nj art

That ensemble picture with you and all of your favorite Pokemon is awesome. I also love the awesome little details like Manectric powering your laptop / DS and you lying on Musharna.

EDIT: I'm going to go out on a limb and the say that person in the chair was Falcon Punched.
Still majorly impressed at that typeface choice and treatment, I have already stolen it and know where I plan to use it

I also think that bottom banner is close to flawless

you really never cease to amaze and impress me

really, really nice work :)
Hey, Nastyjungle! I love your art so much, I could never do that well T-T
So I was wondering if you'd mind doing a piece with Gengar and Shaymin in it? I always thought it would be funny to see those two together....


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i understand the discipline that must go into doing these pieces with hundreds of tiny details in them, so i really admire this

i also really love heavy black lines what is that even about, and how they evolve out of your really sketchy thin lines, so good!! i don't sketch anywhere near that thin

do you have any plans to revisit that arbok that i think you were taking in a similar direction?

A little late to comment on this, but I really, really like it. Clefable is one of my favorite Pokemon, and that logo is awesome. (NO! I'm not just saying that because of you NJ, I used her back in DPP UU, she was the boss of bosses!!!)