Grammar-Prose Team Queue (Past Generations)

For anyone else reading this, please do not check Lotad again. That set has issues with severe lack of content and will need +2 checks whenever he updates it with my comments.

And I will put this in big bold letters for everyone to see:

Please do not GP check things not on the queue! If you think something should be on the queue, post about it here and I will add it.

I say this because we had an incident where people were GPing an analysis that wasn't on the queue but had actually not even gone through QC. GP members were not even being cognizant of the fact that the analysis hadn't passed QC before checking it. That's not "wrong" or "bad", but it is wasted effort, and is something we should strive to avoid.


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add kabuto to the queue, it looks good

it's actually kinda sorta insanely long, so i dunno if concising is in order, but that's something i'll leave up to eric and vader's

edit: yeah thats probably for the best


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I gave last check to Azurill

I finished checking Celebi (Baton Pass Update), needs one more quick look

I checked LC Psyduck

Onix (LC Analysis) has been checked by me and should be added to the queue.

edit: i can't help it snorlaxe peeps keep asking me ^_^


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i gave the onix analysis its final check!

(also why is it that when i go to check something fatecrashers has already checked it 9.9)

edit: i also checked deoxys-a which was really really long

im also dumb for using 9.9


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I checked Regirock (OU analysis). damn fatecrashers you need to slow down lol: i get a request, i tell him to get it added to the queue, and by the time i check the queue you already checked it.