No-Playerlist Mafia - Game Over: Assassins and Unclesam win


Another stupidly silent day on the village's part. But, just when all hope seemed to be lost, Fatecrashers saves the day with a vote 20 minutes before deadline. Accent gets lynched.

Role PM said:
Dear Accent,
You are The Imaginary Friend.

Tons of kids have imaginary friends when they’re growing up. It’s only when you’re an adult and you still have one that people start to worry. The best thing about an imaginary thing is that he can be just about anything. The worst part is that only the one who imagined him can see him.

You have no night action.

During the day you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “DX - Being imagined just like <user>.” This ability may only be used once. At the end of the day, you will permanently gain whatever role your target had. The target must be dead and must have been part of the Invisibles.

The person who imagined you also gave you some very deep pockets. Therefore, it you are ever given an item no one will ever be able to steal it from you. You can still use or pass the item normally.

You are allied with the Invisibles. You win if the Invisibles outlast the Assassins, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
Along the way, Accent had changed to look a bit more like IPL, the Chameleon.

And then it was night.

And then it wasn't.

Game over.

Without majority in the lynch, the remaining two Invisibles were doomed. Farewell Quagsires and Midou.

Role PM said:
Dear Quagsires,
You are Invisible Walls.

A common element of many video games, you exist to troll the player by making it impossible to go any further. Sometime it’s on purpose, or maybe you’re just the end of the map and someone was too lazy to put a real wall there. Whichever the case, some game designer saw it fit to program you in here to help out the Invisibles.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Set up in front of <user>.” Anyone who tries to kill your target that night will find himself impeded by your infuriating invisibleness.

You are allied with the Invisibles. You win if the Invisibles outlast the Assassins, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
Role PM said:
Dear Midou,
You are Gravity.

Who the hell does Isaac Newton think he is? You’re just going along, quietly existing behind the scenes, then that dick outs you to everyone just because you happened to make an apple fall on his head. Next time you feel like playing a prank it’ll have to be a bit more... permanent. Oh, you’re an invisible force of attraction between everything with mass, and what gives weight to objects.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Make <user>’s items fall like apples.” You will increase the gravity around your target so much that he’ll be unable to hold onto any items, letting you collect them for yourself.

You are holding the Teleporter. <snip because I don't feel like finding ability text now>

You are allied with the Invisibles. You win if the Invisibles outlast the Assassins, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
And with the Invisibles out of the way, the Assassins had finishes up their contract, admittedly with some heavy losses. Spiffy and Fatecrashers celebrated accordingly.

Role PM said:
Dear Spiffy,
You are Lee Harvey Oswald.

You will forever be remembered as the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. After serving as a U.S. Marine, you defected to Soviet Union for a while, but eventually got bored with that and came back to the U.S., but getting none of the media attention you hoped for. After a series of lesser crimes and an attempt on an ex-general’s life, you assassinated the President, then killed a police officer as you fled.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Getting <user> in my sights.” You will carefully watch your target from a vantage point and learn all abilities that targeted them during the night.

Also at night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Assembling fake documents to make an item.” After this action, you may write the text of a item. The ability for the item can be anything, but the name of the item must contain the name of a color. You may not pass an item the same night it is made.

You are allied with the Assassins. You win if the Assassins outlast the Invisibles, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
Role PM said:
Dear zorbees Fatecrashers,
You are Solid Snake.

A military legend and considered by most to be the greatest FOXHOUND operative ever, you are frequently tasked with missions that would be beyond impossible for lesser men. Whether you’re in your prime or you look like a shriveled old man, you will find some way to complete your mission, no matter what. Therefore having a mission of “kill a bunch of people who are hard to find” shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Especially because of some of the great new government technology you’ve gotten your hand on.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Check <user1>, <user2>, and <user3> with the Solid Eye.” Using some of the technology Otacon and Sunny made for you, you’ll be able to discern whether any of your three targets are players or not.

Also at night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Steal <user>’s items.” You’ll hide under your trademark cardboard box until your target isn’t paying attention, then knock him out and steal all of his items when you see an opening.

