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Going on an Adventure

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Chaoswalker, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Phadunk


    Dec 18, 2007
    I feel like I'm looking at the same team over and over again lol.
  2. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    Dragonite, Espeon, and Typhlosion are popular. I also noticed that they were showing up a lot. You gotta love the choice of Hypno though.

    EDIT: Here's Ign's top 100 Pokemon list. (made by popular vote.) If it's on the list, it's likely to show up on a team here.
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    100. Ghastly
    88. Electivire
    51. Torterra
  3. Phadunk


    Dec 18, 2007
    Ill work on my top 6 later. What I've noticed is because I'm old school (gamer since 96) I like to keep my pokes from the first two gens..since I feel it would be more "realistic" that way. Those are the true Pokemon in my eyes.

    Although. I can see myself having a team of 4 from those generations..and through the journey to other places..run into friendly pokemon (1 or 2) that I grow attached too.

    I do agree..it is hard to pick pokemon you just don't like or aren't used to. Repeats in posts make total sense. Hell..I love some of them also lol
  4. Shiruba


    Mar 1, 2013
    i see aggron, weavile, and empoleon getting a good amount of love, too. i approve - they're all awesome. empoleon was actually my first level 100.
  5. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    I know what you mean. Flygon, Empoleon, Crobat, and Mawile are my only true favorites, and the last spots I filled in for the sake of this topic. When I get X/Y I'll probably leave room for discovery.
    (Still not sure why I like Mawile... I've never even had one on my party in game before.)
  6. PoJ


    Jun 11, 2010



    Metagross is probably my favorite Pokemon (not including legendary Pokemon), and I think I share that opinion with many other people. It's very powerful and has great defensive capabilities, and to top it all off, it has more intelligence than a super computer.

    Metagross first caught my attention way back when I saw it for the first time. It was being used by Steven and I thought it was really cool. Then when I started competitive battling with DPP OU, it was instantly one of my favorite Pokemon to use. It was my favorite lead because it was very reliable and powerful. Metagross would be the leader of the team, my trump card and the team powerhouse.


    Starmie, where do I start. Well, first, I think it has a very cool design. It's simple, yet unique and elegant. And who doesn't like a fast and strong water-type? It also has a great movepool.

    I've loved Starmie for a very long time. Misty was my favorite anime character from Pokemon, and I was always looking forward to seeing her Starmie in action. Unfortunately, it seemed to me that Misty preferred her Staryu or Poliwhirl, and she left Starmie at the Cerulean gym. Oh well! I also used Starmie a lot when I played DPP OU. It complimented Metagross nicely, the two were a great lead combination. Starmie is useful for water travel and is all around a great Pokemon to have around.


    Houndoom and Houndour are my favorite fire-types (again, bar legendary Pokemon). It's a very tough decision between Vulpix and Ninetales and these guys but I think they're cooler. Houndoom looks wicked, even more so when he's breathing fire. It has a large special attack stat, good speed and also good attack, so it makes for a great offensive Pokemon. Its dual typing is unique and gives it great coverage with just its STAB moves.

    I don't have much too say about Houndoom because I've only recently taken a liking to it. I realized how awesome it was only after going on over to Serebii's pokedex and taking a look at the fire-types. I noticed how few there were, and how even fewer of them actually appealed to me. Houndoom was one of the fewer and it rightfully belongs on my team. Houndoom's keen senses and dark typing would be useful during the night, and having a fire-type is always useful during cold weather.


    This bird is awesome. It's the only generic Normal/Flying that I like. Sorry, Swellow. It's powerful, fast and looks cool. It really gave me high hopes for Gen. V's Normal/Flying bird. Sigh. Staraptor did a great job at introducing new moves to us, most notably being Brave Bird and Close Combat.

    I was excited for Gen. IV, and I still remember the team I used to play through Diamond. Startaptor was on that team, and man it was awesome. It really stuck out from my other team members, even from Empoleon who was also awesome. Staraptor balances out the team nicely and can get the team where it needs to go. It is definitely my Flying-type of choice (aside from any legends) and that's why it's listed here.


