How would a Gardevoir Tracing [ability] change in appearance/personality/whatever?

So yeah, since Gardevoir has the very versatile ability Trace (and is humanoid, so it's funnier than it would be on Porygon or Porygon2), I wondered if that affects its appearance at all if it copies particular abilities and (if it does) how specific abilities look on it. And since we'll never get an official answer, I thought, "Why not ask other artists what they think it does visually?" So this topic was made and your task is clear. And don't worry if you don't have artistic talent or expensive painting programs; you can still describe what you think would happen for a specific ability and maybe someone who likes the idea can draw it for the both of you. I've provided a few examples, but they're still up for debate.

Aftermath: Arb
Air Lock:
Anger Point: Lord Jesseus
Arena Trap: Haruki Jitsunin
Bad Dreams: Lord Jesseus
Battle Armor: DarthVader317
Clear Body:
Cloud Nine:
Color Change: Helix
Compoundeyes: Arb
Cute Charm: Xirned
Download: Xaqwais
Drizzle: sad with a little rain cloud over its head
Drought: Arb
Dry Skin:
Early Bird: Helix
Effect Spore:
Flame Body:
Flash Fire:
Flower Gift: Yilx
Gluttony: Arb
Guts: does the "pull lower eyelid" thing while on its knees and slightly hunched over and holding its stomach region with the other arm (from either burn or poison)
Honey Gather:
Huge Power: looks insanely ripped
Hyper Cutter:
Ice Body: MrBlack
Illuminate: Yilx
Inner Focus:
Insomnia: Arb
Iron Fist:
Keen Eye:
Klutz: BynineB
Leaf Guard:
Limber: contortionist
Liquid Ooze:
Magic Guard:
Magma Armor:
Magnet Pull: DDRMaster
Marvel Scale:
Mold Breaker:
Motor Drive:
Natural Cure:
No Guard:
Overgrow: BynineB, BynineB (again)
Own Tempo:
Pickup: BynineB
Poison Heal:
Poison Point: Haruki Jitsunin
Pure Power:
Quick Feet:
Rain Dish:
Rock Head:
Rough Skin:
Run Away:
Sand Stream:
Sand Veil:
Serene Grace:
Shadow Tag: Garde's shadow extends to another (preferrably flying) Pokémon's, trapping it
Shed Skin:
Shell Armor:
Shield Dust:
Simple: Shadow Sneak
Skill Link:
Slow Start: Pinks Brother
Sniper: Haruki Jitsunin
Snow Cloak:
Snow Warning:
Solar Power:
Solid Rock:
Soundproof: Xaqwais
Speed Boost:
Stench: Pinks Brother
Sticky Hold:
Storm Drain:
Suction Cups: Arb
Super Luck:
Swarm: Pinks Brother
Swift Swim:
Tangled Feet (aka "[Tottering/Unsteady] Steps" in Japan): BynineB
Thick Fat:
Tinted Lens:
Torrent: Lord Blood
Vital Spirit:
Volt Absorb:
Water Absorb: BynineB
Water Veil:
White Smoke:
Wonder Guard:

Now obviously, some abilities won't be used; you can let me know which abilities to remove by sending me a PM with the title "Remove: [ability name]" and a link inside containing the reason you think it should be removed. Multitype has already been removed since it can't be Traced, and Wonder Guard CAN be Traced.
white smoke should be an easy one.

I'd like to see something cool for super luck, like gardevoir having the winning lottery numbers or something.

Cool idea
LOL... this is silly.

I, rather uncreatively, feel inclined to say that it ought to look the same as the Pokemon it's copying it from... but these answers are more fun so screw that. xP
I really like this idea, im hoping it becomes big like the retype thread

Heres gardevior with gluttony

i like all of them so far but pokerade yours is just hilarious! one of the funniest things ive seen in a while
Hoshit, guys... I have a few really awesome ideas... I'll sketch 'em up and post them up later tonight...

Let's just say: arena trap, sniper and poison point...

Arena trap just hit me in an epic way.
This thread is growing really fast! the only problem is i have so many ideas, and not enough time to make them all!

Heres what happens when gardevoir traces drought (she getting a tan), i tried making sand in paint but i gave up so i google sand instead :P
I tried adaptation. It was going to be like an evolution line type of thing, (like this) however I decided not to when it came out horribly. I plan on doing one of these though! HAVE NO FEAR

EDIT: Like I said I would.

I might try a few more soon.