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Sleep Talk Gengar (Choice Scarf)

Hello Smogon, and welcome to my first post. Here's my first gift to the BW2 Metagame: yet another Breloom counter, Sleep Talk Gengar. After using this set in the OU Tier to great effect, I have decided that it was OU Analysis worthy. This set was designed by the Databases' Hex, who is also this sites Mismagius. Now, I am aware that Sleep Talk Gengar is by no means new or revolutionary to BW2, but I do feel that it needs limelight in the current Metagame do to the omnipresent Breloom and it's truly "Over Used" 100% Accuracy Sleep move, Spore. With Gengar's Typing and Ability (Immunities), above average Speed and Special Attack, it is commonly easy to fit into any team. So, thus, I present you with Sleep Talk Gengar.

Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type with the Ability Levitate that sports 65/130/110 Offensive Stats. His multiple Immunities to Fighting type moves, Normal type moves, Ground type moves, being Poisoned (Toxic/Poison Powder), Toxic Spikes/Spikes (2/3 of Entry Hazards), and Sleep (with this set) makes Gengar an ideal Special Sweeper/Glass Cannon with so many (almost TOO many lol) opportunities to safely switch in. With an outstanding Special Attack to abuse with Base 110 Speed that rivals the Lati twins, Gengar can easily score KOes on Frail Sweepers and unprepared Pokemon alike. Possessing a wide Movepool consisting of Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt/Thunder, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Dark Pulse, and the HP (Fire/Ice/Ground) of course, Gengar has the tools it needs to score coverage against every Pokemon in the tier for Neutral if not Super Effective damage. He also outspeeds the majority of the tier, being rivaled only by the Lati Twins, and outsped by Starmie, Dugtrio, Alakazam, and Jolteon, of which he can patch up with a Choice Scarf. Make room for Sleep Talk among it's STAB attack (Shadow Ball) and options for coverage, and the Shadow Pokemon now has even more opurtunities to do it's damage.

Name: Sleep Talk
Move 1: Shadow Ball
Move 2: Focus Blast
Move 3: Hidden Power Fire/Ice
Move 4: Sleep Talk
Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Hardy/Timid
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

[Set Comments]

In an OU Metagame infested with contagious mushroom Pokemon such as Breloom and the less common Amoonguss, Spores are passed around like a disease. However, Sleep Talk Gengar with a Choice Scarf actually enjoys the Sleep, which actually allows it to attack with more than one Move for 2 turns while abusing the Speed augment from the Scarf. Shadow Ball is the Shadow Pokemon's best STAB Attack, scoring coverage against Ghost and Psychic type such as the dreaded Latios/Latias. Hidden Power Fire makes it easier for Gengar to punch holes in Pokemon who Resist or take Neutral damage from Shadow Ball/Focus Blast such as Metagross and Scizor. For the final option of Gengar's Offensive Moves, Focus Blast should be used as the Ghost/Fighting Coverage scores Super Effective or Neutral damage to every Pokemon in the game, while also removing Pokemon who Resist/Immune to Shadow Ball and HP Fire/Ice (*cough *cough Heatran). Sleep Talk, of course, is the crux of this set, enabling Gengar to absorb Sleep-inducing Moves such as Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, and especially Spore.

[Additonal Comments]

The given EV spread maximized Gengars potential as a Sweeper/Glass Cannon, allowing it to outspeed Neutral Speed Latios/Latias, Starmie, and Dugtrio and KO Frail Sweepers and Pokes with uninvested SDef. such as Breloom and Ferrothorn. An alternate EV Spread involving Hardy Nature instead of Timid will certainly grant it better damage output at the cost of conviently high Speed; this, however, is not much of a problem due to the Speed boost provided by the Choice Scarf.

[Other Options]

The Ghost/Fighting combination in Attacks provide the Shadow Pokemon with great coverage, hitting every Pokemon in the game for Neutral if not Super Effective damage (as stated above). However, if the 70% Accuracy of Focus Blast strikes you as unappealing, it can always be substituted Hidden Power Fighting, although sacrificing the option for HP for coverage. HP Fire/Ice can always be replaced for Thunderbolt to hit the OU tier's Bulky Waters such as Politoed, Tentacruel, CM Keldeo and etc., but isn't suggested as HP Fighting's weak Base 70 Power isn't even capable of a 0HKO against an uninvested Tyranitar (Sand not taken into factor). Although defeating the specific purpose of this set, Sleep Talk can always be replaced Trick screw over Walls and Set Up Sweepers such as Gastrodon and Dragonite.

[Checks and Counters]

Sleep Talk Gengar is hard to check due to it's great Movepool that is capable of punching holes into any Pokemon, un- or invested. The Shadow Pokemon's main drawbacks reside in the Choice Scarf's side effect, which is locking him into one specific move. Thus, he is extremely open to decisive Switch-Ins that either are Immune or Resist Gengar's predictable Attacks, and can force him out to take Stealth Rock damage upon next switch in. This can somewhat be remedied when Asleep, as Gengar can avoid the Scarf's Move Lock with Sleep Talk. But Sleep Talk itself is an unreliable, as Gengar can wake up in at least 3 Turns, although an experienced player should switch Gengar out after 2 Turns of Sleep. As for Counters, any Pokemon with decent power that is capable of outspeeding Gengar means a KOed Gengar, especially Scarf/Agility Jolteon and Scarf Starmie. Luck itself plays a factor into whether a Positive Natured Scarf Latios/Latias or itself can outspeed him; it is not suggested to rely on winning the Speed Tie: switch if you are sure Latios/Latias or opposing Gengar are equipped with Choice Scarfs.


Overall, Choice Scarf Gengar with Sleep Talk is an excellent Scarfer/Sweeper/Glass Cannon is the player can avoid it's drawbacks. It's Anti-metagame potential in checking Breloom is a must have on any BW2 Team, and with multiple Immunities and only one Hazard hitting it, the Shadow Pokemon can easily fit into your own.

*User Mismagius shared this set with me, credit to him (although I am sure it has been used before).


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Pretty sure this is not a revamp, just a new set. And that's just a new move on Choice Scarf. Not sure if it's there already, and you can campaign to put it if you want, but this is all, uhhh...yeah.

Conclusion=probably shouldn't exist either. ( I mean the section conclusion).

Anyhow, this isn't really a separate set. It has the same Ev spread as the Scarf set, most of the same moves, and the same nature... well, technically Hardy is slashed first, but you write like Timid is the first option. If Hardy is NOT the first option it should be slashed second, BTW.

Come to think of it I couldn't find Gengar in this gen except for a locked Gengar v2 by atomos.

Actually I found the 3 attacks set and the rest seems to be in the official analysis, not sure how current it is though.


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Please refer to these guidelines so this analysis is elegible for the QC process. You may refer to other threads with the (Quality Control) tag if you need help as far as for sitting and presentation is concerned. If you are just doing this for a single set, you only need the Set Comments and the Additional Comments, with bullet points under each.

Additionally, I'm leaning towards outright rejecting the set for numerous reasons; however, I'm on mobile, so my typing is limited.
ac / oo mention is all that's needed etc. because otherwise it's completely unviable and massive setup fodder


don't let this discourage you from participating in c&c in the future!
pm me if you want help in getting a thread made and passed through qc & gp.



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Pretty much the same reasons as bri


Also assuming you meant Hasty Nature on Gengar instead of Hardy which does nothing really to help it


o.k maybe you actually did mean Hardy?