NOC Medieval Mafia - Game Over: Majora's Maskians Win

I think that's being butthurt but oh no wait that's definitely it

I can claim to have no regrets over any of my analyses, for instance

Acklow iirc you weren't bad

In fact, I wasn't attacking anyone in particular because I didn't feel like we were over-analyzing

We failed because the scum were doing nothing and getting no punishment for it, player-wise and host-wise alike
Gameplay aside, there was really only one thing I thought was really terrible in this game.

"Majora's Maskians"

The FUCK kind of faction name is that? Easily the most stupid part of the game.


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Spiffy was like "I want the Happy Mask Salesman to be mafia because <3"

And I was like "hey let's make the mafia ALL Majora's Mask Characters"

and that's how it happened.


Alas poor Yorick!
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You guys need to stop acting so gh

I'm not sure how long I could have kept up my charade, did anyone suspect me, or were people lazy and just took billy's assumptions as truth?
I had some suspicions that I voiced in the form of "don't assume village has XXX power role," but I honestly thought that a game involving items and a mafia thief would at least have a village thief. Or... a lot of things we didn't have.