Going on an Adventure

Here's an age old question that all Pokemon fans must answer: If you were going to go on a pokemon journey, who would be on your team? This is different from other teams lists. It's not just a top tier team, or a list of your favorite designs. These are the pokemon that are closest and dearest to you, and that would be able to support you on your adventure.
EDIT: Stuck on your Surf/Flier because you don't want a water/flying type? No fear: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4680881&postcount=39


(Original was male, but I'd pick Female now)~Quirky
The "elemental spirit of the desert." Flygon has been my homie since Coliseum(essentially gen 3 for me). He killed everything with a combination of speed and power. Also I like sand powers. Also I like dragonflies. Also I like green. ... It's a culmination of so many things to me. He's my go to Pokemon... my "Ash's Pikachu." Without a doubt it would have to be my first pokemon, starting as a Trapinch that I had since childhood. We're best friends.
-Sand Storm
-Fire Punch


Empoleon is the only starter that I've ever really taken to, and I'll need something for water transport. "It swims as fast as a jet boat." Something about it's bulk and regal air. It's also no sloucher when the going gets tough. I like the idea of it using it's wings to dice up ice and foes alike. I'd have to catch it as a Piplup or Prinplup early on, and train it to its full glory. Emperor treats others with a kind of respect, almost like chivalry.
-Metal Claw
-Ice Beam
-Iron Defense


In Gold version, I gave my Golbat a haircut every day to make sure it hit maximum happiness. It's also my flier, and with its speed I'll be getting places fast. Speaking of speed, that is one fast hypnosis. I don't really like Poison types, so I think it's purely the aerodynamic shape and blistering speed that continue drawing me to him. It's always in the air, and always fast. I'd probably get him from the first cave I walk into... and give him lots of haircuts.
-Cross Poison

Fire... is not my element by any means. I prefer less volatile things, but little Rotom is different. It doesn't feel like a fire type, yet it carries the benefits of the typing. Rotom grew on me after Wash's OU status got me to try out a few forms. I fell in love with its play style and variety of forms, but if I had to keep one it would be Heat form. We caught it to help out an electric appliance store. It was a hassle, but by the time it settles on the little oven I had it. I told the store catching Rotom was thanks enough.


What can I say? I actually find it cute, and I see value in bringing around a pokemon for that simple reason. Something about its face and maw delight me... that dual nature. I like to imagine that Mawile would insert itself in the team, insisting that I let it tag along. To this day I still don't know why it latched on to me like that.
-Sweet Scent
-Foul Play

Others-The above Pokemon are my top buds. The other spot is left open to whomever I may meet, or filled with one of these from the PC according to what the adventure demands next.
Gardevoir is just so elegant, so beautiful, but its also incredibly loyal. (black hole?) It acts as a team cleric, using Heal Pulse and heal bell.
Psychic, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse, Heal Bell
Yes, Reuniclus is adorable. I also need someone with the ability to move heavy obstacles, and I'd prefer a strong psychic type over brute force any day. Aaaand.... this way I can pet him. :3
Psychic, Focusblast, Recover, Trickroom
I like feminine Pokemon, ok? When gen 5 rolled in Lilligant was the first Pokemon I latched on to. It's green, cute, pretty... :) Access to aromatherapy and own tempo Petal dance make it a welcome team member. Sometimes it lightly plays its Grasswhistle for us, and I whistle along.
Petal Dance, Grasswhistle, Quiver Dance, Aromatheraphy
I don't like fighting types... except for Mienshao. It's so lithe, quick and powerful.
Hi Jump Kick, Poison Jab, Dual Chop, Meditate
(might wanna check the title - it says 'and' instead of 'an')

one question - are legends banned? chances are, you wouldn't have them, but... this is a wishlist, right?
That's what happens when I make a topic after midnight, lol. Thanks, I fixed it.

I personally avoided them (almost put Genesect), but it may be justifiable. If you say that Arceus is your home dog, I might be a little sceptical of the likelihood of your adventure, but if you befriended Suicune... not so
. Bonus points if you spin a yarn of how you and this mythical beast met and came to agreement. (or how you conquered it.)
Hi I'm on a phone do just imagine sprites

I need a flier (it would be fun)and Crobat is by far the coolest. Also, it has high battling capabilities and can fly really fast. I guess it's just cool in general!

Om nom. Munchies has always been my favorite Pokemon, for many reasons.
Also, assuming tht Eviolite was real, it would be an adept battler. I would have to buy it an everstone though!

The second starter I ever owned. It is really the only starter I have taken a liking to, (besides Torchic<3). Also, it would be able to push through large obstacles and take down a lot of Gym Leaders.