    And finally, Gengar. Gengar is the original ghost, and also my favorite ghost (tough call between it and Chandelure, one of the few Unova Pokemon that I really like!). It is fast and very powerful, with a nice movepool. It also looks pretty cool and has a unique typing. I would never have expected the first Ghost-type line to be dual type.

    I've always been a fan of Gengar. From the anime to the games, I always thought he was awesome. It has a mischievous spirit, something that would surely help get the team spirit up, should it ever be down!


    So that would be my team. It's not a full team of six because there aren't really any other Pokemon that I really like, aside from legendary Pokemon, of course. That would be rather unrealistic. :p
  7. Bearded Dragonite

    Bearded Dragonite

    Feb 9, 2013
    I'm on my phone & can't sleep, so i'll edit sprites in tomorrow.
    Anyways, my 6 would be...


    Shocker, I know! Cheesy as it sounds, I have loved dragons for most of my life. So, being a Pokémaniac since Gen 1, the OD of the OG would be the best fit.
    He would be the Dratini I spent my childhood raising from an Egg, eventually evolving into a creature which resembles me as a result of our bond...


    My other Gen 1 favourite, since what young boy doesn't think ghosts are cool?!
    The first night I saw a smoke machine, I imagined the mist taking the form of a Gastly and becoming my companion, so I would probably encounter him on a foggy evening. He'd be the the pokémon I turn to when I felt a bit mischievous, or downright malicious.


    Currently my favourite Fighting-type due to its unique typing & movepool, as well as its self-sufficiency achieved via Drain Punch.
    Now, upon first glance, Scrafty didn't interest me in the slightest, and never did until I observed its movepool more closely. As a result, I imagine I'd be stalked by one for quite a while until her tenacity eventually won me over. (Probably after she took down a pesky Ferrothorn, or something :P)


    Milotic, along with Shedinja, was one of the more fascinating pokémon of Gen 3 (probably due to the trouble I went through to get her). Her calming nature & appearance would help relax myself & the team during our most stressful moments.
    Here, I just imagine I'd fish her up randomly (or you could call it Karma)


    My very first non-Gyarados shiny, caught in my now-gone Silver file (Rest in peace, Horny!). Just like in the game, this would be my first glimpse of a shiny pokémon, and I would catch him hurriedly. I imagine him often challenging Scrafty to random brawls & contests of strength due to their "macho" designs - A rivalry which leads to an unbreakable friendship.


    Lugia has always been one of my favourite Legendaries. I always admired his style, y'dig?
    Anyways, I would first see this majestic beast flying overhead near the beginning of my journey, which would lead to a sort of fated meeting when I'd fully matured as a Trainer. Whilst exploring the darkest ocean caves, I would approach him, and he would test my worth (that old chesnut), before joining me on the final stages of my quest.
    Plus, Dragonite would be relieved that he no longer had to fulfill all of our Flying duties!
  8. inanimate blob

    inanimate blob

    May 31, 2011
    Well, I should do this too, for posterity's sake.


    Swampert (open)

    Swampert has been my starter, will be my starter, and will always stay my starter. There is no other place for him than by my side. He's never left my party, and will always be called upon for any major battle we need. Swampert, it's been ten long years and I still use you to this day. Also my Surfer.

    Walrein (open)

    She has been on my side since Lilycove, where I rescued her from a vicious member of Team Aqua who was abusing her. She evolved quickly, and grew to disrespect me.

    However, she came back to my side after I saved her from a rampaging Salamence (well, Swampert did). She came back, and has been a powerhouse with Blizzard ever since. Also my Waterfaller.

    Drifblim (open)

    People have always called me a bit untraditional for using a Drifblim. He's a rough flier, he is a little spooky and yet...he has always had a place in my heart. He likes to just float with the wind, which can be helpful for the long-ranging advantures we like to take. But don't think otherwise, he can be a powerful brute when he needs to be.

