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Postgame Mario Kart Mafia (NOC) POSTGAME

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Eagle4, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Houndoomsday


    Mar 8, 2013
    im glad you feel that way, however after the noc i basically read every single piece of literature on smogon i could concerning how to play mafia and i still had a huge blunder in an OC. nothing like that happened in the NOC game when i went in blind, because its much simpler to understand. the benefit of a noc is everything is laid out for an outside viewer to see- i cant read an oc thread and see the pms, logs, etc, which is where the game is happening

    also i havent done jack shit in any oc game so far, and i honestly am having trouble finding a way to do something at all, despite being in irc every night
  2. jumpluff

    jumpluff じゃまた!
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    Aug 22, 2008
    Hmm yea you guys are right, that is a good aspect of the games. I think NOCs are good games for beginners if setup info is out in the open. The thing is that they are veryyyy easily bullied and picked off, in an OC that will almost never happen, so most newbies get intimidated and barely post, or they do post and do something weird and get lynched. Also, NOC demands a high activity level, which is also problematic for newbies.
  3. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    Most newbies/beginners/names hosts have not heard of are given vanilla in OC standards or given a very competent mafia team. Village leaders will go running to you demanding your claim and that's how you talk to people. if you can get your role inspected/proven you'll probably be added to the leadership channel to talk some more. while I agree NOC forces you to talk to the specific cluster of users in the game in an arranged setting I also think OC gives you more flexibility talking to people about the game since you can say more to someone you trust without being exposed. Iunno I haven't really played much mafia for the past year or more or been very invested in games so I don't know a lot of you newbies very well. when I began we only had bigs and the smaller standard games and us newbies were tossed in to the ring and left to fend for ourselves, and back then we had a LOT of the classic oldster mafia players who still frequently played standards (now most of them don't even play bigs). I remember fakeclaiming as a villager to Mekkah my first game b/c I didn't trust him (he was a mole) and I thought mayor was a very valuable role.. we would've won the game but I actually had 0 votes instead of 2 and that lost us the crucial lynch. ANYWAY, sometimes you just have to jump in to OC games and interact in the IRC channels, we're pretty easy to get along with once you learn that pluff and I are the queens and crux is the diva.
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