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I'm starting a Black Nuzlocke, which will be my first Nuzlocke ever. Hopefully I won't fail miserably in the mid game :P Rules:

- release a pokemon if it faints
- catch the first one that appears on the route/city, but no repeats (meaning if I get Patrat a second time, I can try again until I get something new)
- limit of 4 battle pokemon. I can carry 6, but 2 of them can only be HM slaves. They cannot be used for battle no matter what
- unlimited item and poke center use (other than revive obviously lol)

So I grabbed Plzdontdie the Oshawott and embarked on my journey...
If you want a challenge put a limit of two visits per pokecentre with the battle style set to set. Nuzlockes aren't really a challenge at all if you don't have a pokecentre limit.

It's a good nuzlocke because not only is it actually challenging, rather than just more time-consuming like most nuzlockes, but it forces you to have to be so much more strategic than usual. You now have to worry about spending your money well, PP conservation, switching strategies, timing your pokecentre visits etc.

It also prevents overlevelling or soloing the game with one poke (which nuzlockes without pokecentre limits don't prevent) not only because you can't train as much due to the pokecentre limit, but also trainers don't give as much exp. to your desired pokemon seeing as it'll be divided with whatever pokemon who had to switch out.
If I'm feeling like a bit more of a challenge than normal I'll do a variation on this rule, where every time I use a pokemon center I buy and throw out x amount of the highest level pokeballs from the nearby pokemart as a fee for using the pokemon center. By changing the amount you buy you can vary the difficulty to your liking, and tying it to pokeballs scales the costs into late game where you have significantly more money. Obviously I can't use pokemon centers / healing spots that don't have a nearby pokemart.
Wouldn't that make later pokecentres more expensive seeing as they have more expensive balls?

I'm not sure how that'll work out but let me know how it goes.

I think the main challenge in nuzlockes comes from preventing overlevelling or soloing, so any ruleset that achieves that is good in my book.

I can say from experience that my customised nuzlocke is definitely a challenge. I blacked out with no pokemon in the PC at Misty in RBY, and I understand RBY at a competitive level.
Wouldn't that make later pokecentres more expensive seeing as they have more expensive balls?

I'm not sure how that'll work out but let me know how it goes.

I think the main challenge in nuzlockes comes from preventing overlevelling or soloing, so any ruleset that achieves that is good in my book.

I can say from experience that my customised nuzlocke is definitely a challenge. I blacked out with no pokemon in the PC at Misty in RBY, and I understand RBY at a competitive level.
Yeah it would, which is the point. The amount of money you have on hand increases by a ton as the game goes on, if you leave it at just a flat amount pokemon center visits that cost a good chunk of your cash early game become a pittance.
So, the adventure began with me and Plzdontdie the Mild Oshawott battling Cheren and Bianca. He nearly lost to Tepig, which would probably make this the shortest nuzlocke ever!

Route 1
Please no Patrat please no Patrat please no Patrat please no Patrat....

A wild Lillipup appears!

Oh yes. Hotdog the Timid Lillipup joins my party. I hurry to Accumula Town, while almost losing Plzdontdie along the way to a crit. I think his name will bring disaster sooner or later...

Accumula Town
I arrive at my first town, get a pokecenter tour and have my first trainer battle: vs N! His Purrloin proved to be very weak, and was free experience for Hotdog (who gained 3 levels from this battle alone). And now, with a lv8 Hotdog and Plzdontdie, I move on to Route 2!

Route 2
My mom followed me around to give me better shoes. Wow. Where are my snacks though!? I get in the grass aaaand..

A wild Patrat appears!

That was bound to happen... I name him Slave and shove him into PC box. He's not going to battle, but do some HM whoring instead.

Bianca caught up to me at the end of the route, but Hotdog ate her without ketchup. Ba-ding!

I get to Striaton City, with a lv 9 Plzdontdie and level 10 Hotdog, contemplating whether I should try my luck for Musharna in Dreamyard, or accept the elemental monkey?
Nuzlocke Update: New one :D

It's been a while (sorta) since i updated, and sad news is I can'y find pokemon Soul Silver :( It was going good to (Reached Clair, have a mamoswine, lost Yoller the Quagsire basically and got a poliwhirl in its place ) so till i find that i've been working on a nuzlocke of pokemon fire red

I read some updates, and sorry to say to the other guys I will not be upping the challange by limiting pc visits YET :( I like the idea, it should be hard, but I am just not that pro yet. I may take into consideration that idea of paying per visit ...

In any case I'll be putting updates for fire red now till I can find Soul Silver. Here we go:

Gym Leaders Conquered​

** images via

My team has been pwning.

It all started with my first pick: bubbly. I Chose him because well, I always choose either charmander or bulbasaur, and I felt the little guy was neglected for far too long. Man am I glad I did. We had a bit of fail - meetings early game ... (first spotted rattatas in routes 2, 22, AND 1. )

dang troll.

