Gen 2 Offense in GSC


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In the context of the topic, Blissey is a lot better than Miltank at enabling an offense, thanks to Light Screen and maybe Sing, if you're going to run a cleric. Miltank is just a dirty scumbag staller. Maybe it uses Curse sometimes except it kinda sucks at that, it just has nothing better to do anyway. Like Skarmory. Blissey sets up fucking plays son.

Curse Blissey, now there's a pokémon I can get behind using Double-Edge.


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Neither of them really does a whole lot to enable offense. If Blissey is Belling, its other support options are pretty thin, and Miltank relies on a 30% Body Slam Para for its team support outside of Bell. However, both are pretty damn dirty stallers. The difference is that Blissey gives Snorlax free switches, whereas Miltank prevents Drumlax from switching in and stalls Curselax and Mixlax. You can't do much of anything well if Lax waltzes in for absolutely free against you.


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Blissey baits Snorlax. Sucker... Other than giving Snorlax an inordinately low health threshhold at which it can switch in to get off a Rest, Miltank is equally useless anyway (or useful with Growl) if not for Return against full health non-Curse Drumlax. And Snorlax still won that fight because he forced you to not use Body Slam instead. :justin2:

Heal Bell can help enable offense too though, even if it's more infamous for RestBell team-wide stalling. It's the only way to give Marowak any longevity, since it can't otherwise survive Rest, and gets PAR off your dudes so they can outspeed all the enemy PAR mons.
The thing is, Snorlax will almost never switch into Miltank. If it drums it makes no sense to take 20%+ and posible par in the switch-in from Body Slam and then take another hit before lax is able to attack. If lax curses doesn't make sense to switch lax into miltank either because you'll be walled to death (unless Snorlax has LK or something?). But Blissey? Blissey does like 2% to Snorlax with special attacks, who can easily switch into Blissey, and drum for free from there or do whatever the hell he wants. I mean, man, sure Blissey has some other (real) advantages over Miltank, but when it comes to dealing with Snorlax (or cursers, or physical attackers) there is no comparison.