You are allied with the Assassins. You win if the Assassins outlast the Invisibles, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed playing. Hosting it sucked.

As far as postgame goes, I'm currently too busy to put any effort into writing one. I may do it in the future, since I certainly have plenty to say on the game and players, but not in the next week and maybe not in the next month, I really dunno.

That said, I have a few burning comments to make.


After absorbing IPL's role DAY 6 he proceeded to check Paperblade, who came up enemy, Fatecrashers, who came up enemy, and Spiffy, who came up enemy. And said NOTHING. TO ANYONE. Accent's idiotic silence is the single biggest contributing factor to the village's loss. Had he simply posted, "Hey I got Fate and Spiffy as evil" at any point, it would have resulted in Fate's lynch (people thought he was the last assassin, but never acted on it), and with Accent more or less cleaned, Spiffy would have been lynched in turn.

Part of that came be blamed on the complete failure that was the "village leadership" after billymills' death. Paperblade/Spiffy/Fate were in charge, stringing Acklow along. Once the scum groups turned on each other, Quagsires or Wild Eep would have been viable options for people to step up. Sadly, Eep subbed in and felt too uninformed and Quags is a bumbling idiot, so village has been fucked for like a third of the game despite hilarious luck with protective roles.

Paperblade probably would have won this game had he just pushed the Fatecrashers lynch more on the day that LW died for him. That stealth vote cost him the game.


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worst player of all time is not accent, he idled, as opposed to actually being a twat:
(4:31:29 pm) <&Spiffy> daenym yeti weaseled her way out of being lynched don't punish her with deadlines ;_;
(4:31:39 pm) <&Yeti> please
(4:31:41 pm) <&Yeti> extend deadline
(4:31:43 pm) <&Yeti> I NEED MORE TIME
(4:31:48 pm) <&Daenym> deadline won't be extended
(4:31:57 pm) <&Yeti> no
(4:31:57 pm) <&Yeti> NO
(4:31:59 pm) <&Yeti> BUFFOON
(4:32:07 pm) <&zorbees> daenym sub me out
(4:32:12 pm) <&zorbees> if yeti dies
(4:32:28 pm) <&Daenym> zorbees stop
(4:32:31 pm) <&zorbees> i can't deal with spiffy/b_t/walrein
(4:32:39 pm) <&zorbees> stop what
(4:32:54 pm) <&zorbees> if you don't sub me out
(4:33:01 pm) <&zorbees> i can always use the teamkill on myself
(4:33:04 pm) <&Daenym> you shouldn't sign up for games if you're going to just throw a tantrum when things don't go your way
(4:33:14 pm) <&zorbees> im not throwing a tantrum
(4:33:28 pm) <&zorbees> its nothing related to things going my way either
(4:33:43 pm) <&zorbees> i can't deal with idiots like spiffy i don't see whats wrong with that
(4:33:56 pm) <&Daenym> then lead the faction and don't listen to spiffy
(4:34:42 pm) <&zorbees> if spiffy sends an action
(4:34:45 pm) <&zorbees> can i override it
(4:35:02 pm) <&Spiffy> wait what did I do? :[
(4:38:13 pm) <&Spiffy> zorbees what did I do that was idiotic?
(4:38:28 pm) <&zorbees> everything you do is idiotic
(4:38:34 pm) <&zorbees> including the constant bothering
(4:40:02 pm) <&Spiffy> I only constantly bother to make sure things get done and we're not caught without a fake role PM etc.
(4:40:34 pm) <&Walrein> tbh zorbees
(4:40:35 pm) <&zorbees> daenym ._.
(4:40:39 pm) <&zorbees> shut up walrein
(4:40:39 pm) <&Walrein> the only thing about this team
(4:40:41 pm) <&Walrein> that bothers me
(4:40:46 pm) <&Walrein> is you being a massive prick
(4:40:52 pm) <&zorbees> i'm seriously considering
(4:40:55 pm) <&Walrein> like seriously
(4:40:55 pm) <&zorbees> ruining this game
(4:41:01 pm) <&Walrein> if a host ever puts me on your team again
(4:41:03 pm) <&zorbees> becuase you guys keep bothering me
(4:41:03 pm) <&Walrein> i'm subbing out
(4:41:08 pm) <&zorbees> good riddance
(4:41:31 pm) <&zorbees> god forbid you learn and improvev
(4:42:09 pm) <&Walrein> god forbid you offer constructive criticism instead of being a dick
(4:42:34 pm) <&zorbees> i've tried countless times
(4:42:47 pm) <&zorbees> you can't get the constructive criticism through your heads
(4:42:49 pm) <&Walrein> have you, now
(4:42:52 pm) <&zorbees> yes
(4:42:55 pm) <&Walrein> because from what i can remember
(4:43:01 pm) <&zorbees> stop pestering me is constructive critisicm
(4:43:01 pm) <&Walrein> pretty much the only damn thing you've said to me
(4:43:07 pm) <&Walrein> is some form of "walrein sux"
(4:43:16 pm) <&Spiffy> you've never told me to stop pestering you before
(4:43:20 pm) <&Spiffy> if you don't like it I'll stop
(4:43:40 pm) * &zorbees has left #coolteam
(4:43:59 pm) <&Yeti> @_@
(4:44:01 pm) <&Daenym> because this
(4:44:02 pm) <&Yeti> our team
(4:44:05 pm) <&Daenym> is not a tantrum
(4:44:10 pm) <&Yeti> is being torn apart at the seams