Ditto has always fascinated me. IMO, it would be awesome to send out a Pokemon that can really be any pokemon you want it to me. The expression on my opponents faces would be priceless.

For whatever reason, in terms of just utter coolness, Roserade has always been the winner for me.

Gengar has always been one of my favorite pokemon. It is mischievous, but also powerful. Also, for some reason I think it's kinda cute:)

Shoutout to Roserade for being awesome but I'm assuming I need a surfer. NVM, can just use Ditto to copy sea pokes
First I will give my dream team, later I will edit why


Yanmega. A giant bug that looks cool has a good name. Wasn't that enough, OK, it also has great abilities and good stat distribution. Although I never really trained it, it always got my attention.

Weavile always got my attention, back in Diamond I kept training a Sneasel to evolve it as I didn't how it evolved. It just looks so cool and is of one of my favourite types: Ice. Also, some time ago on Pokemon Showdown, I used it as a late game sweeper on a hail team, it had a Focus Sash and a Cryogonal kept the hazards away. To win I had to grap two sword dances. I was out against a Milotic, it used scald. And it didn't even 2HKO. Then I could sweep his remaining team

Haxorus, always liked it appearance from when I first saw it, surely one of my favorites. Also above that it has a cool name above its cool looks. And last, it is powerful and has decent defenses and good speed. I swept White 2 multiple times with it.

Chandelure, this thing is just amazing, all stats that matter are decent at least and monstrous sp. attack. Not to forget that it also looks cool. Although it can be kinda creepy, it is also a great and powerful Pokemon.

Ludicolo, one of the hardest Pokemon to catch... at Pokemon Ranger, my second Pokemon game ever, after Diamond. I played the game multiple times, but almost never this thing was with me, that music notes, happy and dangerous. Also its jolly appearance is infatuating and its typing is great. For me its a Pokemon that I can not not love.

This is something I just like, I don't know why, but when i fished it up first in Pokemon Diamond (I think) I was immediately in love with it. I went to the battle tower and got far for me. Overall, it is just a Pokemon I really like, maybe due its odd appearance or its story.
at first i didn't get the farfetch'd thing
maybe because i think of it as canarticho, ehehe.

well, let's see here...

my original bro, from my first game.
...well, not really. i actually started with mudkip at first, but unwittingly lost my data, as every other game i'd had up until that point was autosave - i assumed pokemon was, as well.
still, i remember raising him and only him - dumping every hm i could on him along the way. sceptile seem like one of those "cool as a cucumber" and really intelligent guys with quite the mouth when necessary, and i totally love those qualities.

plus, c'mon. sceptile? awesome.

ever since i was little, i've loved dragons to death - both the pokemon type and the creatures in general. lance sealed the deal for me when i decided which type was the best- what an awesome guy. as such, i decided to make a team of dragons. i didn't pick charmander (BULBASAUR FTW), so i made a team of two dragonite, an aerodactyl, a gyarados, a seadra (no trading), and a final member that i seem to have forgotten, unfortunately - granted, it was about six years ago.

but my first dragonite's name was midnight, and she was awesome. she used to plow through enemies really easily, and i remember training her a lot on that island between one island and that place where you catch moltres (yeah, leafgreen). i remember she was my favourite pokemon that i owned, even surpassing bruteroot, my starter.

plus, she knew surf and fly - always useful.

speaking of bruteroot...

while he was not my first, he was the first i beat a game with. i remember it so clearly. my rival's charizard took down my weakened vaporeon, though not before she delivered a powerful blow with surf.

still, it was looking bleak. surely that charizard would annihilate my final pokemon, venusaur, with its fire blast?
i sent bruteroot out, fearing the worst.
"Foe Charizard used Fire Blast!"

so not only is my venusaur (and venusaur in general) awesome, but am i the only one who wants to touch those pretty petals on his back?

...that sounded wrong. carrying on the theme, however...

ahh, my favourite eeveelution. so cute and powerful, too. i haven't used one in the rain yet (i don't really like rain; i prefer sand, and i play mostly ubers anyway), but my aqua here was - and is - such a gem. not only is she cute and powerful, but she can melt into water. i'm not sure of any practical applications for that, but it sounds freakin' awesome.

plus, my best friend would totally put an espeon on his, and i have to match him somehow, right?

(if at all possible, i'd take a shiny - i love the blue colour, but purple is my favourite colour ever)

isn't porygon2 just the cutest thing ever? i haven't owned one for longer than necessary to evolve into porygon-z, but that was years ago. not only are these guys super cute, but the fact that they can MELT INTO CYBERSPACE is pretty awesome in its own right. it could hack my games for me, give me all of the skype credit i could ever want, and google things more impressively than any IT person for all of my tech support needs!

