NX-Creating <Robot Name>”. That name will be added to the player list. At any later time during the day, you may submit a PM titled “DX-Having <Robot Name> vote for <Alias1>, <Alias2>, and <Alias3>”. Your robot will cast votes worth 3, 2, and 1 votes respectively for <Alias1>, <Alias2>, and <Alias3>.

    These may be accumulated from multiple lynches with the exception of BPV and LPV; those can be re-acquired if used up, but you can never get more than one of those at a time as a result of lynch affects.

    Hooked: You cannot perform actions the following night.
    Stolen: You will lose all items you are holding that day as if you had been lynched (and so your items will follow the standard and predetermined method of distributing items via lynch).
    Discounted: Your vote will not count in the next day’s lynch.

    The Wiki that almost all flavor for the Role PMs was derived from (this was purposeful...seriously, use the flavor from the Wiki in fakes) can be found here.

    Living Alias List (7):
    5. DeviousMax/The Agon Temple
    12. JMax/The Torvus Temple
    15./25. MegaloMax/Spiffy/Light Aether=>Dark Samus (Converted)/Caretaker Class Drone/BG+Thief Protect+Vote Discounter/Won Day 8
    20. QMax/The Sky Temple
    21./5. RMax/billymills/Dark Samus/Dark Samus/Disruptor/OT Alias Swap/OT Light Aether Convert/Won Day 8
    31./19. YMax/MK Ultra/Galactic Federation/Dark Missile Trooper/Thief Protect/Won Night 7
    32. ZMax/The Sanctuary Temple

    Living Player List (3):
    5./21. billymills/RMax/Dark Samus/Dark Samus/Disruptor/OT Alias Swap/OT Dark Aether Convert/Won Day 8
    19./31. MK Ultra/YMax/Galactic Federation/Dark Missile Trooper/Thief Protect/Won Night 7
    25./15. Spiffy/MegaloMax/Light Aether=>Dark Samus (Converted)/Caretaker Class Drone/BG+Thief Protect+Vote Discounter/Won Day 8

    Dead: (34)
    23./23. SopranoMax/RBG=>General Spoon/Luminoth/U-Mos/Lynch Deprioritizer/Prioritizer/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 1
    14./21. LMax/Paperblade/Ing/Dark Alpha Splinter/Forced Item Passer (Blind)/Annihilated Night 1
    4./12. CMax/Goldenknight/Galactic Federation/GFS Tyr/Key Check or Temple Key Counter/BG/Lynched Day 2/Won Night 7
    35. SpockMax (Joined N1)/Ran off Day 2
    24./22. TMax/Quagsires/Luminoth/A-Voq/2-man Key Thief/Key Check/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 2
    33./20. 00Max/Nachos/Space Pirates/Dark Pirate Commando/Key Thief/BG+Kill Ensure (1/2 on self)/Power Bombed Day 3
    28./13. WMax/HD/Light Aether/Ingsmasher/Lynch Deprioritizer/Hit by a Super Missile Night 3
    13./10. KMax/Ditto/Space Pirates/Pirate Commando/BG+Steal Reverse (1/2)/Blown to pieces Night 3
    25./11. ToTheMax/Flamestrike/Samus/Samus' Gunship/Full Inspect/Kill Ensure/Hook Protect/Trapped in a room of poisonous gas Night 3
    19./26. PMax/Steven Snype/Dark Aether/Grapple Guardian/Thief/Eliminated by an energy wave Night 3
    27./18. VMax/Midou/Ing/Jump Guardian/Full Inspect/Lynched Day 4
    36. KirkMax (Joined N3)/Ran off Day 4
    37. ScottyMax (Joined N3)/Ran off Day 4
    10./30. HMax/zorbees/Ing/Emperor Ing/Hit by a Super Missile Night 4
    3./7. BMax/Crux/Dark Samus/Dark Tallon Metroid/Full Inspect/Kill Ensure/Thief Protect/Lynched Day 5
    38. SuluMax (Joined Night 4)/Ran off Day 5
    16./16. MMax/LonelyNess=>vonFiedler/Light Aether/Alpha Sandigger/Key+WC+Lynch Affects Checker/Blown to pieces Night 5
    9./14. GMax/imperfectluck/Light Aether/Alpha Splinter/Thief Protect/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 5
    17./3. NMax/Altair=>ginganinja=>Goldenknight/Galactic Federation/Captain Ace Exeter/Kill Ensure/Bruised and obliterated Night 5/Won Night 7
    11./24. IMax/reyscarface=>RaRe555=>Quagsires/Luminoth/A-Kul/Kill Ensure/Vote Discount/Trapped in a room of poisonous gas Night 5
    22./2. SMax/Agape/Light Aether/Alpha Blogg/Key Thief/Electrocuted Night 5
    8./15. FMax/LightWolf/Dark Aether=>Samus (Converted)/Amorbis/Thief RoleBlock/Lynched Day 6
    39. UhuraMax (Joined Night 5)/Ran off Day 6
    1./6. AFKMax/Blue_Tornado/Dark Aether/Quadraxis/BG/SG/Temple Protect/Nothing but phazon residue was left behind Night 6
    30. XXXMax/28. Veedrock=>zorbees/Ing/Boost Guardian/3-Man Limited BG/Hit by a Super Missile Night 6
    34. 666Max/27. theangryscientist/Dark Aether/Spider Guardian/Kill Reverse/BPV/Non-Kill Reflector/Reduced to mush Night 6
    2./4. AMax/askaninjask/Space Pirates/Pirate Aerotrooper/Tracker+Inspect on target's targets/Blown to pieces Night 6
    40. ChekovMax (Joined Night 6)/Ran off Day 7
    29./8. XMax/Daenym=>kingofkongs=>Daenym/Dark Aether/Chyyka Larvae/Vote Ensurer/WC+Lynch Affects+Item Checker/Hit by a Super Missile Night 7
    26./1. UMax/Accent/Galactic Federation/Specialist Angseth/Total Faction Rogue (Day)/Bruised and obliterated Night 7/Won Night 7
    18./17. OMax/macle=>Nachos/Space Pirates/Pirate Grenadier/Safeguard on ally, Hook on enemy/Incinerated in a cleansing fire Night 7
    6./9. DMax/Da Letter El/Luminoth/I-Sha/WC+Lynch Affects Check+BG/Incinerated in a cleansing fire Night 7
    7./29. EMax/Yeti/Samus/Item Check/Persuade/OT Lynch Redirect/OT Dark Aether Convert/Lynched Day 8
    41. McCoyMax (Joined Night 7)/Broke down Day 8