But got to meet some other more amazing team mates :)

In viridian's forest we met Stinger the weedle. took some time out to evolve that sucker into stinger the Beedrill ;) Headed back to route 22 to take down that sorry excuse of a trainer: Blue ( I named him blue. :) )
Then went to Pewter City, having Stinger absorb all the possible poisoning attempts along the way <3

Reached Brock after Bubbly learned water gun and pwned him in 3 minutes ( His onix fail binded. literally a flawless victory )
Headed out some more and ran into Peekro the Spearow ... got through that annoying mount moon. I ran into a zubat first ... ZUBAT... then the stupid paris appeared -_- ( I really need a grass type)

Went to Cerulean and beefed up the weak-looking team in the grass ( did I mention another Rattata appeared in the route 4 grass first? -_- )
Bubbly learned mega punch ;D
And Peekro evolved :D
We then went on to put Blue and his pokemon in their places: away. and demolished all the other trainers there. Abra showed up in the patch of grass next to nugget bridge and got away :( (Hate bumping into those things

Route 25 brought... a pidgey!! how utterly useless will that be!! :D :D ( Wish it was some grass type, team has none right now )

Stinger, now with twin needle, took Misty down almost flawlessly... then we went, caught meowth (HM pikup slave ) got bored. yadyada we made it to rock tunnel XD (way too much to catch up on I lost interest while writing i'm sorry. ) We lost Stinger to some stupid water pokemon. :( dont remember which, but caught Roly-Poly the voltorb! :D after seeing that first, I have not seen another voltorb. That must mean something ....

so anyways yea we're there now, i'll put more care into my next update :3

Roly-Poly the Mild Voltorb
Level 17
Ability: Static
- Charge
- Shock Wave
- Sonic Boom
- Screech

Peekro the Lax Fearow
Level 26
Ability: Keen Eye
- Peck
- Growl
- Pursuit
- Fury Attack

Bubble the Naive Wartortle
Level 27
Ability: Torrent
- Mega Punch
- Water Gun
- Bite
- Withdraw

Rough Ride the Bashful Dugtrio
Level 27
Ability: Arena Trap
- Scratch
- Mud Slap
- Magnitude
- Dig

Sleek the Quiet Meowth (How 100% coincidental)
Level 10
Ability: Pickup
- Scratch
- Flash
- Bite
- Cut
I started up a Platinum Nuzlocke recently, am currently about to enter Hearthome city.

So I start my game, pick Jinbe the Piplup, capture Robin the Starly and various fodder mons, including Hm slave bidoof. Reach Oreburgh, capture Sanji the Ponyta, decide to train it, beat a bunch of crap, make my way to Floaroma and capture a Shellos.

I grind Jinbe, Robin and Sanji due to my fear of Purugly, in the process of grinding Sanji picks up Flame Wheel and starts hitting like a truck. Mars goes down without much trouble, as does Eterna forest and Gardenia. I go into the Galactic building and take on Saturn. Things progress pretty well ad I realize. Night Slash. Crit rates. Fuck. I'm screwed. I play around for Intimidates as cautiously as i can, trying to find a chance to heal Sanji so it wont die to Aftermath.

Boom. Down goess Jinbe. Boom. Down goes Robin. Boom. Sacrifical heal fodder.

So with my team decimated my Jupiter I soldier on, pulling out Dracule the Zubat for training, as well as Shellos, and then Buneary for HM Slavery. I go to capture a Rotom, Ember brings it to Red. Burned. FML. I go to train and look for mons below Cycling Road and realize I'm horribly screwed against Rock types. i face a Hiker with two Onixes.

Boom. Down goes Shellos. Boom. Down goes Buneary.

Really screwed now I figure out a way to salvage my situation. I trade my level 16 Machop for Kazza the Abra, evolve it (no Confusion ;_;) and teach it Grass Knot. Rock immunization complete. Training continues while saving Mira and Dracule evolves into the less shitty Golbat.

On the other side I run into a Ralts, quite happy to replace Kazza with it. It uses Teleport. FML.

Team is currently sitting at the level 26 boss (Ponyta), the level 23 Golbat and the level 23 mono-attacking Kadabra, before Fantina.

Planning on picking up a Glaceon down the line if I don't get screwed by then. Hoping for some good mons in the next three routes to pick up the slack and the loss of my water types.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Well Hyper Fang does have a high critical hit ratio...anyone ever noticed how random hax happen in nuzlockes but not in normal runs?
Actually Hyper Fang does not have an increased critical hit ratio, it has a flinch chance, meaning the chance of getting 5 critical hits in a row with it is the same chance as with anything else.

In case you're wondering, that chance is, it's a little over 1/1000000. So basically, he just won the lottery of suck.