...it could also steal bank accounts, passwords and make me super rich, but who cares about that? every move i make is now a crit, even swords dance!

now, the one i was mentioning earlier...

i've never actually owned a latios, but here he is - my favourite pokemon, ever, and for a variety of reasons. aside from the fact that he looks cool, is a dragon, and is pretty freakin' powerful (especially with the soul dew), AND would have practical use (flight, and psychic powers would be good in pretty much any situation), i have... personal connections, too. my best friend ever (the one with the espeon), has totally been stamped with the latios label (not by me or anything >u>;;), so it represents him, too. i don't see him much anymore - he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend, now, in addition to things like school and work - and i miss him terribly, with those skype chats that took hours and those battle marathons that we had... we used to be unbelievably close, yeah.

i'm not quite sure how i'd come into contact with such a pokemon, though. i wouldn't say i have a "pure heart" because i'm not the nicest person ever; i believe in justice over kindness - and if you're being a dick, i'll tell you so, in a very blunt way, which can come across as rude. i often don't even get that what i'm doing is considered rude.

i'm more of a logical person, and i have a rather short temper for stupidity and other such nonsense. people generally disgust me for a variety of reasons, and i'm more or less waiting for people and their greed to get their comeuppance in some way or another, like the world falling in on itself due to the climate shift. i'm aware that i'll likely die in such an event, being poor and of not much importance - and i've gotta say, for the end in question, i'd be okay with that.

that sounds more reshiram-like to me, perhaps, but not latios. he seems more selfless and ready to sacrifice himself for the people he cares about, but is also extremely protective and slightly wary. that's more like my friend - i don't really care about many people at all - him and maybe other people, but he's the only one that comes to mind. i simply... lack the capacity to, perhaps, or just flat-out don't care.

also, the movie. can't forget that.

(my team is outrageously weak to ice - which is rather unfortunate because i live in canada)

also, i think it's amusing that all of my pokes are from gens 1-3. i'm no hater of the new gens... i guess i just didn't like their pokemon as much?

my progression would be something like...

gen 3 > gen 1 > gen 2 > gen 5 > gen 4

in terms of pokemon designs that i enjoy.
I'm on my phone, so I can't do sprites:

Yeah, who didn't see that coming? Flareon's always been a favourite of mine. He's as powerful as he is fluffy. 'Nuff said.

On my very first runthrough of Blue version when I was but a small lad, my most powerful Pokemon was a Lv87 Magneton I named "THUNDER". I love the memories so much, I went to the trouble of acquiring a shiny one in my new games so its legacy can live on.

The very first shiny I hatched, I instantly became smitten with this little cutie. A couple of years ago, I had an amazing time I'll never forget during a visit to Catalina Island, so hypothetically I could've met the Seafaring Pokemon here :)

Another of my all time favourites. The ability to spread happiness sounds really lovely, and would make these guys amazing friends.

This one's just awesome, and I would gladly have this guy on my team.

When I was 11, my family went on holiday to Japan for around a month during the Spring Sakura season, and it's one of the best memories of my life so far. Cherrim is based off of the Sakura, so I could've met it there.
First I will give my dream team, later I will edit why
No worries, as long as it does get explained. (We don't want this entire topic to be filled with posts of nothing but six pokemon sprites.) Personally I may end up going back to edit mine as I think of more reasons why they are the ones.

at first i didn't get the farfetch'd thing
maybe because i think of it as canarticho, ehehe.
I had to look that up to find it was french, lol.
I like your team. I think it may end up that 80% of our selections will be Pokemon that served us well in the past.
I also have a few pokemon that I like only because of my friends. Espeon+Dragonite+Swampert, Infernape and Gallade I consider to be a symbolic representation of my closest friends. I personally find those Pokemon to be only sort of cool, but in association with them... they mean a lot.
Well, I guess my team would be this:

Pokemon Silver was my first Pokemon game, with Cyndaquil being my first Pokemon. We had great times in Johto. He's also the reason why I love Fire Types and why I almost always pick the Fire starter in every region.

Mewtwo is my favorite legendary of all time. Hell, he's my favorite Pokemon of all time.

This guy is just awesome. 'Nuff said.

My favorite water Pokemon, bar Kyogre.

My favorite Electric type and bird in Gen 1. After over a decade, my opinion still has not changed.

I thought that this was a pretty kickass Pokemon when I first got it in Platinum. He helped me through many battles. I don't see my opinion of this guy changing anytime soon.
Pretty much my six favorite pokemon

Blaziken is my favorite pokemon I have used the same Blaziken from ruby all the way up to Black 2. Even though it is kind of slow it 2HKO's everything with double kick

I love Galvantula so much because without it I don't think that I could have ever beaten Pokemon Blaze Black. Galvantula managed to beat all of Skyla's pokemon except for Gliscor becuase of its typing. He also swept through Grimsley and Caitlin but they aren't important to the story.

