Fulgrate Art thread.

Alchemator: It's no problem! Thanks, I tried my best to make them look epic and proper.

Thanks, the Piera pic surprised me, as the amount of time I spent on it would, in the old method, still have me at the lineart stage, I didn't record the exact times though again. I was rather surprised at how far I got with how little stress was caused. I still have to work out the kinks with this new method though.


This method is really something, I can quickly translate something from my mind into an image, even a quick rough image is expressive and looks almost like what I had in my mind. Little is lost in translation.

An unfinished page from Act 3 of the webcomic.

The comic page above and this next piece were done using a nib that has a spring. The Piera image that is colored was done using a nib that feels like a real marker pen. The downside to the marker pen is that I have only 5 of those and a single day of use already wore 1 down to nothing. D: I also blame my strenght{I can hold two milk gallons in a single hand, with two fingers for each, and they weigh nothing, compared to hardly being able to carry a milk jug with a single hand without feeling some kind of pain after a prolonged grip, and being able to feel its weight then.} The spring nib hasn't shown any signs of wear at all, but it isn't as awesome as the marker nib. I see why other artists don't work out their arm muscles now, you really need to have an instrument of precision and lightness to be able to let those nibs last.

Also, compared to a DL image in the gallery that its in, inking with pressure sensitivity at the basics results in lineart that is done in 33% less time plus having the advantage of being more dynamic. The only drawback is the unrefined, non-smoothness of the lines! If using the marker nib, it can at least have lines that are almost smooth overall.

It looks like DL might not be retiring just yet. D: Unless I find more of those marker nibs.

EDIT: I have reached... ENLIGHTENMENT!!!

Is that not the smoothest lineart I've done so far or is that not the smoothest lineart I've done so far?
^^^^^ Nevermind, DL style is also boosted by this "friction nib", so now I have no idea which is the better of the styles!

Anyways, a nearly finished page from chapter 3, and the title page, which I think I might have to redo, looks too empty, I thought the black background would have been a good effect, but maybe not.

I took advantage of the friction nibs stabilization, and used a very different method of "inking". Took about 10 minutes to make this:

Her name is Plurain, she is the "princess" the ninja person is always guarding. The nins name is Shinoob{his short-lived super hero name anyway.}

This method is definately the fastest, yet, its so different from the others, it doesn't really feel like I've drawn at all after I finish, which is weird.

I guess I might for for that method for somethings, while in others, I'll go with the normal styles.
I re-inked the bug pic using a different method. How does it compare to the last version of it?

Which do you like better? Just look how smooth the lineart is! :noidea: :thumbsup:

Now, if only I had such a breakthrough with coloring.
Saeglopur: Thanks, I have an illustrator class at school and it teaches really fast! It's great! From what I learned there in the past weeks I practiced a lot over this weekend and was able to draw that art.^^^ Now I see why some people say it is good for comic art, I didn't believe it because it felt so weird drawing in it back when I didn't know how to use it at all.

Here is page 1 of the new chapter which was done in the old way {Where I was using photoshop}. {This might have taken 2-3 hours, I'm not too sure.}


Here's page 2, done in illustrator, sorta quickly {About an hour or two.}
Ahh I don't know how to use illustrator, but it seemed like drawing smooth lines was easier for sure, I can definitely see the difference in your old style and new style. The new style is so smooth and crisp :) keep it up!
How did this page turn out? It took around an hour to ink.{I finally get to this page! Took a while! I think I posted the sketch of it like in November/December!?}

It's for the webcomic, its not to be out until the 5th! I'm starting to get the hang of this new art method. Page 3 and 4 were kind of odd since I made them without a sketch under it, but page 5 did and it turned out pretty good. I gotta start using sketches more often.
Here are pre-sketches of pages 6 to 17.

On that last page, the firebird's fireball fired into the sky when the tiger stopped her, which is why their are flying animals raining from it.

And this is page 5 with more work done on it. I already posted this on the webcomic.
It wasn't line art I was praciticing for this time, it was hues!

Used DL style at an inaccurate range for the speed, as my main target was to try to get shading done! How was it?

Piera, using a a new method of drawing, I used my arm up to the elbow to make long, instant strokes instead of my wrists like I usually do.

Gofero, in false 3rd stage form. Does it look like his normal arms are crossed? Also, he grows a second pair of arms due to the fact that his normal reach would be inside his hitbox, which is ridiculous.

Here are some notes explaining that game I was talking about 2 years ago when I was the user Primal{Or was it PrimalX?} For example, their is level destruction in this game, it is multiplayer, luckily, lag will not be an issue due to it being a hybrid of two genres, which is just a coincidence rather than trying to design towards being lag free.{Since level destruction makes lag in anykind of action game.}


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Hide tags maybe? I really need to start at the beginning of this comic series so I understand what the heck is going on...
I have to say I reeeeally like that bristle brush shading from earlier, it gives the shading a really nice feeling, but on the uncoloured recent comics the lineart seems kinda uneven; maybe spending a bit more time to refine it would be good?
Okay, I have returned to shading pages! Thanks for the feedbacks! D:

Here are some notes on these guys.


Yeah, that's right, they fly standing straight, arms behind back, legs straight, feet together. That's the proper gentleman-y way to fly. D: Flying face first like a bird is what savages do according to them.

And yes, thats the secretary firing beams from her nostrils.

BLEACH fan manga.

The art is rough because I'm strapped for time. :{

Does anybody read Shonen Jump Alpha? www.sjalpha.com

It's Shonen Jumps english release of their latest manga now. So Bleach is already at the Blood War Arc, and the new villains are really awesome!

I've been reading the past several issues of Bleach every few days and somehow ended up drawing this fan manga. :} The story is just that good! It makes you wonder whats gonna happen next or who's gonna pop up!

Also, Grimmjow in Segunda Etupa form.