I can draw TOO!

Hello Everyone name's Dez I hang around the Wifi section mostly. I started this thread a few years back, it seems 2010 was my last update @_@. I have revived this because I have a passion for art too and I got a new art tablet. I love to draw I hope to accomplish my dreams with my hobby, but as of now all I can do is practice.
My stuff isn't like some of the other things here, because smogon has some top notch artists and I feel embarrassed to have my stuff posted next to theirs xD.
I use a Cintiq 12wx I just got it March 31 2012, I got it for my birthday from my mother and I am loving it! Before my cintiq I used to use a wacom Bamboo fun it was nice but I spilled milk and broke it o_o, but now with this new one I can once again draw!

Please enjoy my gallery of junk maybe there will be something you like xD.
Program I use are both PhotoshopCs4 and Paint Tool Sai mostly sai it feels easier to control especially with colors.

Completed 4/6/12 @ around 2am o_o My entry for MAC#16 I really really like this one It turned out great and probably my best one so far although I love the rapidash one xD

Completed 4-5-12
Done for my good friend Ria she wanted to cross a rainbow with her rapidash I decided to get a little wacky with it

Completed 4-4-12
Done for my good friend Dp0d. He wanted to soar the sky on his Gliscor

Completed 4-3-12
Done for my friend Kaly nothing specific she just wanted a trainer next to Raichu *I don't have much practice with women so I focused on the trainer much more than raichu >_> not the best out of the bunch.

Completed 4-2-12
Done for my buddy Justin he asked me to turn his avatar which was a normal trainer sprite on top of magnezone into this I liked how it came out I thnk I tried to hard on the Shadows.

4/8/10 Older work with Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet.

ALL Work below is done by mouse before I got my tablet.

Added 8/17/09

Added 8/04/09
Azumarril- Not one of the best but its okay xD
For Destroyer123



Various pokemon

Originally Pikachu was taunting or mocking his trainer and the trainer was pointing and yelling at someone but then I couldn't get it right and to save it I did Cacturne because it's pretty creepy.


(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)
That quagsire is amazingly disturbing. I would ask to use it as my avy but it appears that nook beat me too it
thanks all for the comments i have a new picture to add today
Dusknoir has always been one of my most Used pokemon he is a great pokemon here he is in this drawing
hopefully im not breaking any rules but today i got my tablet and wanted to share
There is still alot i need to get used to from my mouse and how i normally use my pen and pencil but still this will be loads of fun :)


another drawing with my tablet starting to understand it a bit more
try pressure sensitivity on the brush if you use photoshop, choose a hard round brush, go to brush settings and make sure that you have shape dynamics on, that should turn on pressure sensitivity. you don't have to change brush size much that way, just don't press down hard for thinner lines
This isn't a necro post I am Reviving this instead of making a new one because I can still use this one I have my new Tablet and am doing lots of drawing I plan to enter MAC here so please enjoy my works maybe you'll like one of 'em xD

OP is edited and what not with latest are and stuff.
Sweet. Say, do you take requests? If so, would you be able to draw me and a rhyhorn? I basically look like the guy that I've normally been drawing in my comics section. Or the guy that's my avvy.

But that's only if you take requests. :D
Sure I take them I have quite a few on my plate right now I'll write it down and i'll let you know when its done. I would say in a week or so I will start yours Since these seem to take me about a day to finish and I have about 4 requests from friends. I'm sure I will throw you a sketch preview within a day or so.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Good stuff here. I would say you've definitely improved, but I technically can't say that since you started out with a mouse.