oh ok.

anyway, good job spiffy and FATE, big fate, stealthing and winning this. we got really freakin lucky you guys figured who the alchemist is, and managed to lynch his two recruits then kill him without taking any collateral, and the idle, leaderless village did jack.


Alas poor Yorick!
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Well that was interesting, I really wished I could have moled more while NIG, or at least properly informing myself but I was really expecting Paperblade to win this one after I discovered he was Alchemist.

Glad to see I was wrong, clearly I was the best non-player (while I was not playing), let's never play a NPL game again.


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Hey, we might have won if the Invisibles had actually claimed to me before I died. Invisible? More like idle.

Like I could name a million things wrong with the village, even in an anti-village format, but ultimately I died with like no information even after my lynch, and that's what resulted in us never getting anything done, while our good roles got picked off. You can't use rightful paranoia as an argument; almost all of the information I had was from people who claimed to UncleSam, though it was fairly obvious he was NIG.

Also, who bought Sam RP?

Lastly, was the Stalinist in the game as anything but sacrificial bait to serve as a diversion for the Alchemist?
Stalin and the Alchemist sort of collectively formed a second mafia, since they shared the second nightkill. The Alchemist knew he needed to kill Stalin (which he thought was a faction) to gain his kill, and Stalin knew he needed to kill the Alchemist (but he didn't know why). The Alchemist had to use his moling business to have the village find Stalin and lynch him while Stalin could hunt the Alchemist and nightkill him. Had Paperblade been outed as Alchemist before tas got discovered it would've been quite a bit different.


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Since the NPL postgame will not be done for a while and I don't want to pull a LonelyNess, here is the postgame for my non anonymous competition hosted inside an anonymous game.


First, I would like to thank everyone again who had the courage to sign up for my "experimental" game that was hosted within this one. I am sure many of you are wondering, why would I go so far for a gimmick as ridiculous as this?

If you have known me in the past, I used to be famous for making gimmicks within other mafia games. For example, in PokeMafia I made Stump the PokeFan, where players had to post questions that I would answer, and they would win a spot on the "Wall of Fame" if they could stump me. But why did I do it in NPL mafia?

I suppose I will use this paragraph to talk about my role in NPL mafia since it is relevant in regards to the formation of my competition. My role was the Invisible, but I expected my research obligations in real life to make it impossible for me to play NPL mafia adequately, so I subbed out during Night 0. Ironically, LonelyNess, and later Layell would replace me, and I tried to lynch the latter during a brief attempt at trolling while not playing. I was furious that I was forcibly put back into the game by Paperblade's role. It might have been cool if he won, but regrettably I wasn't on to possibly save him from one of his lynches. Sorry man!

