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Little Cup's New and "Creative" Moveset Thread - Mark 1

Discussion in 'Little Cup' started by Fuzznip, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Nails

    Nails Nuke the Weebs
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    May 14, 2010
    It's outclassed by band eevee though because a choice band eevee doesn't have to spend the turn protecting, has no life orb recoil, and can hit ghosts with bite, as well as having Quick Attack for powerful priority, AND the ability to kill Aron with a hidden power. All that for 10% less power. Which usually isn't even needed, as band eevee already hits like a nuke.
  2. Ice-eyes

    Ice-eyes Simper Fi

    Feb 15, 2010
    It's outclassed by Choice Band Eevee, which is in turn outclassed by Choice Band Dratini. Seriously, there's no reason you would really want to attempt a sweep with that set when you're just going to get nailed by everything faster, priority and Normal resists/immunities.
  3. Nails

    Nails Nuke the Weebs
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    May 14, 2010
    Band eevee isn't 100% outclassed, due to (slightly) better bulk and not having to lock yourself into outrage, but it is generally inferior.

    Last resort Eevee isn't good though.
  4. Kannon


    Nov 2, 2008
    Choice Band in general is pretty outclassed by Life Orb, as the difference between x1.3 and x1.5 is very slight in LC, but the ability to actually change moves isn't.

    On another note:

    Skitty @ Life Orb
    Jolly Nature
    236 Atk / 196 Spe / 76 SpD
    ~ Fake Out
    ~ Sucker Punch
    ~ Return
    ~ Thunder Wave

    While this may look like a regular skitty set, Thunder Wave works very well on it. Sure, you can't dry pass out of ghosts, but ghost are fairly easy to predict and switch a counter into. What Skitty gains in Normalize Thunder Wave is the ability to disable most pokemon that would see skitty as a set up opportunity. While Skitty requires heavy prediction, and this set is no different, the rewards are far more than that of the regular skitty set, and I feel that this is worth trying out on it's own.
  5. ComptonKid


    Jul 26, 2010
    Pokemon Name:Elekid
    Moveset Name: RevengeKid
    Move 1: ThunderPunch
    Move 2: IcePunch
    Move 3: FirePunch/Quick Attack
    Move 4: BrickBreak
    Item:ChoiceScarf/Life Orb/ ExpertBelt
    Ability: Static
    Nature(s): Jolly
    EVs:Att-252, Speed-236

    Elekid is the Perfect revenge killer in LC with this Move set he can hit an unprepared opponent hard. ChoiceScarfed is Prefered on this set so it can revenge Common Scarfed 19's such as Gligar. On Life Orb/Belt sets, you want to switch FirePunch out for quickatt to get kill pokemon switching in that threaten you with priority such as eevee and buizel.

    Moveset Name: Scarf Or Sash? lead
    Move 1: BrickBreak
    Move 2: EarthQuake/Vaccumm wave/Agility
    Move 3: IcePunch
    Move 4: ThunderPunch
    Item: ChoiceScarf Or Focus Sash
    Ability: Inner Focus/Stead Fast
    Nature(s): Adament/Naughty
    EVs:HP 38, Attack 236, Speed 236

    Riolu is caplable of OHKO or 2hko most leads in LC.One Advantage Riolu has is InnerFocus on the Scarf Lead because pokemon with fake out still take a full hit from Riolu putting them in a switch of die position if the werent Ko'd.
    With A Focus Sash i would Recomend Stead Fast As you can Profit from the speed boost and attempt a sweep from the start. ThunderPunch and Ice Punch allow Riolu to go right past Gliscor and Mantyke, ( the first can get OHKO on the switch in if predicted correctly). With Agility you want InnerFocus. Naughty is Only ran if you choose to use Vaccuum wave to hit Scarf Users.

    Other Options, With Stead Fast or Agility you can run Oran Berry to keep Riolu Alive and Continue to attempt to sweep after the speed boost.
  6. Nails

    Nails Nuke the Weebs
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    May 14, 2010
    Elekid is not as all a creative moveset, that's the standard set for it with choice scarf slashed on and fire punch as an option. Riolu as a lead has been used before. As far as its success against leads goes:

    Lead Matchups (open)
    Snover - Both are knocked to sash, hail koes Riolu. Loss

    Meowth - It wins if meowth fake outs, but an intelligent meowth player would return or u-turn on the first turn. After seeing you're scarfed, their ghost gets a free setup turn, so while you technically win, you're in a worse situation than you started. If both are sashed, you lose. Win, to an extent.

    Hippopotas - Still puts rocks up, lives through anything you throw at it, and kills you with earthquake (through sash if SS is up). I'm not sure on damage, but it at least cripples it, and besides... it sets up rocks and sandstorm, which is all it's supposed to do. Lose

    Kabuto - If you're running scarf, it either gets up rocks or dies, and against sash it can knock you to 1 hp and set up rocks (you have to win a speed tie if you're sashed). Win, but it still accomplishes its goals and gets a shot off with aqua jet.

    Voltorb - Sash leads set up rain, damp rocks don't (if you're running scarf that is). A win with scarf, loss with sash.

    Bronzor - Sets up rocks, kills with psychic. Lose

    Machop - Dynamicpunch ohkoes, followed by bullet punch if you're sashed. LOSE!!!

    Essentially, it beats any lead whose goal is to use fake out, really frail leads, or leads who it hits SE. Basically, what any other scarf lead does. Inner focus is a decent ability, but it's still pretty much outclassed by scarf mankey as a lead. Mankey gets much stronger STAB, higher attack and speed, U-Turn, more bulk even, and is better/mid-lategame. While usable, it's not great, and not really creative either (as I said, I've seen it used before).
  7. Wynought


    Sep 12, 2010
    What about an Anti-lead Torchic?

    Torchic @ Focus Sash
    200 SpA / 40 Def / 240 Spe
    Hidden Power Grass
    Quick Attack

    Snover - Overheat for the swift OHKO.
    Meowth / Aipom - Protect on the Fake Out, live the Return or Last Resort with the sash and OHKO with Overheat.
    Hippopotas - Overheat deals: 84.6% - 103.8% - Not sure if that's a OHKO, but it either sets up rocks and kills me with Earthquake and Sandstorm damage.
    Kabuto - Hidden Power Grass OHKOs.
    Voltorb - Overheat will OHKO. I've never come across one yet, but do they actually set up Rain? Because if so they'll only get the Rain up and I have my sash intact. If it's an Anti-Lead with a sash of its own, Overheat + Quick Attack.
    Bronzor - Overheat OHKOs.
    Machop - Overheat deals: 88% - 108% - I do outspeed and can finish it off with Quick Attack if the confusion hax doesn't beat me.

    I'm not perfect, and their may be something wrong with the calculations, EVs or set itself but it seems pretty effective. I've had quite a lot of success with it, the only known lead I couldn't face was Houndour, who I must admit does this role better :C
  8. Darkamber8828


    Dec 28, 2009
  9. Towelie


    Sep 15, 2009
    chimchar >>>>>>>>> torchic

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