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No-Playerlist Mafia - Game Over: Assassins and Unclesam win

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Daenym, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Layell

    Layell Alas poor Yorick!
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    Nov 5, 2006
    Posting logs a month later is the cool thing to do:

    Blue_Tornado: what is your allegiance
    Layell: I'm Batman
    Blue_Tornado: yes you've made that clear enough
    Blue_Tornado: what is your wc
    Layell: invisible but I need to kill the Joker
    Layell: or have him die
    Layell: since I don't kill
    Layell: since I'm batman
    Blue_Tornado: then i can't help you in any particular way
    Layell: well you could
    Layell: if you were the Joker
    Layell: you could die

    Spiffy: jeez why is everyone being such jerks
    Spiffy: Itt
    Layell: DON'T CALL ME A JERK
    daletterel: You're a jerk
    daletterel: (i know)

    This might have been the 2nd day I was itg I can't remember

    Layell: Hello Paperblade it's Batman
    Layell: what is the plan for today?
    Paperblade: no idea
    Paperblade: if everyone just found nigs I'm gonna lynch a random person who I don't have info on
    Layell: man those nigers are really annoying
    Layell: holy shit
    Layell: oops
  2. askaninjask

    askaninjask [FLAIL ARMS]
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 2, 2009
    Since this game will never have a bona fide postgame, I figure I'll let you guys see some of the quotes from the first few nights.


    Game Start:
    billymills started out with a third of the Machine Part, which was given to him with two out of every 3 letters missing. However, billymills decided that he would attempt to deduce the true identity of his item before seeing the other two. The journey begins...
    Spoiler alert: it doesn't end up being cabala sabellian abusage.

    He does do remarkably well, though, until at the end of the night he has figured out all but two words.
    Expect Ancient Tacos to be featured as items in all future askaninjask games.

    I'm not ashamed to post a selfie.

    Yes, but is he more or less dense than a black hole?

    In Bass's first quiz, you made it to the next round if you got every question wrong. One of the questions was for the correct value of the solar constant.
    Man these selfies are REALLY tacky. I should probably stop posting them.

    These next couple of quotes stand on their own.
    Alright, don't expect any more. This is it.

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