Any appearance that random hax occurs more on Nuzlocke runs than normal runs is purely perceptual; you notice hax more on Nuzlocke runs because the consequences are greater, but the actual amount of hax is the same as ever.
Here comes part 2 of my Black nuzlocke. Short again, hopefully the next one will be longer.

I've decided to accept the monkey from Dreamyard, and as such, Vegeta the Relaxed Pansear joined the group.

His first mission was to defeat Cheren, which he accomplished easily.

Conquering the gym was tons of fun, especially when Plzdontdie managed to survive vs a Lillipup with just 1 hp left. Obviously gym leader battle MVP was Vegeta, who completely walled Pansage, netting me a win and the Trio Badge!

After that I quickly wrapped up my buisness in Striaton (lol Team Plasma, weak) and moved on to Route 3!

Before I could get into the grass, Cheren appeared. His Snivy was much tougher this time, but Vegeta still kicked his ass. Funny thing is, Plzdontdie managed to survive vs Purrloin with 1 HP again! God this guy is gonna get me a heart attack sooner or later.

I went in the grass and caught a Pidove. Welcome to the team, Staraptor the Careful Pidove! Yes I miss my Staraptor :(

Going after a stolen pokemon, and beating sucky Team Plasma again, I was left with another choice. Should I "cheat" myself a Drillbur by using Repel? Would that even be cheating? After careful consideration I've decided not to use a Repel... and sure enough, a wild Roggenrola appeared... eh, it would be ok except I'd have to trade to get Gigalith.. so I caught it, named it Frank, stuffed into PC and moved on.

And just like that I arrived at Nacrene City, home of the Normal-type gym, where I'll probably get my arse kicked to the moon and back!

Staraptor (Pidove), Vegeta (Pansear), Hotdog (Lillipup), Plzdontdie (Oshawott). Everyone are at level 14.

Frank the Roggenrola
I go into Wayward Cave, I catch a Bronzor. Next Pokemon is a Gible, I catch it. I then release six Pokemon that I have in my PC box to compensate for getting two Pokemon in the same area. Is that OK?
sorry for double post, my 3ds wouldnt let me edit the one before D:
@manveru if you keep that roggen, it can learn rock smash from the tm you get west of nacrene city, and completely wall and then destroy leonas team. No more retaliation deaths :D especialy since it learns iron defence early (i think)

Level 51

Plasbad, for short!
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I'm trying a Nuzlocke, but with extra restrictions:
- No evolution
- No store bought items
- If the Dead Box fills up I restart.
Wish me luck XD this is going to hurt, two mons already dead and I haven't even beaten Lenora >.>
alright, i have THE shittiest luck EVER. Just got para-haxed 14 times in a row. And while thats happening, the other guy is just boosting his stats one by one, and to boot, the one time he actually attacked me, he got a crit. Seriously? WTF


It's all coming back to me now
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Posting to say wow look at my awesome OP!!!

Seriously, I am non afk, updated the OP with most of the challenges from when I first took this thread over, so hopefully you all like it. I might try and make it slightly prettier but at least everyone can now go back and read your past updates so it should be easier to follow if people take a long break :)
Well, I'm finally back after a long break, but I don't have an I'll just say I'm back, and awesome job with the OP, ginganinja!
I might edit this post with another update later tomorrow, but then again, I might not, so...yeah.
nice job on the op ginaninja, and i hope every is just taking a break, i dont want this to become dead, alway seems to happen right after i get into a thread =–=
Elite Four Bruno

Alright. After my two-week break, I finally have an update. Since I don’t really have anything to say, well…here’s my current team and my match with Bruno.

My team:
-Blaster Lv. 52
-Landslide Lv. 51
-Edward Lv. 50
-Egg ‘em Lv. 50
-Clappy Lv. 50
-Heraboss Lv. 50

