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For rnging roamers in HG/SS if I have Raikou roaming and Latios roaming to confirm the seed and I am trying to RNG Entei does he start on frame 1 or frame 6? I know I have to put into account the roamers but I need to know if I have roamers out what frames they will be technically on. Because I hit 5 frames off the first time and then 4 frames off the second time when I tried again. So is the only roamer that spawns get it from frame 1?
If there's only one roamer that's going to be re-spawn, then that roamer will have a frame of 1.

Although my account is pretty much brand spanking new, I have lurked here at Smogon for a long time - I just never made an account. But seeing as I could use a little help right now, I thought now might be a good time!

I have been doing a lot of looking into getting the shinies for my SS team lately since it gets here in the next couple days and I have tried chaining; I got sufficient enough shinies to render my SID but I can't seem to make this RNG thing work. I've read guides, I've watched videos - I follow the instructions, but I never get a shiny. In fact, several times, I end up with a pokemon several frames ahead than the egg I was aiming for...

I did manage to get my timid female eevee, but every effort after that one has been a full-on fail...

I just did a "shiny" egg that was 55 taps and 6 coin flips. I counted aloud and was extremely careful - I got all the taps and flips in without advent. However, when the egg hatched, rather than a Sassy Shiny Male eevee, it was a Relaxed Normal Female eevee... From my estimation after looking at the list near my frame I aimed for (669), it was either the one 20 frames ahead or the one a couple frames ahead of that one. I am positive I did not overclick or underclick on the apps, so what could have messed with my framerate? Was it the NPCs in Solaceon? I watched a video of someone on Youtube using RNG, he didn't seem to pay any particular mind to the NPCs roaming about, he just zoomed around and his absol hatched shiny.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but if anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it! I am not asking anyone to spoonfeed me or anything, I just want to know what it is I'm doing wrong and if there's anything I can do to fix said problems.

I am very, very sorry if I am asking a redundant question. I've read the guides on it but my brain just is not wanting to comprehend it. :( I've been at this all afternoon until now - its 2:30 AM! Just when I think I know what I'm doing, I am proven wrong. x_x; I have watched several videos (one was an hour long...) but my results never turn out like theirs, even if I follow the directions to a T. I'm determined to learn this, I am really set on getting my long-awaited-for shiny Umbreon. :)

Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can kind of point me in the right direction!


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Which guides have you read? What Reporter version are you using? It sounds like you're using some rather out-of-date methods if you're doing 55 taps (this day and age, doing even one tap is not necessary). I'd suggest either waiting for your HGSS game or if you're really determined to do this on DPPt, you can see my sig for more details.

The guides I've read are the ones listed in the guides on here. The links I've been using are here:

How to Hatch a Shiny

DPPt Shiny Egg Finder

I tried the shiny egg finder, but I can never seem to start the game on the right delay... I calculated my reset time several times and I come out at about 14 seconds; I always seem to hit a delay a couple hundred ahead (lower) of the target. If that guide is the one I should be following, how should I remedy my delay in a way that I can hit the target time? I was unsure of how to go about bridging that distance between my usual hits and the actual target... I read the tips on one of the earlier sections and despite following them, I could never seem to get it right. :(

Another problem I had was that RNG Reporter has given me two different SIDs. o_O; I entered my pokemons' stats correctly and some of them actually give me no read at all. When I enter a couple of my pokemons' stats into the generator, it will blank out and give me "0" possibilities for my SID even though I'm pretty sure their stats were accurate... One pokemon was "5 or 6" in its Special Defense so I omitted her, though I'm not sure how at level 100, every calculator can give me a "or" reading... That aside, however! Could perhaps my SID be the contributing factor to why I'm having a hard time? I've taken down my pokemons' stats via level 100 wifi battle with my second DS so they're the most accurate, I should hope.

I would wait until I had SS, only I want to start with all six of my team. :) Being the sentimental person I am, I wanted to have them with me. xP However, wouldn't I have to find my own shiny on HGSS in order to do the RNG manipulation for other shinies? I have horrid luck at finding shinies (had it not been for chaining, I wouldn't have the ones I do have!), so I try to take as much advantage of what I have as possible. xD

I am checking out your guide now. :) It seems a little bit more complicated than the "caveman method" I was using, so I will definitely get some coffee down before I tackle the job!
I'm having a bit of trouble with RNGing in HG. So, I'm trying to RNG a flawless Ranger Manaphy egg with the PID 7942EF72 with Timid frame of 114 (as noted on RNG Reporter 9.96 Alpha). However, when i advance the frame 113 times (Elm calls accounted for), I get the flawless IV spread (31/31/31/31/31/31) but instead of a Timid nature, the Manaphy has a Naughty nature. Also, when i attempted this for other seeds with this exact PID, I always get a Naughty natured flawless Manaphy instead of Timid.