    Day 1 Update
    Night 1 Update
    Day 2 Update
    Night 2 Update
    Day 3 Update
    Night 3 Update
    Day 4 Update
    Night 4 Update
    Day 5 Update
    Night 5 Update
    Day 6 Update
    Night 6 Update
    Day 7 Update
    Night 7 Update
    Day 8 Update
    Final Update
    Postgame Pt. 1
    Postgame Pt. 2

    It is now Night 0. Remember that only Anonymous messaging actions may be used this cycle. Deadline in 48 hours as of this post, or at 21:00 EST Saturday, December 17th.
  2. Crux

    Crux i want it...

    Sep 14, 2009
    um are those botchy hide tags deliberate
  3. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    Original aliases are original, especially the gmax one.
    gl all
  4. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    First expert game! :D
    Thank you hosts!
  5. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    All Role PMs should be out. Send me a PM if you are on the player list and didn't get anything.
  6. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    FYI, I will be busy until saturday (I haven't even had time to read the rules yet).
  7. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 2, 2009
    BG protect all claim i am [REDACTED]Max
  8. LonelyNess

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    Mar 23, 2007
  9. theangryscientist

    theangryscientist angry, not mad
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    Sep 27, 2008
    pretty sure that every instance of "affect" in the op needs to be changed to effect
  10. reyscarface

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    Dec 9, 2008
    the fuck this is more complicated than i thought

    shoulda read the rules before signing up smh
  11. Crux

    Crux i want it...

    Sep 14, 2009
  12. little gk

    little gk competitive oosos player
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    Mar 19, 2009
    gonna crush crux
  13. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    Just wanted to say that you may now use temple keys AND protect temples during the daytime, but if you do so you forfeit the right to vote that day or use day abilities (including anonymous messaging or item passing). Slight change from when I posted sign ups that I presume not many have caught in the meantime.
  14. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
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    Jul 26, 2008
    good thing that i checked the thread before complaining about getting gmax's pm
  15. Gmax

    Gmax kuahahahaha
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    Oct 29, 2006
    Crux is a woman, but this is a manly sight.
  16. Ditto

    Ditto /me huggles
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    Jun 11, 2007
    We're gonna need a sub for AFKMax is he is gonna be away this entire game.
  17. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    Samus, if you want to play it risky hit me up on IRC for a chat. You and my faction have compatible win conditions. We could organize an alias swap in n0 to get a headstart to other factions.
  18. Walrein

    Walrein #5
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Please send actions to both me AND UncleSam, as it makes it a lot easier to doublecheck actions.
  19. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jul 26, 2008
    Just saying even if that is true, your Temple objectives may differ. Unless you are Galatic Fed, then yeah go ahead Samus do it.
  20. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
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    Dec 29, 2008
    If Agape is asking for Samus to contact, I will ask for Dark Samus to contact.
  21. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 2, 2009
    Alright, it's time someone stepped forward. The game has aliases, and there's no reason to wait. I am a Space Pirate. I'd be happy to prove that I am a Pirate for anyone who feels they need proof. The faster we align, the better our chances are.

    Also, I am in contact with a member of Luminoth. If you are Luminoth, I can send you to this Luminoth member.
  22. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    To clarify: I am light aether
  23. HD


    Jun 29, 2008
    I am a harmless neutral.

    plz dont hurt me
  24. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    I am missing more actions than there are hours until deadline. And it's only six hours until deadline.

    ALL YOU DO IS SEND A MESSAGE TODAY SO SEND ME A FUCKING MESSAGE OR IDLING PM. If you do not you WILL be subbed out before Day 1.

    Oh and one more thing, since I haven't highlighted this yet and it is fairly important: absolutely no one is allowed to edit posts made during this game, ever, for any reason, with the lone exception of unbolding previous lynch votes. Do NOT alter any text, if you make a new lynch vote you MUST make a new post.

    This is fairly simple: If you are editing a previous post to do ANYTHING other than unbolding a lynch vote you no longer want to be counted, you are in violation of this rule. If you post multiple bold lynch votes, I will count the one you made first, so make sure to unbold...just don't try to hide who you were voting for in the first place or something retarded like that. Odds are I won't godkill you for breaking this rule since that would be unfair to others, but I may well forcibly sub you out.
  25. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
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    Aug 22, 2008
    I expect everyone is idling because they just can't pick an alias to send a message to, so here, use this!

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