NU Index and Reservation Thread MK II

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In that case I would like to reserve Granbull please.
Sure. No further analyses will be reserved until July 8th, as I will detail below. The OP of this thread will not be updated until July 8th either, mostly because there are a lot of things I will have to go over and I'm not particularly interested in doing so right now.

Remember, reservations and analysis revamps do not begin until July 8th
Stealing this from Oglemi; no one's reserving Golurk or receiving QC checks until July 8th, at the very earliest. I don't mind people updating their previously existing reservations to reflect the current metagame and you're certainly welcome to invite discussion on your analysis threads, but you will not receive QC checks nor be able to move into the Copyediting stage until July 8th.

I'll edit this post at a later time with analyses that are currently in the Copyediting stage with no written work that will need to go through QC again (basically, if it's still a skeleton and is currently QC 3/3, it may be reset to 0 until the appropriate changes have been made to the skeleton). If you have begun writing, please finish your work quickly so we can get that out of the way before working on revamping the current analyses.

Also, congratulations to CrashinBoomBang for becoming the newest addition to NU QC. As a final note to all QC members, please remain active and do your jobs. I will not hesitate to remove someone from the QC team due to inactivity (likewise, I won't hesitate to add you back if you return to your former activity levels). Thanks for reading!
Not open for further replies.