VS. Elite Four Bruno
Right as I burst in the door, a huge buff guy sitting Indian-style in the center of the room says, “Me Bruno. Me Elite Four three. Me will beat you with Bruno’s power. You ready? Bruno smash you now!”
“Umm…okay?” I say.
“Good! Hitmontop, go!”
I size up the competition. Remembering that Hitmontop knows Counter, I send in Egg ‘em to hit it on the Special side.
“Egg ‘em, take out this oversized toddler’s toy!” I say as my three-headed palm tree appears.
Let’s do this!
Umm…I’m not sure we can do this…
Kaboom! Hehehe!
Three voices sound in my head as Egg ‘em appears. I love his multi personality disorder.
“Egg ‘em! Use Confusion!” I order.
“Hitmontop! Counter!” Bruno, well…counters.
“Hahaha, sucker!” I taunt as Egg ‘em drains a good portion of Hitmontop’s health while remaining unharmed.
Bruno quickly sprays Hitmontop with a Full Restore as Egg ‘em goes for a second Confusion. “Aw, come on, Bruno! Take it like a man and let Hitmontop die!”
“Hm! Bruno not give up easily! Bruno win!” The macho man with an evidently disproportionally-sized brain replies.
“Egg ‘em, finish off this clown. Use Confusion.”
Sure enough, Hitmontop staggers and sinks into the ground. “No!” Bruno says. “Bruno not give up easily! Bruno bring big kick! Bruno make it serious! Go! Hitmonlee!”
Hoping for an easier victory this time around, I swap Egg ‘em for Edward to hit Hitmonlee on its significantly weaker Physical side.
“Egg ‘em, get back! Let Edward handle this one,” I say as I make the switch.
“Let’s dance, Bruno,” I say. “Edward, fly up to the ceiling!”
“Bruno not gay. Bruno not dance with you,” Bruno says. “But Bruno does fight you! Hitmonlee! Swagger!”
Hitmonlee’s pointless attack inevitably misses.
“Let’s finish Bruce Lee here off,” I say. “Edward, use Fly!”
Edward dives down, striking Hitmonlee and soaring back to me. Hitmonlee falls backward, fainted. “Hmm,” Bruno says. “You strong fighter. But Bruno strong fighter too. Go, Onix!”
“Onix, huh?” I muse. “That’s not exactly a Fighting-type, but I’m not complaining. Get out there, Clappy!”
My blubbery seal appears before me, clapping its flippers excitedly.
“You’ll have your action, Clappy,” I say. “Clappy, Surf!”
Clappy rides a huge tidal wave into the much larger Rock Snake, breaking through its boulder-like hide as the water weakens the stone’s strength. Onix collapses, its weight cracking the floor.
“Three down, two to go, Bruno,” I say. “Sure you don’t want to give up now?”
“Bruno never give up! Bruno never surrender!” he replies. “This not over yet! Go, Hitmonchan!”
“Get back, Clappy! It’s your time to shine, Edward!”
Edward flaps its four wings rapidly, eager to get going. “Okay, Edward, I won’t hold you back. Soar as high as you can and avoid Hitmonchan’s attacks!”
“Hitmonchan! Ice Punch!” Bruno commands. Hitmonchan lunges for Edward, but ends up in empty air as Edward flies behind it.
“Now, Edward! Fly!”
Edward soars up into the air and dives back down, slamming into Hitmonchan with a force that could make Bruno cry. Hitmonchan goes down, leaving Bruno with only one Pokemon.
“You’d better hope your final Pokemon is a good one, because you’ll really need it now!” I say.
“Yes! Machamp strong Pokemon! Go! Machamp! Smash this challenger!”
“Bruno,” I say, “you could really use a trip back to first grade. But anyway, Egg ‘em, do what you do best and take out this sucker! Use Confusion!”
It does a respectable amount, but not nearly enough. Machamp gobbles up its Sitrus Berry and carries out a swift Cross Chop, barely denting Egg ‘em.
“Is that the best you can do, Bruno?”
“Huh. Well, either way, go for Confusion again, Egg ‘em!”
“Cross Chop, Machamp!”
This time, Confusion knocks Machamp into the red zone, and it’s ready to go down next turn, while Machamp’s move does little to Egg ‘em in turn.
Bruno uses up another Full Restore on Machamp. “Agh, seriously, Bruno? You’re gonna lose anyway. Why not accept that and just let Machamp faint?”
“You not understand,” Bruno says. “Bruno never gives up! Bruno fights to the last breath! And with that last breath with be your doom!”
“Wow, I think that’s the longest sentence you’ve said that’s actually grammatically correct.”
“Bruno not understand what you say.”
“Whatever. Confusion.”
“Aaaand Confusion again.”
With two rapid bursts of psychic power, Machamp’s mind is overwhelmed and it falls to the ground, giving me my third Elite Four victory.
“B-Bruno lose?” Bruno says, his lip quivering. He turns away and says, “You may have beaten Bruno, but Bruno not give up. Bruno will be ready next time!”
“Yeah, sure…” I say. “Um…I’m just gonna leave now…”
And with that amazing though, I left.

So that’s that. I’ve got something awesome planned for my battle with Karen…so expect awesomeness. Actually, don’t expect awesomeness, ‘cause I don’t know if it’s actually awesome. But anyway, I’ll try to have it up tomorrow if I can. Adios!
Woah, I completely forgot to update in this thread! Not like anyway cares but hey, who knows!

I gotta be more consistent with these updates! Anyway, here are the latest episodes:

Engrish Emerald:
Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

Things are really starting to get intense here, hopefully we'll survive Norman, but you know we probably won't!

Vietnamese Crystal:
Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:

I'd say we're doing pretty interestingly so far, but I'll let you guys be the judges of that! Or you guys can just ignore it which is cool too!
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