Starly was the second pokemon I got in Pokemon Diamond and is my favorite pokemon from Sinnoh. In my playthrough of Diamond it did so much work even in the ice-type gym.

Piplup was my starter for Diamond and I loved him. Even though he didn't do much in the gym battles for a while once he evolved into Empoleon he helped out my team so much

Alakazam is the first psychic-type that I had ever gotten to the fully evolved stage. Not only does Alakazam have amazing stats he also looks really cool.

Flygon was the first dragon-type I've ever had and my first shiny. Flygon also has decent offensive stats and coverage moves
Okay, my super six are:

Over the years I have had countless favorite Pokemon, but Treecko stands out in that it was my first ever Pokemon. At the time I chose Treecko because he evolved into Grovyle, at the time my favorite Pokemon, but since then my love has returned to this little guy.

I love the Eeveelutions, and Jolteon is my favourite. I once had one on my Fire Red that I cherished greatly; I leveled it up to about level 80, and today he still resides on my White 2. Also, who knows where his electric powers might come in handy?

He would be the main powerhouse of my team. Nothing could stand up to him! NOTHING!

Fossil Pokemon fascinate me greatly. So, it's only natural that I have one by my side. I love Aerodactyl; flying everywhere on him would just be amazing

The perfect way to get places quicker. Not to say that she doesn't have nice firepower.

Last but certainly not least, Heracross is just the most awesome out of all the bugs (except for Scizor, possibly. And Volcarona). Anyway, he has an awesome design, awesome moves, and it'd just be great screaming MEGAHORN! when it's time for him to finish a foe off.
This is a question I've grappled with quite a bit (which is unfortunate but sometimes thinking about physics gets exhausting). I'm going to try to one up you all and give my team a theme. See if you can tell ;)

note that this is not a team of those most 'near and dear' to me, which I may give later. Although I do still really like the guys here. More will be explained at the end.

This guy gets a lot of crap for being super creepy and pedophiley. But I will never forget a run in silver I had when I was young when I taught this guy ice punch and he destroyed everything. Sadly later when I tried doing this again in Soul Silver, I noticed he was substantially weaker. Which is how I found out that prior to Generation 3 all ice types were special attacks, and so governed by Hypno's special attack stat and not his physical one. Oh well

My favorite of the Eevee-lutions (except maybe Glaceon, but that's due to ice-bias on my part) this guy has always been one of my favorites. Especially since I believe it's the only dark type you can get in gold/silver (and hg/ss?) before beating the elite four. While dark types have never been my favorite, this made me cherish Umbreon all the more.

When I was young, I had a Sandshrew keychain that I got from either McDonald's or Burger King. And Sandslash is perhaps even cooler. I go for the full evolution here (and actually with all of them) since I believe that on my adventure I would have him for long enough that he would reach this stage, and I would have no reason to force them not to evolve.

When I was young, I was convinced this guy had to be traded to evolve. Silly me, it only takes a water stone! But until the fourth generation, when I finally realized my mistake while playing soul silver, I always looked after Poliwrath with sadness. The concept of trading a pokemon to a friend then trading him back was too far over my head when young, and by the time it occurred to me my friends had all stopped playing. So it was a pretty big moment for me when I finally got to use him.

I'd prefer not to travel with a full team of six, since it would help me feel closer to those pokemon I would have. Although I would not rule out the addition of one or two others if I had one of those 'befriending' moments that always occur (rather cheesily, I might add) in the anime.

Do you see the pattern?

All of these Pokemon are found either in or just outside Goldenrod City, my favorite city in the games. I pretend here that I grew up in Goldenrod, and so when I started my journey I ended up catching my favorite pokemon around me and continued with the same team. And since like I said I'd rather travel with a smaller team, additions would be unlikely after those initial ones. Some of these pokemon may even have been acquired before I started my journey. Maybe my parents had let me keep a Poliwag as a pet, or my dead-beat uncle got drunk at the casino one night and accidentally bought an Eevee. Since he's irresponsible and all, he figured he'd give it to his favorite young nephew as a Christmas present!

That is pretty much what I fantasized while I was young, although like I said they aren't necessarily my favorites. They're just part of a realistic story for obtaining them.

Like I said, I'll probably put up a team of those I'd actually want to travel with later, although there might be overlap anyways.
I would go with...

Honchkrow is the first pokemon I've ever raised to be up to competitive standards and its one of my favorite pokemon I've ever owned. Its a good companion for me.