However, when I attempt other random frames in my seed, all other PID's in the frame remain the same as seen in RNG Reporter, which is odd to why only this Timid frame is off. I've even tried RNGing for the other flawless (Modest) "paired" IV spread and that works out fine as well.

I've already RNGed a couple stationary Pokes sometime last week in this exact HG game using this Timid PID , but for some reason when I try to RNG the Manaphy, I get a Naughty nature instead of Timid. Any suggestions on what’s going on here with the Manaphy?


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Did you read that little detail about game A and B? You'll never get a shiny Manaphy on the game the egg is received. The change in nature is the shiny check at work. There are also two hexflawless Modest spreads so it's possible you aren't actually using the one that's paired with Timid, which is why the nature turns out fine.
If you were to trade that egg to another save it would STILL hatch as Naughty nature. The game checks against the TID/SID on the EGG instead of the save file.
Did you read that little detail about game A and B? You'll never get a shiny Manaphy on the game the egg is received. The change in nature is the shiny check at work. There are also two hexflawless Modest spreads so it's possible you aren't actually using the one that's paired with Timid, which is why the nature turns out fine.
Ah, ok. I always thought that the Manaphy only wouldn't be shiny and i could just trade it to another game with a shiny PID but thanks for clearing that up.

And just curious, but since the flawless Naughty nature technically "doesn't exist" and comes up invalid on RNG reporter, does that actually make the Naughty natured Manaphy a hack or something?
Well... From what I can gather from Google searches, seems like Feebas is a method 2 encounter. Some used to classify it as a "method 1" but have since changed their thinking. If anyone else has a 100% answer that they know is factual, please do correct me. I don't want to steer you wrong, but I am telling you the results of my Google search. c: Here's wishing you the best getting your Feebas!

Unrelated to above, does saving reset/change the seed in which you're attempting to get to? I don't think it does, but I want to be sure. :c I have finally consistently hit my delays, but I am now working on frames!

Also, Everstone, thank you immensely for your guide. :) I'm using it step-by-step as I quest for a shiny starly for my best friend. In theory, I could just chain for it, but I need the RNG practice! I decided to take your advice and wait for my SS to get here (should be today or tomorrow; seller was VERY late on shipping -sigh-) before I attempt RNGing for my team.
This is probably a dumb question. ^ ^; I hit my delay again and tried to advance my frames. I had to do one turn and 95 page flips. Somehow, I did something wrong... Do the coin flips account for 10, or is it already considered in the frame count RNG Reporter provides?

Also, I did a couple sweet scent lures just to make sure and I did encounter two starly about the frame I was supposed to encounter one, if the coin flips were accounted for, but neither was shiny. I've tried to re-get my SID several times with my chained shinies and I continue to get the same SID; could my SID still be wrong somehow and it is, therefore, not making pokemon shiny that should have been according to the reporter?

I apologize for all the questions. ^ ^;


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Can't use Pokecheck to verify the SID? You may want to try a nonshiny capture first to verify that the SID is indeed the problem. It could also be that you're doing it in an NPC infested area and didn't freeze them in place before doing this.
I know how to abuse my I'd SID but how I do it to get a specific shiny spread and nature? In this case I'm aiming for a shiny latios on SoulSilver with Timid HP Fire (31/x/31/30/31/30)
Well, the area I was in did not have a single NPC in it. I chose to get my starly at Lake Verity, where its only the water and grass. The Route 201 where they normally appear has a random-moving NPC, so I chose to steer clear of that place and went to LV.

Edit: I used Pokecheck and it seems my SID is correct. :c Not sure what I'm doing wrong now...


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You'll need to provide more details if you want help, seed, frame, pics of reporter/eontimer, how you advanced your frame, what you did to verify delay, what result did you get, etc, etc.

Also try Chatter, it's much easier to control.
Oh, whoops. Sorry about that. :)

My target frame was 203, if I am remembering correctly; I started up my game, following EonTimer's queues, and confirm my seed with 10 coin flips. Using coin flip finder on the RNG Reporter interface, I discovered I did hit my targeted seed. Since I had saved in the middle of the grass, I started at frame 1 (no roamers), though when I logged in my journal automatically flipped to the screen where I caught weepinbell, so I went ahead and counted that as frame advance +2. Taking that into account, I did 95 journal flips and then proceeded to use sweet scent after one additional turn since I was on an odd number. I noticed the pokemon I encountered was wrong so I assumed I had mis-counted. I sweet scented a few more times and I did finally encounter a starly, but it was not shiny like it was supposed to be...

I will be trying another RNG soon and I can more accurately document it. However, is there something wrong with the above method I was using, from what is provided?

Also, about Chatter. Do you know any sounds/music clips that make for good chatter sounds? I'm only concerned about it being easy to decipher what the pitch is. :c