Murkrow Cup Second Round

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you can see the rules here

Cookie Crumbz vs Justice
Ae Sakura vs (TO)Taylor
Lokivs Veteran In Love
[kd8]otome vs -FL-
Pilocus vs zerowing
massi4h vs Judgement
goofball vs Ground80
Cerberus vs husk

peope in astriks are people that havent seen in awhile or atleast been to the fourms. I need confirmation that they still exist or if they just disappered.

Ill take subs for these two people but only these two people only. This is I cant get contact with the above people in astricks.

Get your battles done! Ill be hounding you all and asking Ground80 to do the same as he's the one that convinced me to keep this going.
eh I won 2-0 vs g80 first match caught some timely chs 2nd match wasnt all that bad g80 :| you were bound to miss hypnosis with the way its been hitting for you all match you made a mistake on end game but it was a good game :\


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well game 1 was easily mine, until a perfectly-timed ch killed zapdos and swampert got frozen.

game 2 could have gone my way multiple times but it didn't so yeah, I lost two pretty dumb games.
k Im replacing Agasta with Pilocus..

btw Pilocus make sure that you send me your team (just copy and past it) so I know you use the same team throughout.
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