Futurama Mafia - GAME OVER!: New New York Wins!

I have to say that I do not see the logic to Ullar's point at all. You decided to claim N0, with a claim of village aligned persuader, which is a pointless role anyway, and because you claimed feel that darkpenguin must be mafia? That makes no sense. Now maybe I'm missing something, but your entire story makes no sense.

I would also like to echo Walrein in that just because Cereza is an announcer in no way proves that he is a village announcer. Mafia announcers have been somewhat common from what I've seen, and would not take that as Cereza being clean. I still feel that darkpenguin is a safer bet to lead thusfar, but I could be persuaded otherwise.
How did this turn into thinking so hard? We are village.
During day we kill someone we don't like and pray they are mafia.
I have watched countless games of mafia and I know that the mafia ALWAYS want the village to ignore their day kill 9 times out of 10. Sometimes you just have to rand and pray.
I hastily point out macle's post.

I also emphasizedly point out the passing of reins to cereza after asking for claims n0.

I ponderingly wonder if they are scumbuddies.


EDIT: I somewhat reluctantly tell that I am Amy Wong. I currently figure that my role is public as is, so no harm in currently posting that imo.
Sorry for the double post, but my partner has still not yet replied to my PM and hasn't even been online since before the game started. I am demanding a sub. (For him, not me).
So, I heard I got subbed in.

If you spoke to my previous identity(Aka, who I subbed in for), speak to me. Clueless kirby is clueless.

Though I will say, since I have no clue what's going on, No lynch sounds fine to me... though I would like to lynch a mafia, with no suspects, not worth the risk, I guess...

Also, should an inspector be somewhere, do not reveal yourself in public. Just sayin', don't want a moment of inspector being D1 lynch redirected.


Mafia Champion
well every time I get on, the room is empty :(
That's strange, what irc program are you using? If you are using mibbit, you need to change the server from the mibbit server to the synirc server. There's is a good tutorial here if you need help. Feel free to vm/pm me or TalkingLion if you need more help.

Edit: f tl ninja'd me :(
why does macle seemingly get kidnapped or silenced every night hes in a mafia game o_o

cereza avatar creeps me the fuck out man so im not claiming to her yet, guess im not a team player

No Lynch for now
All right, allow me to begin this post by saying I am Dubby's twin. You probably knew that from his post of obvious-ness, but whatever. Through my inactive former player, I still don't know what's truly going on from simply a lack of info. However, I'm offering up a simple proposal. macle, Walrein, Ullar, and the others are right. Just because Penguin and Cereza have both stepped up to lead doesn't mean they're clean unless we get word of them being so. Watcher is a somewhat used role but usually village, announcer could be anything. I've seen mafia announcers, though I've also seen village post restrictors, so can't really say a lot.

However, what I'm proposing is that, just like done in Heroic Characters, myself, Penguin, and Cereza all work together on leading this village. I will accept inspection on myself or Dubby, as one clean would mean the other is. Whoever you inspected, I'd like you to contact that person(Assuming they aren't scum). We need to start working together, obviously. If they're scummy, let someone you trust know so we can get the ball rollin'. We can work together, my fellow(hopefully) villagers, Penguin, Cereza, obviously, with three public leaders, confirmed hopefully you two are(Still a bit worried on mafia announcer, and watcher could be a fake claim... might want to speak what results you obtained to see if it's true), we can easily work out an agreement. Obviously, more confirmed leaders, the more stability that we can have in the village, which means the easier we can find mafia. Obviously, I've played in a few games, and know general-ish on how to discern fake role PM's. If either of you two think a role PM looks fishy, let me know and I can look over it, let you know on errors. I've looked over Cereza's, nothing sticks out, but someone might have simply made her a fake. Doubt that, since from previous experience(No offense), Cereza's never really been active enough to do anything like that, and with how many times she's been mafia, I'd think they might've put her on village... but I dunno. My paranoia kinda keeps me looking on both sides on just about everyone.

Nonetheless, I say that we do not hit majority on No Lynch. If myself, Penguin, or Cereza learns of any mafia signs, please do post them, as I know I will be doing so. We need to start striking down mafia ASAP. No lynching day 1 isn't terrible, but it's not good to be lagging ever so slightly behind mafia. Just like in Pokemon VGC, we gotta keep momentum in our favor.
hmm... okay I'm convinced.
No Lynch
But forgive me lkk if I don't trust you at face value. You might be a neutral.
(p.s. also I nominated you for the smog awards best mafia player)
Yet another member of the peanut gallery supports a No Lynch, if only to help hedge the village against a stealth by the mafia and a few gullible villagers.