But back to my game. After subbing out, I was contacted by my greatest friend and enemy, Gmax. As neither of us were playing in reality (IIRC), after getting the usual BS out of the way, we nostalgia'd hard on our old mafia experiences, including my gimmicks. That is when Gmax encouraged me to do a similar thing for NPL mafia, and that is how it all began. Here is the full log if you are interested:

[23:21:00] <Gmax|afk> what's your role
[23:21:00] Gmax|afk is ~envy@greedy.wrathful.sloth * Paranoia
[23:21:00] Gmax|afk is a registered nick
[23:21:00] Gmax|afk on %#co_ol &#ice @#boggle +#insidescoop @#space +#fluodome &#warau
[23:21:00] Gmax|afk using Greed is Good
[23:21:00] Gmax|afk End of /WHOIS list.
[23:21:03] <Gmax|afk> claimtome
[23:21:47] <Gmax|afk> Forte
[23:21:52] <Gmax|afk> stop ignoring me man
[23:21:54] <Forte> aww man
[23:22:25] <Gmax|afk> ???
[23:22:49] <Forte> fine i'll tell you the truth
[23:23:03] <Gmax|afk> go on
[23:23:12] <Forte> im mr. retarded
[23:23:15] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:23:23] <Gmax|afk> that was an awesome log
[23:23:27] <Forte> no really
[23:23:27] <Gmax|afk> m.g. amato
[23:23:29] <Gmax|afk> so frustrated
[23:23:45] <Forte> im a walking time bomb
[23:23:52] <Forte> bound to die by choking on lemonade
[23:23:54] <Forte> or w/e it was
[23:23:55] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:23:57] <Forte> cba to remember
[23:24:04] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:24:46] <Gmax|afk>
[23:24:48] <Gmax|afk> good log
[23:25:36] <Forte> then EARTHWORM pays be back 10x over soon after
[23:25:43] <Forte> *mw
[23:25:44] <Gmax|afk> hahahahah
[23:25:45] <Forte> **me
[23:25:51] <Gmax|afk> earthworm so brilliant
[23:25:55] <Forte> even though i realized it
[23:25:58] <Forte> you could say
[23:26:01] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> WHY wont you give me your alias
[23:26:02] <Forte> im a masochist
[23:26:04] <Gmax|afk> <Earthworm> Im hungry
[23:26:07] <Gmax|afk> that is
[23:26:11] <Gmax|afk> a+
[23:26:13] <Gmax|afk> best moment in dude
[23:26:13] <Forte> i enjoy trolling
[23:26:15] <Forte> and being trolled
[23:26:20] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:26:27] <Gmax|afk> a battle of wits with adam nelson
[23:26:32] <Gmax|afk> entertaining, always
[23:28:21] <Forte> oh wow
[23:28:25] <Forte> <Forte> you bullying me with adjectives such as "evil" won't give you what you want
[23:28:30] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:28:30] <Forte> i have to save that one in my notebook
[23:28:39] <Forte> if such a thing happens again
[23:29:19] <Gmax|afk> reuse it
[23:29:20] <Gmax|afk> for sure
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ....................../´¯/)
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ....................,/¯../
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> .................../..../
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> .........\.................'...../
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ..........''...\.......... _.·´
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ............\..............(
[23:29:42] <Gmax|afk> <Forte> ..............\.............\...
[23:30:03] <Forte> man i remember actually writing out the Mr. Retarded PM
[23:30:11] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:30:15] <Forte> gave it to lesm i think
[23:30:22] <Gmax|afk> haha
[23:30:23] <Gmax|afk> lesm
[23:30:27] <Gmax|afk> poor lems
[23:30:29] <Gmax|afk> i remember
[23:30:40] <Gmax|afk> we set him up so hard
[23:30:41] <Gmax|afk> with cmax
[23:31:31] <Forte> man that game was great
[23:31:38] <Forte> even though there were no special gimmicks
[23:31:43] <Forte> and i died early to a namekill
[23:31:58] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:32:03] <Gmax|afk> we did
[23:32:06] <Gmax|afk> a great job
[23:32:10] <Gmax|afk> we wrecked that
[23:32:22] <Gmax|afk> even though you niggered out and turned into a monstar
[23:32:39] <Forte> Space Jam was too much fun
[23:32:46] <Forte> Today, we will attempt to discover the mystery behind how the Questions of the Day stopped for several days.
[23:32:46] <Forte> Why were no Question of the Day threads posted for several days?
[23:33:01] <Forte> We were too busy practicing for our next big game on the court. There is a lot riding on this!
[23:33:01] <Forte> Still, I am happy to see your concern, Team Manager Bob Clampett. We need more QOTD's to get us pumped!
[23:33:41] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:33:46] <Gmax|afk> questino of hte day was a greatr gimmick
[23:34:04] <Forte> it is too bad
[23:34:16] <Forte> my gimmicks for pomemafia and abso were great
[23:34:22] <Forte> but i failed miserably in dude
[23:34:30] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:34:31] <Forte> it was so embarassing i deleted it
[23:34:33] <Gmax|afk> pokemafia
[23:34:40] <Forte> STUMP THE POKEFAN
[23:34:46] <Gmax|afk> STUMP THE POKEFAN
[23:34:47] <Forte> so you can get on the WALL OF FAME
[23:34:48] <Gmax|afk> e. solid
[23:35:27] <Forte> actually that gives me a great idea
[23:35:33] <Forte> although this isnt really an anon game
[23:35:34] <Gmax|afk> i did not have time to play gimmicks in any of these games
[23:35:36] <Gmax|afk> i was alive too long
[23:35:38] <Forte> i should do something for this one too
[23:36:12] <Gmax|afk> yea you should
[23:36:17] <Gmax|afk> we should do something man
[23:36:22] <Gmax|afk> troll the fuck out of everyone
[23:36:24] <Gmax|afk> you ought to step up
[23:36:25] <Gmax|afk> or somethingj
[23:36:41] <Forte> i already have an idea
[23:37:29] <Gmax|afk> lol
[23:37:31] <Gmax|afk> ✓ just do it
[23:43:12] <Gmax|afk> Re: Night 9
[23:43:12] <Gmax|afk> by Worker
[23:43:12] <Gmax|afk> Too bad LN didn't have the ability, clear skin.
[23:43:12] <Gmax|afk> Worker
[23:43:12] <Gmax|afk> Top
[23:43:13] <Gmax|afk> lol

