For Lack of a Witty Title

Porygon-Z for PurpleMush:



Ooops just saw the shiny. Recoloring in progress.

Here we go...




Keep moving forward
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Shade Porygon-Z and try really hard on it, then keep Gengar the same. Or better yet, make PZ look completely innocent and Gengar evil. Either would be even funnier.
Don't feel overshadowed by other artists. The difference between you and them is, you take a more realistic and serious end on pokemon, then add a humorous twist to it. I'd like to request a Charizard, Kabutops, Ulgamoth, and Lunatone all wearing Hollywood Undead Masks (Probably your biggest rq yet). Also, my friend wants to rq something, but doesn't have a smogon account and really doesn't need one, but he wants an Ononokusu.
Sorry about the humongous hiatus. My free trial on SAI expired and it took me months to figure out how to get it. >.>

Anyways, now the program somehow got messed up so it doesn't recognize brush pressure anymore. Sorry Homeslice, but um, you'll have to wait for your request a bit while I figure this out.

In the meantime, I whipped up this 5 minute random sketch.

Ever wonder how the million-year old Aakeosu got such an outrageous Speed and Attack stat? Use Move Free! (Side effects include a faint heart)
Ha Ha nice stuff man! Very humorour jokes mixed with simple but effective art.

Requesting a Hyper Beam Magikarp owning Ubers... untill the pokes with "that ability" showed up.

Oh, and a witty title, how about something along the lines of:

"Energy Stormed throughout the Art thread!"
UcanhazLuvdisc. I love your style, particularly Porygon-Z looking evil (the Pokedex hints at genuine disruptment and thoughts in P-Z,so hmmm...). I can't fault your art because it has such a unique style. Please keep it up, and can I request a Satan Clefairy??? Pleezz? ^_^
I feel so bad for taking a third of a year to get Homeslice's request up. It's not even good like most most of the other people's here.

Needless to say, I'm gonna shade like this from now on. :D


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Hey Energy Storm, I noticed you make sprites too^^ Could you make some of the sprites for my custom dex please? :-)

(You can find the link in my signature, I don't really have any preference among the bolded mons, any work from you would be very well accepted^^)
hi idk if i'm allowed to necro a thread this many times

but i'm back

Since I'm still bad at art I decided to draw Rotom because he's simple.

Here's some other stuff including non-Pokemon related art and an old CAP submission


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<3 <3 <3 luvdisc love this the whole world is fantastic~

Seriously, great artwork. I love your sharp angles and color choices. Keep up the excellent work =)