    Snorlax (open)

    Snorlax was an odd capture. He was stealing food from people as a Munchlax, and was about to get deported to another region to prevent him. I was touched by this little guy's crying in his cell, so, with Drifblim's spooky help, broke him out. He immediately became disrespectful, and decided that I was not worth the trouble I was putting him through.

    Over time, though, he grew to like and respect me. We kind of depend on each other by now. He even evolved into a Snorlax! Which was a big step, but he still kinda sleeps all the time.

    Leavanny (open)

    I found him floating down a river, nearly drowning - Swampert helped me fish him out, along with a little assistance from Snorlax holding back a nearby crowd. We bonded quickly, and he became my "shoulder Pokemon." He still spends most of the time outside of his Pokeball, even though he's a Leavanny now.

    He has tried to fight in a couple gym battles - but didn't really shine until he mastered X-Scissor and Leaf Blade, which didn't come naturally to him, spending so much time as a Sewaddle. He still mostly depends on Special moves like Energy Ball and Air Slash.

    Scrafty (open)

    And, at last, the rebel in the midst - Scrafty. Sewaddle and I found Scrafty as a Scraggy leading a band of thieves in Castelia City - but his biggest crime was stealing the town's Gym Badges from Burgh! We cornered him, and I allowed Swampert to intimidate him into giving us the badges back. After we beat Burgh, we left the city, only to find the Scraggy had followed us! I captured him, and he became a staple on my team immediately. He proceeded to solo the next few gyms, and suddenly, I had an issue - Scrafty thought he was better than me! It took a long time and another entire loop of the Unova region for Scrafty to start listening again - along with a period of time at home with my reserves. But, Scrafty came back and has been important to me ever since!

  9. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    Aww... how cute. :3

    I can't stop editing my post... added movesets... dare I do natures?
  10. Vashimus


    Feb 26, 2013

    Sure, she gets a lot of crap from the fanbase for being an ugly Pokemon or whatever, but Jynx is by far my favorite Pokemon of all time. I always preferred using Jynx over Alakazam as my Psychic in the Kanto games; although she has less speed and special attack, Ice STAB and Lovely Kiss set her apart (plus I don’t have to trade to evolve). And, much like Alakazam, she absolutely destroyed everything. The boosted XP meant “Zynx” surpassed my Venusaur in power and quickly became the strongest member of the team, plowing through Erica, Koga, Bruno, Agatha, Lance, and the Champion himself, plus she was pretty strong in GSC as well (sorry HGSS, I miss my special Ice Punch). With Jynx’s great special attack and speed, I decided I wanted to EV train one in my HeartGold. So while I was breeding for a good nature, after the first 10 eggs or so, lo and behold… Shiva, the shiny Smoochum was born. Quirky nature, but at that point I really didn’t care and EV trained it anyway. My first shiny ever, my fav poke ever, one of the most powerful team members I've ever had, weird design that appeals to me, she would without a doubt be my starter. My Ash's Pikachu.


    First legendary I've have ever encountered, and probably the same for a lot of people. Zapdos hits like a truck, and has good bulk and speed to take advantage of it. I ALWAYS try to catch this thing in the Kanto games, sometimes even using my Master Ball if I don't feel like wasting time (yeah, screw you Mewtwo, I don't save it for you), just so I can have this on the team. Zeus and Zynx became a powerful offensive force when they’re teamed together. I get a powerhouse and flyer out of it. I'd only use Zeus when absolutely necessary, as it has a tendency to be reckless and refuse orders, but it's power is tremendous.


    ANOTHER Gengar? Ya damn right. It's freaking Gengar. It's fast, powerful, and extremely useful. His design and personaility just draws everyone to him. Everybody has an sisnister side inside of them, so how can you not like this little guy? People have already discussed why he's awesome a billion times, nothing more needs to be said! Grim is quite the prankster, which makes it hard for him to take battles seriously, but when he does, his true potential unlocks.