The Concept

Now that I had the motivation, I didn't want to do this halfheartedly. I personally despised the cowardly way everyone was acting due to the nature of NPL, so my goal was to tear that wall down. Weed out the cowards. To do this, I thought the best idea was a game with a playerlist inside one without a playerlist. I remember stuff like this working in eric's Color Mafia in Simpson's Mafia, so I figured why not try it here? But I also wanted to be a little more elaborate than that. The entire format, which was a series of tasks, was based on a similar competition I played on another forum in the past that I won. It had punishments to the losers and awarded a secret prize to the winner. In my case, I got a signature, made by irak, if any of you remember him:

A very fitting prize indeed. That competition was pretty much a test of courage, and I was proud to have won it. But that wasn't enough. The tasks of that particular competition were mostly silly and subjective in nature, in order for it to be up to the standards of Circus Maximus, they needed depth. My last source of inspiration then was all of the games that required you to communicate with others, come up with strategies, trick other players, as well as engage in diplomacy. Several mafia games that I have played here have fit that mold, but that was not what I was aiming for. Although not a direct influence, my tasks for this game mostly resembled the games found in the manga Liar Game. It is a great manga by the way, and I highly recommend you reading it.

Most importantly though, while keeping these influences in mind, my tasks were original. Some of them were created on the fly based on what was going on in the game at the time, while others were elaborately constructed in advance. But with all of that said, my competition started with the survey.

