List of Released Dream World Pokemon Mark II

Putting a grass type to sleep. Still getting sea and ice. Putting a flying typre to sleep. Still getting ice and sea.
I'm just very frustrated. I would like to get a Cottonee.
Huh, if you're over that much on Black 2, then I dunno. You do know separate games have separate point counts, right? You sure you checked the right game? Assuming you have more than one. Otherwise, I dunno.

EDIT: Wow, I completely forgot about badge requirements.

Buizel with Water Sport. Water gun is a move that buizel only learns at level 15 on B2W2. I Think they have changed this move because of that. Anyone has seen any other move change on Dream world? maybe we should check all of then again.


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Hmmm... the only other possible change that may have occurred (I don't have BW2 yet so I can't check for sure) is that Magnemite no longer has Metal Sound before level 10, which means that it may have a different level up move in BW2 as well.
I've done a list of pokemon with hidden ability that only can get the combination of Move + Ability on Dream World. Every pokemon not in this list can learn the move that it learns on Dream world any other way, that can be by level up, breeding, move tutor or it's a pokemon without a hidden ability that can learn the move on other generation.

Pleasant Forest
Nidoran Female with Sucker Punch
Lickitung with Rock Climb
Sentret with Endure
Mareep with Reflect
Mareep with Shock Wave
Lotad With Water Pulse
Bidoof With Secret Power
Psyduck With Brine
Growlithe with Endure
Tauros With Rock Climb
Pachirisu with Shock Wave
Glameow with Secret Power

Windswept Sky
Butterfree with Air Cutter
Pidgey with Secret Power
Delibird with Focus Punch
Taillow with Endure
Wingull with Shock Wave
Tropius with Silver Wind

Sparkling Sea
Slowpoke with Brine
Krabby with Secret Power
Seaking with Endure
Qwilfish with secret power
Remoraid With Brine
Mantine With Air Cutter
Clamperl With Captivate (Gorebyss Learn this move by level up)
Buizel with Water Pulse
Shellos with secret Power

Spooky Manor
Gastly with Sludge Wave
Misdreavus with Inferno
Meditite with Endure
Stunky with Sucker punch
Meowth with Secret Power

Rugged Mountain
Koffing with Sludge Wave
Rhyhorn with Double-Edge
Teddiursa With Focus Punch
Spinda With Superpower
Tyrogue with Feint (Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop learn this move by level up)
Tyrogue with Mach Punch (Hitmonchan learn this move by level up)

Icy Cave
Voltorb with Natural Gift
Nosepass with AncientPower
Lunatone with Moonlight
Solrock with morning Sun
Snorunt with Water Pulse
Gible with Endure

Pokémon Cafe
Eevee with Swift

Event only pokemon
Female Banette with cotton guard
Male Altaria with False Swipe
Male Gothorita with Mirror Coat
Male Pikachu with Headbutt

Edit: I was looking for a B2W2 book for me, and look what I've found:

Short Description for Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 the Official National Pokedex & Guide
• The latest, most up-to-date National Pokédex, including newly revealed Pokémon • Tips and strategies on training and battle to help you master the games • Insider info on Pokémon moves and Abilities in the new games • A spectacular full-color Pokémon poster • A password to get a special Gothorita with the Hidden Ability Shadow Tag

Publisher: Prima Games
Published: 20 November 2012
Format: Paperback 688 pages
See: Full bibliographic data
Categories: Games Strategy Guides
ISBN 13: 9780307895608 ISBN 10: 0307895602


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Front page of Serebii states Gothorita will be available internationally November 19th. Take it with a grain of salt, but keep your eyes peeled.

Edit: Straight from somewhat poorly written post:

Serebii said:
For those of you who will be getting the international games for at least the US versions, the next Global Link promotion has announced. his event gives you a Gothorita with its Hidden Ability of Shadow Tag. This Pokémon is distributed via a special code that comes in the upcoming strategy guide: "Pokemon Black Version 2 & Pokemon White Version 2 The Official National Pokedex & Guide Volume 2: The Official Pokemon Strategy Guide" due out on November 19th. Unfortunately, it's likely to be a one-use only serial code so we won't be able to provide the password. We'll provide information when it goes live, but it'll likely match the Japanese one released a couple of months ago
Edit: I hate you Maverick Hunter.
Dream world is back, and now i can plant 30 berries and visit person who I have in my friend list
The front page thing of Global Link lists all the changes
• Invite your Game Pals to become Dream Pals! Click “Check Game Pals” in the Check Dream Pal Map menu to visit your Game Pals’ homes

• The Player Locator on the Dream Pal Map shows players who recently visited the Pokémon DW

• You can have 30 more Dream Pals—up to 50

• You can make five Dream Pal requests at a time before having to use Game Sync

• You can now tuck in some Pokémon that were previously unavailable

• You can find a greater number of Pokémon or items on the Island of Dreams each time you use Game Sync [I'm guessing this just means they're more common, not that there are MORE to find]

• You can have more rows in your garden

• You have more chances to water other players’ gardens
edit: Huh, I just logged in and "only" have 9 garden beds. Did you miscount or is it just at a really high point cap
I have 3 accounts.

My Japanese black 2 has + 10.000 and 6 garden beds
my american White 1 has + 60.000 and 9 garden beds
My Japanese Black 1 has +100.000 and 10 garden beds.

I have a friend with + 20.000 and 7 garden beds


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false swipe altaria earlier this year... -__- also if anyone has a korean account and can get a pic of it in the DW that would be great when it's released.


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Ok, so with the release of BW2 in the states tomorrow BW2 Dream World activity is expected to shoot up as as well and if possible I'd like english screenshots of all the Unova mons (mainly) that people find as they're exploring the updated Dream World. So if you find a Pokemon that has an evidence picture using the japanese BW2 Dream World please take a screenshot of it so I can replace the japanese image. This also applies to any unlisted moves. Thank You.
I have a question. For the list of pokemon obtainable through the Dream Radar, does it only list pokemon that can only be obtained through it? Cause it lacks a few pokemon, such as Slowpoke or Drifloon.