    Sharpedo was one of the first Pokes I've EV'd trained properly. It's just an awesome Pokemon, in design and in battle. I mean holy crap, a torpedo mixed with a SHARK? Who comes up with this stuff? Could you imagine speed-surfing on top of this thing? It's like you own personal little jetski ... with jaws! Speaking of speed, Speed Boost finally gave this little guy a new lease on life, and it's always satisfying to sweep with him. Jabbers would be my main surfing dude, and go-to man if presented with fast, frail threats.


    Wobbuffet has always appealed to me because he's so darn fun to use in battle. It takes a little bit of skill to use him, but Wobbuffet has brought me great success in OU and especially Ubers, where he can easily take out Kyogre for me to win the weather war. Captain can be counted on to take hits for the team and retaliate back twice as hard, and would be incredibly useful for taking down a bigger threat.


    Without a doubt, my favorite Poke from Gen 5. Such a sleek and sexy design, and on top that, she's a real powerhouse as well! Everyone needs a cute mon on their team, Mienshao (Juri) just comes in kicking. She would spend a lot of her time out of her Pokeball due to her small size.
  11. Bunselpower


    Oct 9, 2010
    Well, here we go.

    Wartortle: My man since 1st gen. Don't ask me why, I can't tell you, but it is my favorite poke of all time. I just like the idea, and I love the execution. The design is not overdone, but has more originality than Squirtle. Without a doubt would be out of his pokeball all of the time, and would not evolve into Blastoise.

    Umbreon: Tough. Just a behemoth defensively. Just went through Platinum with one, and it never needed a potion in the Elite Four thanks to its bulk. Love the design, and can only imagine how awesome it would be at night to only see those rings.

    Honchkrow: Cannot think of a more badass design. A true 20's gangster. I always imagined letting Honchkrow out of its pokeball at night and letting it go out and lead a troupe of Murkrow around pulling off organized crime.

    Weavile: Loved Sneasel, I really liked the execution of Weavile's design. Just seemed to be one of the fiercest pokes out there.

    Empoleon: Dude can slice icebergs with his wings. Pretty much surfin' wherever I want to.

    Had trouble with the last one. So many I want in there. Between Gardevoir, Walrein, Ampharos, Gliscor, Heatran, and one of the pixies. I'll leave Heatran out, even though I do like its design a lot.

    Ampharos: Knew it was in the lighthouse, didn't know what it was or how to get it. I love the design, the uniqueness of a slow electric type, the great play on words for its name, and the fact that it hits like a truck.
  12. Yveltal


    Jan 11, 2013
    I'd wanna go with:

    Venusaur: Not because I think I need a traditional starter in a party, or because I'm a Grass-type fanatic, or because of nostalgiafag reasons, nope none of that. Bulbasaur's evolutionary line will always have a special place in my heart for making the fights against Team Rocket virtually painless. an immunity to Toxic and good defenses means it never faints while fighting off grunts, and its powerful Grass techniques made every fight against Giovanni feel like nothing. For saving the world or just adventuring, having a Venusaur has always been like playing the game on easy mode.

    Sharpedo: I caught one of these in White, because I didn't give them a chance back when I was playing Ruby. Now I know that Sharpedo is the world's greatest HM slave, and can perfectly fend for itself in-game with Dive and Strength alone. It's brutal, it's an effective fighter, and it's kinda sexy. I love having the ability to imagine sitting on top of a giant shark head navigating through all the rivers in Unova just for the sake of getting sidetracked with exploring. The one I'm raising also feels like the first member of two highly loyal butlers who bend over backwards for their trainer.

    Golurk: My second "butler", Golurk quickly became a favorite of mine after I found and caught very high-level Golett in Dragonspiral tower that was only 30 minutes away from evolving. Golurk, to me, has this air of a stoic protector, and its wide range of useful coverage options (like Fly, yay for flying on magic) makes fights with other trainers very exciting.