The Tasks

Now it is about time I provide a brief overview of the tasks. The tasks themselves were mostly experimental, and they are the reason the game was fun to host. A normal mafia game, even if experimental, only lets you test so many ideas, but with this competition I could test several at once and give everyone a taste without the disjointed feel of The Circus. Furthermore, I wanted to reward the players who did well by making the tasks more complicated as the competition went on. Coming up with some of the ideas for the later task was a great challenge, and as a result I think there were a few places that I messed up, but it was still very fun overall. Now with all of that out of the way, I will provide a brief overview of the tasks. I say brief though because you can already find more detailed descriptions of them in this thread as we speak, with the exception of the last three since I didn't want to spoil any important details then.

So anyway, the preliminary task was the survey. I thought it would be fun to make the very act of signing up a task. But being the preliminary task, it was also the most simple to pass in that all you had to do was read the rules carefully. Most of the people that signed up did, only two people fell for my simple trick in regards to the first question. More importantly though the survey was a fun way for me to learn about each of the players based on how they answered the questions.

The next task then was a quiz. This time questions that had correct answers. The questions themselves were mostly based off my own knowledge, ranging from what I learn in my field of study to my various hobbies as well as how I liked my steak! The fun part though was that the middle scorers, not the lowest, were the ones that were eliminated, so this opened a cool little trick in which the first five players who got a 0 were guaranteed to pass. But to make things more interesting, I added the condition that the top scorer would get a special advantage in the following task, so this motivated many people to try and answer all the questions. However, all but Agape proved halfhearted in their attempts, as only he took the effort to watch Sengoku Basara and get that question right, thereby earning his perfect score. Lastly, I encouraged collaboration on this task, and this where the users who planned to get farther in the competition would start allying, particularly shade, billymills, and jumpluff in one and askaninjask and Walrein in the other. Finally, I want to express my disappointment in the performances in Gmax and Crux once more, who lost only because they were too fucking lazy. I think the rest of the tasks in the game would have been much more interesting with them around.

This all lead to the second task. The scavenger hunt was something I really thought of on the limb and was mostly designed to be fun. This was a scavenger hunt for my favorite 10 threads in Trou after all. The trick was though that everyone was given a unique answer, so therefore everyone had to communicate with each other to some degree to win. I was hoping some interesting diplomacy about trading information would happen, but instead jumpluff shocked me with her ingenuity by finding most of the answers on her own. With her help, her alliance, which now added Midou, made it very far. Tragically for askaninjask and Walrein, they were a little slower on the uptake (I did make one error in telling Walrein how many he got wrong, but it didn't matter in the end). By slow, I mean aska made his submission on time but Walrein was beaten to it by Agape by just a few seconds, and thus failed to move on to the next task. I honestly did not expect to get ninja'd, so I actually laughed out loud pretty hard when it happened. Poor Walrein.

I should really be saying poor askaninjask though, as when the third task came around, the shade-jumpluff-billy-midou alliance was going strong, leaving askaninjask and Agape to fend for themselves. On paper, it seemed that this task was designed to break this powerful alliance, but billymills devised an ingenious scheme that nearly guaranteed the survival of his entire alliance. It might have failed if Midou defected and Agape and askaninjask came to agreement, but neither of these happened and so the former alliance won it rather easily. This task took me the longest time to design and I was hoping that it would have been much closer, but even with an easy victory, billymills made sure to check over his strategy each day, and jumpluff maintained contact with the other players to ensure that they were acting within her alliance's wishes. shade contributed less, and Midou did almost nothing. Midou in particular was only useful in the sense that billy's plan needed four people for it to work.

This was all reflected in the fourth task. I will admit that while this was the most fun task to design and had a lot of potential, it dragged on far too long because I was originally not strict enough about the deadlines, and some of the rules were written too vaguely, since I wrote the task while under a lot of stress. But the outcome was obvious. Billymills, who was the strategist of the alliance, wrote the most useful decrees and constantly asked me questions in order to optimize them, but jumpluff really impressed me with her courage in following what was thrown at her. She did throw a fit at first when shade made that decree to make her post a public video, but she shocked shade and followed through with it, though without revealing her true identity. I accepted it because she could never prove that information either way though. But since two out of the four players really tried to win, there was a stalemate between billy and jumpluff, with jumpluff winning only because of Midou's laziness (in voting for her without thinking).