Crows may be my favorite animal but I do love lobsters too. One of my favorite sea creatures. They are pretty cute. Crawdaunt is one hell of a lobster sporting some great power and can use Dragon Dance of all things. Its pretty neat.

I did mention I love the Ghost type. I suppose Drifblim would be redundant but I really like it. The only reason why I pick Drifblim over Mismagnus and Dusknoir is mostly because its a ghost hot air balloon. And Led Zeppelin is a pretty good band.

I just can't pass up the Gothic Chandelier pokemon. Let's just leave it at that.

Aggron is my favorite steel type and tied with favorite rock type with Tyrannitar. Aggron is simply awesome. Its brutal and METAL. Little can survive its powerful Head Smash. Its pretty badassed.

I had some fond memories of Gothitelle. It helped me in some tight spots. It does help that I was looking forward to using one. Its just as I expected but doesn't mean it isn't bad. So yeah.
My team would be as such:
Ludicolo has, for years, been my favorite Pokemon. I had one in Emerald, I keep it on my team in Guardian Signs, and I got a Japanese Lombre over the GTS (it was a fair trade, no level 9 and under Zekrom nonsense) and immediately evolved it. With two of my favorite types, this pineapple kappa lilypad duck caught my attention from the get-go. Plus, its boundless cheer and carefree, festive manner are inspirational.
Espeon, the memories we shared. In Black 2, my Espeon (aptly named PSY) beat Clay's Sandslash one-on-one, surviving two Slashes and a Fury Cutter, and knocked it out with two critical Psybeams. I already liked Espeon a lot, but PSY made it stand out.
Glaceon has been my favorite Eeveelution for a few years even though Espeon is gaining my favor. My favorite stat is Special Attack, so Glaceon attracted my attention when I learned its stat spread. It looks great, and although I haven't had many memories with it, I always liked it.
I don't care much for Larvesta, but I have liked Volcarona since back when it was called Urugamoth (or as I referred to it, UrugaBoss). My favorite animal is the moth. The Pokedex entries were what really interested me, though. Also, it's a flaming gigantic bug with psychic powers (use TM29 on it and you'll see what I mean). What's not to love about that?
Ever since it was revealed, I loved Reuniclus a lot. It was the main (maybe the only) reason I got White first. It's cuter than most unevolved Pokemon and a Psychic type, and it has more bulk than a Machamp. When I played White, I caught a Solosis and trained it to Level 41 before Clay (he was still tough to beat, though).
I never disliked Blaziken, but only during Gen V did it grow on me. It got Speed Boost and a better Hi Jump Kick, and even though I never picked it as a starter (Mudkip and Treecko were more appealing to me at the time), the Fire-type I never really thought much about before then became my favorite starter. I'm actually glad it got promoted to Ubers. No starter before that had done such a thing. Blaziken didn't define my childhood, but it got my attention.
Okay here we go!

What is a dream team without my favorite?? Sableye could also have adventure use for general prankishness on people, phasing through my locked car to unlock it cause I left my keys in it, and other awesomeness. And hilarious Halloween things.


OH MY GOD IT’S SO CUTE!!! And it’s so TINY! It’s 4 inches of pocket-sized adorable. 4. Inches. That could fit on my desk when I’m at school. Lame kids taking notes while I sit petting lil Joltik in the back, while he occasionally juices up my tablet/laptop so I can keep recording the lecture/note typing. 4 inches. This would sit on my shoulder like a parrot all the FREAKIN time.

I may evolve it some day...


I’m assuming since it’s your dream team for an adventure, you start out will all of them at once. Lil baby Dragon into big Dragon Daddy boss of awesomeness. Salamence is powerful, beautiful, and full of flight utility to take advantage of. J freaking rides hers like Eragon in the show. I already have a Salamence plushie to inspire poor lil Bagon to evolve (read its Dex entries if you don’t get me).

So what generation is my favorite, guys???
Anyway, I’m a calm person. I love the water – especially the beach. Might as well have something to surf around on/with. Milotic is also NOT a fish, so can function outside of water (shut up magic levitation effect in Revolution and Coliseum). That becalming effect and being kind of a peacemaker is a trait of mine already, so why not compound that with the most beautiful Pokemon out there (according to Dex…)? I'll start from Feebas if I have to for this thing.

Side note, Scald can be great to get some hot water for tea or coffee...


May as well include the Pokemon version of myself. If I need Psychic help to do something, there’s Gallade. If I need to beat the crap outta something, there’s Gallade. If I need to cut something, there’s Gallade. If I need to practice my fencing skills, there’s Gallade. As above, obviously starting from Ralts here.