    Porygon: Because I'm in school for 3D animation, I'm usually completing school projects by animating highly rudamentary figures. I chose Porygon instead of one of it's evolved forms, because if I'm in a rush to build a stand-in figure to use for an excercise, it's normally a boxy frame of an animal/human with no regard for subdivision, or any attention given to how pleasing the created model might seem to the eye, much like Porygon. It's like an artistic reminder that I can always go back and make something look even better if I take the time to fix it up nicely, so that the boxy human I made transforms itself into less-boxy-human with an hour of work put in to the look.

    Ambipom: Ambipom is a barrel of fun all on its own, terribad pun not intended. Every time I look at it, I just wanna love it even more. It's got a self-imposed sort of whimsy, and it's the kind of thing that I imagine would commit to insane acrobatics when launching an attack. I see so much fighting utility in Ambipoms design, it looks like it should be in a combo-heavy fighting game than Pokemon. I guess I fell in love with its lovable awkwardness, and that's why I want one with me.

    Jolteon: I'm a fan of boxers and other european bulldog variants, and Jolteon is like a frayed electrified version of everything I like about dogs. It runs fast and looks like a fantastic walking companion. I always have something that resembles a passable housepet somewhere on my team, and Jolteon has got everything I'd want in a petit, lovable companion Pokemon.

    Other options I would have gone with include:
    Eelektross- you competitive types say what you want about it, but I love the shock factor in its eerie beauty.
    Hydreigon-because I'm a mythology buff, and the hinted references to zmeys in Hydreigons design are pure genius.
    Floatzel-gotta love that sassy Floatzel. He makes a great little Water-type HM slave who, like Sharpedo, can survive an in-game fight on Waterfall if need be.
    Mismagius-witches have become a major cultural icon. From Halloween to Harry Potter, witchcraft has been so strongly elaborated upon and spoken of, that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have some understanding of what somebody might mean when they mention witches. I love Mismagius for her worldly cultural value.
    Mew- I have a love for Shigeki Morimoto's quick thinking more so than I have love for Mew, but Mew is the product of a genius programmer. Mew's backstory about being quietly inserted into the coding and the world's discovery of the mysterious phantom Pokemon before the turn of the millenium is a beacon of artistic inspiration for me.

    And God only knows there are so many others I would choose in a heartbeat.
  13. DHR-107

    DHR-107 Robot from the Future
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Live Chat Contributoris a Pokemon Researcheris a Smogon Media Contributor
    Orange Islands

    Dec 26, 2008
    And now for something completely different.


    Defensive enough? :) These are probably not the only 6 I would have, but they are some of my favourite Pokemon. I have used them all in game for play throughs and each of them has at some point or another totally pulled me out of the crapper.

    This badass defensive behemoth was a Pokemon I used during Gen 5. Ghetsis' Hydreigon? Not even a 3HKO with Surf while I sat there Toxic stalling. I even love how adorable it is, and nothing comes close for its quirkiness and undeniable charm. I'd likely have it out of its ball the majority of the time and be carrying it.

    I honestly was not expecting to enjoy training and using Cof as I did. I would happily train it again. Being a creepy ghost type has it's advantages. The design is super cool and I know it would help me out when i was stuck in a cave or darkened house. He'd also be my main way of transport using his psycho-kinetic abilities. I also like the idea that those arms are kinda like Mr Tickles and can spread all over the place. Also: Fuck Gengar :D

    Oh man. Him and Hariyama are my offensive pairing. Kingler is just awesomely cool and nostalgic at the same time. You wouldn't want to mess with him if you came across it on the beach or something! He'd also be my sea transportation as it would likely be a gentler ride than on Hariyama!

    I feel like I would ride Bastiodon around as my trusty steed. He's a frikken dinosaur with awesome defenses. Throw in Curse and Avalanche and he can beat a lot of stuff. Bastiodon can flat out wreck Lance with the above two moves (As long as Gyarados is out of the way). Even Shieldon is adorable before he evolves!