I was not disappointed by the final task, though. The goal of this was to solve a riddle to find the secret prize. jumpluff, who was experienced with this type of thing, solved it in a minute flat. For your reference, when billy and shade tried to solve it, billy didn't identify the prize correctly and shade just gave up. Anyone who still wishes to solve it is free to, but I will include a solution, and a revelation of the secret prize to the public, in the hide tag below:

To solve the last task, highlight my entire post. You will see invisible text that you can click on. When doing so, you will see that it links back to itself, hinting that the prize itself is contained somewhere within the post. As part of the great quote you included, you had to to do the impossible, see the invisible, and TOUCH THE UNTOUCHABLE. The final hint was the fact that the whole post was underlined. This was in an effort to hide another link, inside the word "it". This link was the secret prize, which was this marvelous image here:

And that's about it for the tasks.

Final Thoughts

As I have already said, I had a lot of fun hosting this, and as a result of the positive feedback, I am hosting another one of these, but it will be a full game this time. In fact, the sign ups for it are underway as we speak, so if you regret not playing this but want to play in the next one, then hurry! I would also like to congratulate jumpluff once more for her victory, as well as several others who encouraged me to design the interesting tasks. Hopefully the next competition will not disappoint. I would also like to say fuck you to those who saw this but deliberately refused to sign up. You are just spineless cowards. That is all.


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I had a lot of fun in this game! Thanks again to everyone who helped me; I took inspiration from Liar Game and realised teamwork and diplomacy are really an important part of this. Partly because I can't plan like billy can... But I needed help every step of the way. And thanks for hosting, Bass, this was one of the most unique, fun things I've played in Circus (and I love your game-within-a-game gimmicks). ^_^

ETA: lol remembering some moments from this... the scariest was definitely when shade had gone early in the second task, so we couldn't know if my answers were right (I sent mine in at the start very recklessly and got 8/10, which gave us a good start, then billy used his first attempt in a Mastermind-like attempt to work out which of mine were wrong, and shade was meant to use his first attempt to make sure we could get 10/10)... I was running around swapping answers with people as mine was probably the most obvious and I wanted to confirm we were right. Eventually I decided to be brave and sent in my second attempt, which got me 10/10 and the advantage (which was very important in the next task, as we used it to secure the crucial extra bullet).

Also, third task I was positive billy and I needed each other's items, as I guessed it was either going to break our alliance or challenge it. I still wanted to ally though, recognising keeping billy around was to my advantage, so it was good that billy devised his survival plan. Funny moment: we solved the chain very fast (and by we, I mean billy saw the pattern first haha), and knowing aska needed my item and that we needed to bait him into stealing it from me while I guarded. I admired Agape's strategy and boldness in this task, although he simply could not compete with a very solid alliance of four.

Most useful skill in this game for me: my memory. I amassed like six or seven answers in the scavenger hunt very quickly because I happen to have read all of Trou, and it helped in the survey too. Second useful skill: forum search tool for the same reasons >_>
bassgame stealing the spotlight even at postgame

this game was kind of stupidly bizarre, especially since 3/5 of our team died due to random as fuck reasons, and then the village kind of disappeared and the alchemist kind of, well, died. good job spiffy and fate for cleaning up !_!


Mafia Champion
I wasn't anyone's mouthpiece, just clearing rumours.

GG, Bass. Circus definitely needs new game archetypes. I didn't realize I ninja'd Walrein! (Sorry for you though!)
GG bass, it was a lot of fun. Congrats pluff, and good luck shade, midou and whoever else I worked with in the first game. I'm disappointed I won't be able to defeat you in the next one though.
Mmm.. voting for jumpluff wasn't out of laziness. And I'm sorry about making the King's game drag on so long.

As for NPL, I wish I could have done more. Quags and I were talking since Paperblade's death, but we didn't make anything happen. Sorry the hosting experience was so poor Daenym, I had some fun moments throughout the game despite its flaws and my general lack of activity.

I also gifted Sam the $5 usd since i'm a big cash spender and I like that ryze skin anyway.