I’m Wally… Oh God…

I introduce to you, Smogoners, the ultimate utility Pokemon for any journey in the modern age. That is, if we’re going by the powers anime-Rotom has, in that it can inherently swap around between formes and do what each form does best. If not, I can always cram some appliances in the never-full backpack we’re all issued, right?

Do you need some food? Rotom-F has it nice and cold for ya. Wanna cook that microwave dinner? Rotom-H is your man. Tall grass just starting to grate on you for your adventure? Rotom-C will have that shaven and wild-Pokemon free in a sec. Clothes getting dirty after a long week of adventuring? Rotom-W can give em a nice spin wash. Is it just stinkin hot, or do you need some Air Balloon trolling? Rotom-S is here for you! Finally, need some general electronics mayhem (cough like the mentioned locked-my-keys-in-my-car problem above cough)??? Rotom fills every remaining gap in that department. Like Porygon2 mentioned above by Shiruba but more mischievous, and that’s what makes adventures fun.

My favourite Pokemon, a destructive force in battle, and looks awesome. Can also do useful stuff like smash rocks and move boulders.

Everyone needs a flyer, and Braviary has been my favourite bird since it was released. Unlike a lot of Normal/Flying types, it's pretty good on the battlefield.

My favourite starter of all time, and a powerful battler. He can learn important field moves like Surf, Waterfall, and Rock Climb.

Being a dog, Arcanine would be a loyal companion, one who could keep me safe from any dangerous wild Pokes. Imagine how cool it would be to ride on his back while he dashes around the region! Also, he looks pretty cuddly.

Shaymin is too adorable to pass up. Pokedex claims it can restore ruined land to lush fields, something that would turn previously inhospitable areas in to safe havens.

I feel like every good team needs an electric type, I dunno, maybe I just like the yellow. Anyway, Ampharos is a decent fighter, and could act as a beacon if I get in to trouble. Also, he could charge all sorts of electronic devices.
These Pokemon would consist of my suitable fighting force:

Typhlosion: The first Pokemon I've ever obtained playing the games (Gold Version ftw)! Pretty much my favorite fire type and starter Pokemon in the entire series, even he's just a copy and paste of Charizard when it comes to base stats. Awesome design (rat/badger/wolverine), powerful special attacker and would probably make for quite the loyal companion.

Mamoswine: Another Pokemon I'd take with me on an adventure. At first I only liked him as a joke, until I quickly realized that Mamoswine was an epic Pokemon in both stats and looks. Now him and another Pokemon (Tangrowth) tie for second when it comes to favorites. Also, I would always view Mamoswine as acting a lot like Master Chief from Arby N The Chief, which made him seem like a hilarious character.

Him and Mamoswine are like an inseparable pair to me. Can't have one without the other. He is the Arbiter to Mamoswine's Master Chief personality. Like Mamoswine I also thought that Tangrowth was a joke, until I saw that he's actually quite a boss to use, and that his simple design is l33t. Also, screw how the PokeDex calls all Tangrowths 'stupid'. They will always be intelligent creatures to me.

Oh man, the moment I laid my eyes on this guy, I knew that him and Galvantula would tie for my favorite fifth gen Pokemon. He's just so damn gangster, and that mohawk is simply boss. Also, like a true thug Scrafty can take hits like a champ, and make the Elite Four look like a ragtag group of sissies. I'd definitely carry one of these guys around.

Girafarig: A rather strange Pokemon yes, but I've always appreciated Girafarig ever since I had Gold Version. Not the strongest Pokemon in the bunch, but her odd Normal/Psychic typing really caught my eye. That and she helps with defeating Morty a lot. Also, she's a giraffe, and giraffes are pretty sweet animals. The chain-chomp tail being a second brain is always a plus as well.

Galvantula: I'll just say this right now that I love spiders (even four-legged ones like Galvantula). No really, I find arachnophobia to be a hard fear to grasp. Many spiders help by keeping insect populations under control, and you have to be really allergic to them to suffer anything serious from their bites. Anyway, Galvantula is Bug/Electric, and that was just one of the coolest type combinations to me. My Galvantula would spread love and tolerance, despite the hate received by so many. Then it would electrocute the enemy.

Honorable Mentions:
Also, screw how the PokeDex calls all Tangrowths 'stupid'. They will always be intelligent creatures to me.
do they? i looked it up and it says that when it loses its arms it doesn't feel pain, that they grow back in an instant, that it pretends to be a bush to get prey, and that in warm seasons the vines are so thick that you can't see its eyes. oyo

pretty badass, though. like, the ultimate serial killer.
This is gonna be hard... Starting in Johto since it's my favourite reigon.