    This would be my Ash's Pikachu. Makuhita and I would of been through thick and thin before he evolved into the mighty Hariyama. He would of been my first and he will be my last. Hariyama has been on almost every single Hoenn team I have ever trained, and he has also travelled with me through Johto, Kanto and Unova with me on various teams. His power and determination are incredible.

    The last of my "perfect 6". Torkoal would be my source of heat when its cold, and also be my cooker when I needed food. I would have trouble slotting him into any team or any fight, good coverage and a good defence means he is a solid addition to any team.

    Wow... I didn't realise how SLOW my team would turn out. That's actually pretty funny. Kingler is the fastest Pokemon on my team. But I guess that just fits my play style and way off life really haha, I'm pretty laid back until people annoy me :)

    I'd likely also have a Staraptor/Cradily/Galvantula too somewhere!
  14. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    That got me thinking....

    Here's a couple lists for those who want to be cool. (I left out legendaries, Smeargle, and Raichu)
    Non Flying Fly
    Show Hide

    Non Water Surf
    Show Hide

    Pokemon with Teleport
    Show Hide

    As for dig... that's a huge list I don't want to deal with. So yeah, there are a few other ways to get around.

    Finally, a list of clerics. (Pokemon that learn Wish/Heal Pulse+Heal Bell/Aromatherapy)
    Show Hide
  15. Flareon


    Jan 16, 2010
    What about Gen1 Teleport, as it was a TM back then?

    Arcanine and Cloyster get it.
  16. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    I won't stop anyone (like I can) but the way I see, it wasn't brought back in Fr and Lg so unless your team is intended to be from past age it would be anachronistic.
  17. Flareon


    Jan 16, 2010
    The way I see it, old gen TMs are akin to any discontinued product. There are only so many existing as were in circulation when the product was discontinued, so if someone (a private collector, for example) had a Teleport TM before it was replaced with its Gen3 equivalent, then in this alternate reality, it should hypothetically still be possible to have a teleporting Arcanine. :)

    I believe Volcarona learns Fly too.
  18. Chaoswalker


    Mar 20, 2010
    You are all of the correct about Volcarona. Edit time.

    As for the TM thing, if you have a cool story like that to explain it then go ahead. It very much sounds in the spirit of the thread. The only way I could see it going over badly is if every person after you then decided to use antique TMs.
  19. Snaquaza

    Snaquaza n_n
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 7, 2013
    Hydreigon learns Fly too
  20. Celever


    Sep 25, 2012
    Let me get this straight... you want me to figure out my 6 favorite pokemon when I can't even decide on a top 3? Ugh... I'll try to get it below 10:
    And, especially,

    Every one of those pokemon has such amazing memories with me, I'm just not gonna kick one out. >:(
    I'll probably edit in some stuff later on.

    Oops, I went a little bit over 10...
  21. The Knights of Wario Land

    The Knights of Wario Land

    Jan 30, 2012
    Oh man, this has been in planning for years now, but I think these are my six favorite Pokemon that I would practically bring on my adventure:


    Think about it, being the tamer and friend of a Brutal Pokemon who destroys anything you want would be the most awesome thing in the world. Being not a violent jerk myself, I would train my Modest Hydreigon to win in fights but not be a mindless savage. Posessing an unresisted movepool combination, this wouldn't be that hard to do. I could also just hop onto his back and fly around the region, making him not only battle-useful, but a convenient travel companion.


    This guy really doesn't get too much love, he's always been incredibly useful in my Gen 1 runs, and I find his design rather appealing. He'd be my main Surfer, riding across the waves while scaring away the wild Pokemon on the way. Omastar also has the mighty Shell Smash, which would cause a doozy to any opponent in his path.


    Another rough fighter and a great Pokemon to make friends with. He teams up well with Hydreigon in Double Battles, cleaning up against the threats that Hydreigon can't quite brutalize, and/or putting them to sleep. Grass-types have always been one of my favorite types, and Breloom is easily the crux of them all.


