Gengar (Ubers Analysis) [Skeleton] QC: 0/3


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QC Rejected 1/3

We all agreed that Gengar is shit and it's not worth it, especially with Genesect out which does like 90% of what Gengar does but better. It's also ridiculously weak.....

I never approved Gengar earlier, it just sucks. Even non-Shadow Tag Chandelure does better than Gengar due to the power difference and STAB Overheat. Base 130 SpA is acceptable but Shadow Ball as your strongest usable STAB is shit. Gengar is fast but not fast enough without Choice Scarf, you don't even out speed most Arceus forms. Without a power-boosting item, Gengar is piss weak. I don't even know what you can revenge kill reliably when you are so damn frail and even Mewtwo survives your Shadow Ball.

Can another QC member just reject this? Gengar sucks in Ubers. At least Hydreigon has a U-turn niche, OK bulk, is immune to Psytrike and Wobbuffet and has a moderately powerful Draco Meteor which can actually OHKO things like Giratina-O, Palkia and friends.

Gengar's Shadow Ball does not come close to KOing Giratina-O who in return kills you with Shadow Sneak. You can't even revenge Mewtwo which is embarassing.