Starter. Kick-ass fire starter. Lives outside his PokeBall and my go to guy whenever I'm in a pinch.

Would find an Eevee along Route 29. Hurt and wounded I'd look after it and would evolve during an important battle.

Get an egg and bam! My favourite Pokemon was inside. My flyer. Awesome Fire-type combo.

Found on Ice Path. Evil gang leader as a Sneazal. Evolves during the battle but I still catch it.

Found a Sealeo outside Olivine City. My surfer and bulky guy.

Strong powerhouse. Every team needs a fighting type
- beautiful cry
- cute
- <3
- badass
- strong
- badass penguin
- Badass robot bug
- Definition of cute
- Mafia bird


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Dragonite. An all-round cool Pokémon. It's intelligent, it can change the weather, it's versatile, and it can fly. Though, I don't see it as an elegant flier, but at least it has the dexterity and strength in its forelegs to carry me around (so I don't have to sit on its back). It can also Surf.

Metagross. A combination of earth-shattering power and extreme intelligence. Metagross can analyze and solve any problem thrown at it, then attack said problem with immense strength. It also has psyhic powers, extremely handy in many situations. I can also imagining it work like a computer, and not just think like one, thus providing mind-powered Internet access wherever I am. Handily enough, it can also hover.

Espeon. One of, if the not the most useful team member. To start with, it can use telepathy, thus communicating with me (and also translate what other Pokémon are saying). It can also make the sun shine, should Dragonite ever fail. It doesn't take up much room, doesn't eat that much, and is pretty intelligent. It has healing properties. Doesn't hurt either that it's extremely loyal.

Venusaur. My starter of choice. Plant-manipulating powers are great for providing fresh food on my travels. It's also relatively cheap to feed for such a big Pokémon; as long as it has sunlight and enough water, it will thrive.

Luxray. Proud and harsh, but loyal to the bone. Also a source of electricity in the wild. It can also sense danger, as well as find stuff that gets lost in the tent/bag with its X-ray vision.

Torchic. The result of a lucky trade, this little fellow would spend most of its time mounted on my shoulder. It is the team's primary source of heat during cold nights, keeping the stove lit. Unlike the other (good) Fire starters, Torchic isn't permanently aflame, and does not provide that much of a fire hazard. It's also handy to have around when cooking or making a campfire.
My dream team:

Dragonite was always one of the best Dragons for me. When it got Multiscale it got even better. But what made me fall in love with it was how Dratini can 2HKO Whitney's Miltank with Dragon Rage. Ever since then, I have used a Dratini on every single one of my HeartGold runs.
There was a kid living in Goldenrod City.

His name...AOPSUser.

One day, he got a Coin Case for his 10th birthday. He then went into Goldenrod Game Corner. After several days of playing, he was able to afford everything the Game Corner had to offer.

He spent months training his Dratini, Abra, and Ekans. After several months, they had reached their final form.

Using his Dragonite, he was able to conquer the entire Johto League.

When Lance offered him the Championship, he refused, saying that he still had many miles to go. Literally.

And he was right.

Litwick was always an interesting case for me, and the first time I played Black, I caught one (didn't use it though). Probably the reason I like it so much is because of Shadow Tag, and because of its 100% encounter rate.
Flying on his trusty Dragonite, AOPSUser suddenly saw a shadow fall upon him. Dragonite, seemingly against its will, swooped down, and landed.

He landed in Castelia City.

There was a Harlequin, who was trying to entertain a crowd. He had a Lampent with him.

The crowd tried to leave, but couldn't.

The Harlequin noticed AOPSUser's Kadabra. He noticed its ability to bend spoons.

"I keep trying to get this guy to evolve," he said. "I don't know...maybe you can do it. I certainly can't."

He offered to trade his Lampent for AOPSUser's Kadabra. AOPSUser said goodbye to his buddy, and accepted the trade, then put away Lampent's Pokeball. Now people were leaving...

...until Kadabra evolved. Then they were enthralled, and the Harlequin amused them further by letting it bend its spoons.

AOPSUser never saw the Harlequin again. But many months later, he would stumble upon a Dusk Stone. Lampent would use it to evolve.

The first time I played Black, I basically soloed Opelucid Gym. With a Fraxure. Ever since then, Haxorus has been one of my favorites to use, especially since it swept N and Ghestis in said playthrough.
AOPSUser was exploring Mistralton Cave.

He found a Dusk Stone lying around, and seeing Lampent's interest in it, he gave it to Lampent. Then, Lampent evolved. It evolved into Chandelure, which still lit up the cave.

On his way out, Chandelure popped out of its Pokeball. It used its Shadow Tag ability to trap some wild Pokemon. One of these was an Axew.

