For Lack of a Witty Title


To be done:
Magikarp vs. Ubers (and Inconsistents) for Iggdrasil
Smug Snivy for Tataki
Satan Clefairy for LevitatingLamprey

Hollywood Undead for Homeslice

The title says it all. Fatecrashers: Art Thread of Fate. Icepick: nICEPICKtures. Scepticallistic: Scepticallifragilisticexpealidocious. DougJustDoug: ArtJustArt. Energy Storm: ... ... ...Well. I suppose that one would come in due time.

With all those epic artists like Yilx and Fatecrashers running amok Smeargle's Studio, I guess my art is probably the NU of the artistic tier.

Nevermind that. Just got my tablet yesterday, and came up with some sketches to test it. Definitely not the best art around, so...don't get your hopes up.

Staraptor, the first bit of art I created.

Pikachu's Enlightenment

Even the mighty Gyarados stands no chance against the even mightier Clefairy

Forretress used Rapid Spin! Forretress blew away the pointed stones! Forretress blew away the spikes! It's super effective! Skarmory fainted.

Kingdra for Sever_Crash

Triple Battle

Random Sketch Time!

Voltorb and Electrode

WTF is Maggyo anyways?

Jirachi whips out his Scarf and Troll Face for another successful day of trolling.

Dragonite recalls his former glory days

Mamoswine for Persistence


Seed Bombin'

I like it a lot!

The background has good contrast and the shading style is very unique.
Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see more!
Anyway upload it to imageshack and link it that way, it should work if you do that, though I'm not quite sure. I believe smogon encodes all it's images in jpg because it saves bandwidth.
I really love your style, it's different from all the other artist here on Smogon. I especially like Clefairy and Gyarados and Forretress using Rapid Spin.
Oh, Sceptile was made by Fate (it's all in the siggy). He's one of those epic artists that makes me feel bad.

Persistence, I'll work on the Mamoswine after I get some Smog work done.