    Gastrodon is one of the Pokemon that I love for both being useful and adorable. If ever I was down, I could just hug this guy's squishy body and just feel warm and loved. Storm Drain and this thing's useful typing would get me past a lot of foes, while the rest of the team (bar Omastar) would help against its Grass weakness.


    I've been in love with this thing ever since I first started playing Pokemon with SoulSilver: its fantastic ability plus plentiful moves it can abuse it with just make it always a blast for me to send into battle. Scizor also screams the "cool" edge into the team, with its slick red design and gleaming steel body.


    Having two mons that can fly on the team might be repeditive, but Crobat is just one of those Pokemon I've used in every single generations and ends up being the star of the team due to its speed, acceptable attack power, and general good matchups against a variety of in-game stuff. Crobat would most likely be my walking companion, due to how easily it can travel and me feeling guilty for trapping such a fast and ace creature in a tiny Poke Ball.

    That is, hoping it doesn't look like its Battle Revolution model.
  22. Exbo


    Dec 6, 2012

    Party pkmn:
    Show Hide
    [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
    Typhlosion - Gastrodon - Kingdra - Meganium - Furret - Butterfree

    In the PC for quick access:
    Show Hide
    Crobat, Flygon, Gardevoir, Gallade, Empoleon, Lucario, Staraptor, Floatzel, Roserade, Luxray, Samurott

    At home (dojo):
    Show Hide
    Charizard, Pidgeot, Skarmory, Ludicolo, Sceptile, Swampert, Milotic, Raichu, Ampharos, Serperior, Simisage, Rampardos, Weavile, Froslass, Garchomp, Alakazam, Gothitelle, Hitmontop, Scrafty, Infernape, Shedinja

    At home (backyard):
    Show Hide
    Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Linoone, Ledian, Seaking, Lumineon, Quagsire, Belossom

    Escaped the pokeball:
    Show Hide
    Primeape, Sandslash, Kabutops, Scizor, Heracross, Jumpluff, Miltank, Breloom, Torterra, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Tyranitar, Aggron, Rhyperior, Pawniard, Reuniclus, Golurk, Haxorus

    On an adventure to meet the LEGENDS!
    Show Hide
    Celebi, Jirachi, Azelf, Mewtwo, Lugia, Dialga, Giratina-O, Kyurem-B

    KILL on sight:
    Show Hide
    The Kami trio, anything with Prankster, anything with Eviolite, Bronzong and Ferrothorn
  23. Espeon65


    Aug 12, 2012
    Okay, this thread is actually really cool! Here's my dream team! (but I suck at nicknaming, so no nicknames)

    Show Hide
    Vileplume, Female (Gentle Nature)
    Sludge Bomb
    Giga Drain
    Energy Ball
    Vileplume would be my "starter" per say. She would be the first pokemon I ever got and my best friend EVARR! We would meet when I was very young-too young to even be allowed to have a pokemon-and she was an Oddish. But I would secretly catch her and have her as my favorite, most adorable thing ever! And when i turned ten, together, we would go on a journey together, and kick everybody's butts with our awesomeness and power!

    Show Hide
    Politoed, Male (Jolly Nature)
    Ice Beam
    Hyper Voice
    Rain Dance
    Politoed would be the first poke mon I catch after starting my journey. His adorableness as a Poliwag would win me over and I would catch him on sight! He cheerful, carefree attitude would keep me going through good times and bad! I would really love him! *no homo*

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    Ninetales, Female (Calm Nature)
    Ninetales would be the next addition to my team, caught as a beautiful, elegant Vulpix. She would be very powerful, but very level-headed. She would be loyal and loving, never jumping to conclusions or into battle too soon.

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    Umbreon, Male (Careful)
    Shadow Ball
    Foul Play
    Confuse Ray
    Umbroen would be very level-headed as well. I would have caught him as an Eevee and taken great care of him, loved him to death, until he evolved, revealing his true potential. He would be very careful in battle, to dodge attacks and to hit acurately and powerfully.

