i make art! (now taking requests :) )

I do admit, I'm still trying to improve on my lineart and I'm a second year art major but my lineart has improved since last year. As for learning how to actually draw, work with shapes and build the figure by using circles, lines, squares.
so im guessing that one peace of art isnt gonna take an hour and a half :P
so im guessing that one peace of art isnt gonna take an hour and a half :P
It can, it really depends on what you draw though. Some of my pieces normally take an hour to finish or even more. When I speed draw, I can finish it in 20 minutes of so. Sketches normally take me like 2-10 minutes (depends on what I'm drawing).
Bleh, more drawings:
My current art on Shrinky Dinks (WIP):


And on Colors! 3D (from old to new):

And have a Sneasel:

The anatomy is really wobbly and it is mostly present in Sneasel's arms. The lineart can be jagged at times and I also have noticed some line overlaps in Sneasel's head. But I think I did a good job on the coloring, it's smooth and soft.
cool stuff man, I don't really have much critique at the moment, but I'm lovin the bright colors on the Colors! 3D paintings! Also the cubone is super cute :3

Haxorus use Superpower!
Also, I will take requests if you guys want so feel free to drop one by! (because I want to work on my lineart and stuff and also I don't want to draw my favorites over and over again D:)
Wow, so I was browsing through your art thread...and I've gotta say you've come a really long way since a year ago. if only I could improve at the same pace...

Your art is brilliant, and I like the generous use of vivid colours. But I think you can not only improve on your perspective (sometimes the faces look a little strange) but also try to vary your lineart. Because your lineart is of the same thickness, your drawings looks a little flat IMO. But maybe that's just me...

Anyway, keep up the great work! ;)
To add on to what SnowP said, I think some tapering of the lines (thinning off the ends) in addition to varying line thickness could help. For example, tapering away the lines you have on its hind leg there would look more natural. Also keep on working on your perspective and posing like SnowP said, keep it up :)


@ NeverMeltIce
bluehoundoom, can you draw me a cute little spoink? i hope this will help you improve your line-art and your artwork in general. i actually like you style and i'd love to see you improve :D
@Ritter- Once again, thanks for the advice! I think I should stop being lazy on my perspectives, haha. I'll work on both poses and perspectives.
@pk- Here's your Spoink! Not sure if my lineart up to snuff but I think it got better? I just struggle with lines when doing digital things.

Speaking of lineart, one of the reasons why it's not the greatest is this problem here:

Yes, sometimes when I draw a line with this program, it will make my lines a lot more jagged and wobbly looking and I really hate to undo and/or fix up the line a bit some of the time.


@ NeverMeltIce
I love it! Thank you so much, bluehoundoom. i really love the colours you have used. The shading sort of reminds me of Ken Sugimori's. Keep up the good work, man!


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the togekiss/empoleon thing is incredible.

i also really like the landorus-t.

if it's not too much trouble could i get a blaziken??

luvdisc :toast:
Alright, I'm not entirely done with BKC's request but I could show some progress. It's unfinished because I might need a second opinion on something:

I guess my problems with this piece are how stubby its right leg is (the one at the front) and how stocky its left shoulder is. I think I could solve this through by making the leg a bit longer and toning down the shoulder.
What do you guys think?
@Hollymon- Maybe I could continue using this style. uwu