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Can anyone help with translating this

I got a Japanese raw of Pokémon Réburst chapter 14 but I don’t know how to read Japanese.

I have been looking for a translation but most of the manga sharing sights only have Ch 1-10 and then it skips to 69-71 for some reason. It seems like no one really cares enough about this manga to do any translations.

If anyone even knows a even little bit of what’s being said here that would help a lot.
I recall in the Japanese B/W that there was an NPC somewhere that would let you change the text from Kana to Kanji and vice versa, if you chose the wrong option at the start of the game.

What happened to that NPC in the non-Japanese versions?

I used a Krookodile on my run through B1, and it can easily beat N's Zekrom. If you are playing White, you might have a bit more trouble, but it shouldn't be super hard considering you still get supereffective STAB on Reshiram.
I used him to and smashed N and ghetises hydregion with outrage.


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I recall in the Japanese B/W that there was an NPC somewhere that would let you change the text from Kana to Kanji and vice versa, if you chose the wrong option at the start of the game.

What happened to that NPC in the non-Japanese versions?
It seems that is all done in the options menu as Bulbapedia tells me in the options, which seems to make sense.
I just got the hang of the emerald rng and was wondering what emerald tutor moves are useful. Basically what I'm asking is what does Smogon want from emerald move tutors.


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Seismic Toss, Body Slam, and DynamicPunch for some mon's. Also, Double Edge is worthwhile in some cases, along with Softboiled on Cleffa.

cant say

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Wasn't super sure where to ask but I spend all my time in OI so thought why not?

How do EV's get shared with the EXP. Share?
For example, if I had my Serperior in the lead spot fight a Herdier, and had a Shinx holding an exp share, would both Serperior and Shinx get 2 attack EV's? Or would it be divided equally (like the experience gained) and get 1 each?

Is this the same if I lead with Shinx and switched in Serperior to kill Stoutland?

I've only really been an in-game player so never did any serious EV training so I thought I'd give it a red hot crack to make some progress in the battle subway


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Does that mean if your lead is fully EV trained, the Exp. Share recipient would get no EVs?
No they'd get the same EVs as if they hard participated in the battle themselves.

EVs given are never split, and Pokemon gain EVs when they hold the exp. share during a battle. Basically, if you're getting experience from a Pokemon, you're getting the full EVs from that Pokemon as well.
Maybe it's incorrect since idk if in gen V lvl 100 pokémon (which don't gain exp) still gain EVs in battle, but the point is:
defeated pokémon gives 2 atk EVs
you take it down using pokémon A, B, C
D has an exp. share
=> A, B, C, D get 2 atk EVs (if not fully EV trained)


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iirc, It should be noted that, for example, if your lead Serperior with a Power Weight/Macho Brace/etc. faints a wild Stunfisk or something, your Serperior will gain the 4/6 HP EV's, but your Pokémon holding the Exp. Share still only gain 2 HP EV's, since EV Training Items do not transfer the EV's gained from them to Pokémon holding an Exp. Share.

But yeah, what Jimera0 & Manitary said.
Hi, I finished Colosseum today, but I had missed some shadow Pokemon, which are listed below.


However, I was told that I would be able to get another chance at catching these Pokemon at the end of the game in the event they faint themselves. I head back to the Shadow Pokemon Lab, only to see no trainers anywhere.

I guess the question is, am I screwed, or am I not looking in the right place?


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Does anyone have an accurate list of which orb colour games produce which Pokemon in Dream Radar? I've been using this (and occasionally this) but I know from my own testing that there have some errors on both of those. I'm considering trying to determine them myself but if anyone has a good reference with this information already listed then that would be helpful :)
I assume, taking the moody thread earlier as an example, the newbie can't figure out which tier their gripe belongs in and must think orange islands is a general pokemon place (which it is - for in-game) not realizing that it is not a competitive or meta-game related sub-forum.
I've got a question about Absofusion (the process of fusing Kyurem w/ Reshiram/Zekrom via use of the DNA thingy):

Let's say I've got 2 of those I wanna fuse, hipotethically being:

Modest Nature
EV's: 252 speed, 252 spatk, 6 hp
IV's: 28/2/31/30/7/17
-Ice Beam
-Draco Meteor
-Dragon Pulse


Timid Nature
EV's: 252 spatk, 100 speed, 156 hp
IV's: 0/0/0/31/0/31
-Fusion Flare
-Dragon Pulse

What would the resulting Kyurem-W be like? What moves would it have? What IV and EV combination would it have? Would I need to EV it again because of it not having EV's when fused? If it's the case, from which of both pokemon does it get its IV's and EV's from? Thanks a lot in advance.
Kyurem-W is basically Kyurem but with a different form/bstat/type/ecc. so you will have the same level/nature/EV/IV of Kyurem:

Modest Nature
EV 6 hp/252 spa/252 spe
IV 28/2/31/30/7/17
- Ice Beam
- Blizzard
- Draco Meteor
- Dragon Pulse

the move remain the same because are all in Kyurem-W movepool, otherwise they're replaced depending on Kyurem/Kyurem-W level (if Kyurem has Glaciate it will be converted because Kyurem-W can't learn Glaciate, and a Kyurem-W having Fusion Flare will lose it upon reverting back to Kyurem)
What are some ways to make in-game run-throughs very challenging yet not impossible (Like running a troll team of Caterpie/Magikarp/etc)?
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