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    Girafarig, Female (Bold Nature)
    Signal Beam
    Girafarig will be a very powerful team member, very brave and always eager to battle! She would use brute force, along with some dodging, to defeat her opponents, right before she tackled me playfully!

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    Hippowdon, Male (Adamant Nature)
    Ice Fang
    Stone Edge
    Hippowdon will be a very powerful team member, caring about me but not about anything but winning in battle. He must always win, in his mind. He will be my ace in the hole, and I will love him for being awesome in very powerful!

    And that's my team! I know I don't have a Flyer, or really even a Surfer, but I'm doing this Ash style-no Flying or Surfing, only journeying by foot (until I go to another region/island, of course!)!

    ***Just a note, natures aren't because they would be beneficial necessarily. They are just conveying the Pokemon's character!***

    EDIT: I just realized I have been spelling Ninetales wrong my entire life! I thought it was spelled Ninetails! This is a big deal for me, because I am a great speller as well as a Grammar Nazi from way back!!!
  24. Stellar

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    Jan 3, 2007
    This was actually much harder than I anticipated...

    These five Pokémon are among my favorites, but they also have the added advantage of not possessing any negative attributes that would hinder my enjoyment of the journey. (I love Skuntank but would not want to deal with the stench. I love Bisharp but it wouldn't exactly be the safest Pokémon to have around...) My favorite Pokémon are generally based on aesthetics, rather than my in-game experiences with them, but there is a bit of sentimentality wrapped up in a few of them.

    Venusaur was my favorite starter when I first played Blue fourteen (fifteen?) years ago. Although I used the other two as often as I used Venusaur, Venusaur was always the most captivating of the three.

    On essentially every playthrough of Red/Blue, I would pick Vaporeon. I think part of this was the fact that I loved the first generation Ice Beam animation, and Vaporeon was available at the exact same time as Ice Beam. Its original Sugimori artwork is also pretty stylish.

    Strangely enough, I remember having a dream about Togetic prior to the release of Gold/Silver. I know I saw Togepi in the anime and the GS teaser mini-disc, but I distinctly remember dreaming about Togetic rather than Togepi. As such, it's always had a place among my favorites. With the release of DP and its evolution, my favoritism quickly shifted to Togekiss.

    Electabuzz and Druddigon are both just really cool Pokémon that I would like to have around...
  25. Brambane

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Lugia is my favorite Pokemon and I can't imagine a more useful Pokemon to have on an adventure. Need to cross the ocean? Lugia is an excellent swimmer. Need to Fly to Celadon City? Lugia is the best way to travel. Tree blocking your path? Tear it down with Aeroblast. Lugia is immensely powerful, and I like to imagine random trainers wouldn't be as keen to challenge me when they see the silver behemoth behind me. Also, I bet Lugia is really soft!
    Tropius is awesome because it provides an endless source of food. Tropius is also useful since he can fly, cut down trees, smash rocks and move boulders. While his battling prowess leaves something to be desired, he has undeniable charm and can use moves like Synthesis and Leech Seed to outlive his opponents.
    Hydreigon is the harbinger of destruction. Ravenous, brutal and merciless, I can imagine no other Pokemon who would be as terrifying to face. Hydreigon was also a PokeStar Studio moviestar in my white 2 version, so she obviously is a skilled actress.
    Aggron is a walking tank. If I need a Pokemon to lead me through a sandstorm or dark cave, there is no Pokemon I would rather have than Aggron. He can decimate foes with immensely powerful Head Smashes and Heavy Slams, or paralyze them with Thunder Wave.
    What better Pokemon to bring on a journey than the one who moves the continents? Regigigas is the definition of "slow and steady wins the race." It takes a while to get going, but Regigigas becomes an unstoppable juggernaut capable of tearing through every opponent it will face.
    Torkoal is a compact little turtle of physical endurance, powerful Fire-moves and support. If I need to escape, Torkoal's smoke can provide the perfect cover!

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