NU Analyses Discussion Thread

I think that Psychic deserves mentioning as an option for Electabuzz, particularly on the Choice Scarf set. Here's why. With Amoonguss in the tier and Electabuzz having access to Vital Spirit, Electabuzz is actually a mon that people are carrying specifically to function as a revenge killer as well an Amoonguss check.

I discussed it briefly in IRC but here's the calcs.

252 SpAtk Electabuzz (+SpAtk) Hidden Power Ice vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Amoonguss: 37.96% - 44.91% (3 hits to KO)

252 SpAtk Electabuzz (+SpAtk) Psychic vs 252 HP/0 SpDef Amoonguss: 48.61% - 57.41% (2-3 hits to KO)

Not only does it give Scarf Electabuzz an opportunity to do it's job better as a check to the number one used mon in the tier right now, it also helps kill and surprise things like Emboar who would check into the HP Ice for a free switch in and force it out.

252 SpAtk Electabuzz (+SpAtk) Psychic vs 208 HP/0 SpDef Emboar: 60.05% - 70.7% (2 hits to KO)

252 SpAtk Electabuzz (+SpAtk) Hidden Power vs 208 HP/0 SpDef Emboar: 6.78% - 7.99% (13-15 hits to KO)

Obviously this isn't much of a problem on the LO set, as HP Ice also 2HKO's Amoonguss and in the case of prediction, you can just switch to Thunderbolt.


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Yeah, now that Amoonguss is a big thing, Psychic is probably worth a mention (also good for Muk, Garbodor, etc) as a coverage move. The Electabuzz analysis could use an update in general, with the Charge Beam set not being very popular and new threats presenting themselves.


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Among other things, Throh got Pain Split in BW2. The analysis needs to be changed to reflect that. I'll talk more about my discoveries when I have time.
Pain Split is generally considered very unreliable recovery and it doesn't work very well for Pokemon that a) have high base HP, since they'll be losing more HP than they get back or b) are very slow, since they'll always move -after- the opponent and you'll have to try to time it really well and often will die before you can get Pain Split in. I don't think it's worthwhile changing the whole analysis for.
One thing it did get though is Sleep Talk. Which gives it a semi-reliable recovery option. Not sure if it's worth an entire revamp, or just a minor update via the SCMS
You guys have a good point about Throh. On the subject of new moves, Zweilous got Superpower as a Move Tutor move, which helps immensely against Steel-types. To be honest, I think the analysis needs a slight revamp anyway, since I've tested out both of its online sets, and I honestly find the Choice Scarf set to be the superior option in my opinion. I will admit that Eviolite Zweilous is good, but I've honestly found the Choice set to be more useful. If it doesn't get the sets switched around, though, at least include Superpower.
In the Team Options & Additional Comments for the FeatherDance Murkrow set, it says that if Murkrow lacks Taunt, it is basically set up fodder for Spikes users such as Cacturne.

Murkrow can just KO Cacturne with Brave Bird to prevent Spikes so I think Garbodor should be used as an example over Cactutne.

Such a small nitpick, but whatever lol