Seeing a Dragon, AOPSUser threw his Pokeball. He caught the wild Axew, which would become one of his partners for years to come.

Ditto is very flexible. And I mean VERY flexible. Terrakion is a problem? Not anymore! Now you can sweep with your opponent's Terrakion. Keldeo? Be prepared to die to yourself! +6/+6 Dragonite? DraGONEite now! Imposter+Choice Scarf can sweep your opponent with his own sweeper, and if used against something like Shell Smash Cloyster, your opponent has virtually no chance.
The date was 4/20.

The Pokemon masters of Unova had a party. A party in which huge crates of Oddish were imported aboard a lot of Lapras. They were to smoke Oddish.

AOPSUser did not smoke, but the smoke from other people's pipes were intoxicating. Someone said to him, "Hey, let's trade Arbok for Arbok!". He said, "Why not?" It was later that he found out he had been traded a Ditto. An Imposter Ditto.

This Ditto would help AOPSUser in ways never before imaginable. When he got a Choice Scarf, he equipped it to Ditto. He and Ditto would do many things, and beat many opponents.

He never saw that random guy who traded him the Ditto. But he always remembered him.

Every team needs a Rapid Spinner. Starmie is one of the best ones out there. Especially in such a Rain-dominated metagame. Also, Staryu was one of the first things I caught in Route 46 in HeartGold (while Surfing). I didn't use it for much, but the fact that I actually bothered to catch it and use it for a while was something.
AOPSUser was surfing around in Undella Bay. Then, a wild Staryu popped up and gave him battle. He caught it right away, then used a Water Stone after a while of training.

Starmie was fast. It was the fastest Pokemon on AOPSUser's team. But he was questioning its viability when he encountered a Trainer who set up Stealth Rock, 3 layers of Spikes, 2 layers of Toxic Spikes, and proceeded to spam Whirlwind. Starmie saved the battle, because it was phased in, used Rapid Spin, and was phased out.

Ever since then, AOPSUser has been surfing on Starmie. But somehow, the Kahuna's Pikachu still surfs better.

Ever since I PRNGed a Shiny perfect IV Bold Latias in HeartGold, I've been looking for its counterpart, Latios. I have not yet used Latias and I do not plan to, but Latios is a Pokemon that I have used to great effect. And man do those Draco Meteors hurt. They are capable of 2HKOing Tyranitar in Sand, taking into account the Special Attack drop.
As a kid growing up in Goldenrod City, he would hear of legends. But the legend that he heard the most of was Latios. Latios would carry its trainer anywhere, would have telepathic connection to his trainer, and would fly faster than a jet plane.

When he was flying on the Mistralton-Lentimas flight, he noticed a blue blur by his window. Then the blur came back. And finally Latios was next to his window. He sensed in his mind, "Come get me." Then Latios was off.

For four days straight, AOPSUser and Dragonite flew the skies. They occasionally caught a blue blur, and would chase it. Finally, Dragonite was tired. So AOPSUser landed to rest.

He landed on Tilikuli Island. Home of Latios.

He could not read the ancient scriptures, but he could see some of the pictures. They were pictures of Latios.

He brought his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs for a rest, and then proceeded to have a meal and a nap.

He was woken by Chandelure's cry.

Chandelure's ability had trapped Latios. So AOPSUser sent Chandelure out. After weakening Latios with Fire Blasts, he threw a Pokeball, which caught the legendary.

Latios and AOPSUser have since bonded. Latios has almost taken the place of Dragonite, and AOPSUser uses him to fly (despite Latios not knowing Fly).

Together, they would tame the toughest of legends.

The one they could not was Arceus.
Ok, why not (can't do pictures as I'm on my ipad)
If my name wasn't enough to tell, this is my favourite pokemon. Ever.
Main cleric, rideable, affectionate, in anime solarbeam is OP :D

Although the first game I played was yellow or crystal (icr which) Diamond was the first I owned. Chimchar was my starter, and I love infernape. It would be my main battler, overall, and the immediate choice in a difficult situation, Nuff said

Seems to be a lot of Espeons around this. I'm not breaking the trend. Would be the one who's never inside their pokeball, and would be walking by my feet, constant companion. Also would be used as a scout along with my next member.

Every team needs a flyer, as always and Swellow is my favourite by far, (although Pidgeot and staraptor are not far behind) I just really like it's design, and swallows are some of my favourite birds

It's cute, it's designed for transport, it sings, has a huge movepool and is just generally awesome

I used this in platinum, after having 5 pokemon for most of the game. It became my major powerhouse after beating the game. It would be another scout, always up for a fight, but a tendency to do stupid things (rash nature in game)