Point Buy II - Round 1

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Point Buy Tournament II

General Tournament Rules
co-hosted by Earthworm
This event will test not only your skill at battling, but also your predictions, and your ability to build teams under strict guidelines. You will have a budget of ‘Points’ that you will be able to use to ‘Purchase’ Pokémon for use in your team. Not happy with your low Point total? Bet on other matches to try and get some more of those Points you love so much!

The Rules
  • This will be a single-elimination tournament
  • Battles MUST be played on Shoddy Battle.
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Only Pokémon UU and below, or Pokémon bought, can be used
  • Sleep Clause
  • Freeze Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Battle Timeout must be ON
  • No Scouting

The Point System

Each entrant will be given a starting grant of 300 Points. Over the course of the tournament, you will be using those Points to buy Pokémon to use. The Points can also be used for betting on matches, both your own, and those of others. Keep in mind that this will be a long tournament, though, and so don’t blow all your points at the start! Those that successfully manage their Points will have a large advantage in this competition.

Buying Pokémon

As the tournament progresses, there will be opportunities for you to purchase Pokémon from the OU and BL tiers. Every Pokémon in the OU and BL tiers has been assigned a Point value, as seen below. The value listed is for buying a Pokémon for 3 matches. If you want to buy a Pokémon for 2 matches, it only costs 80% (4/5) of the price. 1-use Pokémon are a mere half of the price listed. Keep in mind that a 3-match Pokémon bought before round 2 will expire after round 4, whether or not you used it in all of your matches!


These are based upon the usage statistics on the Standard Ladder in June. They will remain fixed throughout the tournament. All UU Pokemon may be used without being purchased.
Scizor: 250
Heatran: 225
Salamence: 220
Tyranitar: 180
Gyarados: 175
Gengar: 170
Jirachi: 170
Rotom-A: 170
Starmie: 165
Infernape: 160
Metagross: 155
Swampert: 145
Blissey: 125
Machamp: 120
Lucario: 120
Azelf: 115
Breloom: 115
Gliscor: 100
Flygon: 100
Skarmory: 95
Vaporeon: 95
Jolteon: 90
Suicune: 85
Dragonite: 85
Celebi: 80
Magnezone: 80
Zapdos: 75
Kingdra: 75
Togekiss: 70
Bronzong: 70
Forretress: 65
Aerodactyl: 65
Electivire: 60
Empoleon: 60
Weavile: 55
Dusknoir: 50
Ninjask: 50
Mamoswine: 50
Hippowdon: 50
Snorlax: 50
Umbreon: 40
Tentacruel: 40
Roserade: 40
Smeargle: 40
Porygonz 35
Heracross 30
Cresselia: 30
Abomasnow: 30
Crobat: 25
Gallade: 25
Froslass: 25
Yanmega: 25
Shaymin: 20
Honchkrow: 20
Raikou: 15
Staraptor: 10


You will be required to make a bet on yourself against the House every round. You must make a bet of exactly 50 points on yourself each round. This is to ensure you always have at least 100 points going into a round.

You may also choose to bet on matches you are not a part of, if you like. First of all, all bets made on other matches must be exactly 50 Points, no less, no more. When you bet on a match, you will pick who you think will win the match. After the round, all the bets from which you made points out of, will give you a certain amount of points. Bets may be made publicly (in-thread), or privately (by PM). Even private bets, however, will be announced in-thread by Earthworm or myself, but we will not announce the name of the better, just the amount, and on who.

Pairings (Bracketmaker)

Completed Matches:

Binabik vs San_Pellegrino
Seafunks vs Sage Abdul
Doctor Octagonapus vs DaPlayaFlow
Justinawe vs DCJ
ICSY vs Marcurcio
capefeather vs 6A9 Ace Matador
KnightoftheWind vs supermarth64
Master of the Six Kings vs snorlax
.CarloO~ vs locopoke
Eo Ut Mortus vs legendary_07
Save The Queen vs drcossack
LinIsKorean vs Lady Bug
Otterpaw vs Oblique
Malekith vs kd24
BlackMarketTrader vs Screaming Angel
G80 vs doomvendingmachine
Blue_Blur vs tophway
Iris vs Arin
shartruce2 vs Optimusje
Alexa888 vs Yondie
Delta 2777 vs B-Lulz
Maugoross vs Golden Sun
Bluewind vs shipowdon
cross123456789 vs danmantincan
The_Chaser vs HSA
Joel vs IronBullet93
Dr.Attack vs Megan_Fox
LizardMan vs zach the great
purplefingers vs WhiteQueen
Limitless vs ILoveLiza
tito vs undisput3d
Ala vs Dimsun
LeBron_James vs 199 Lives
PttP vs Raseri
Quagsires vs Towelie
ENZ0 vs DarXidE
coolking49 vs Itchni
DarkLucario vs hiddencounter
reachzero vs [K-12] The Madchine

By Forfeit (bets on these are refunded):

GaRgAnt vs Despotar
Accipender vs Axellion
FLUFFY BIRD vs mighty metagross
Agammemnon vs Mr. Corner
SilentEcho vs fitzy72
seven7xenon vs SsAaVv
hanke vs Alchemator
Bread vs Class
Gouki vs apologies

Coin flip or Activity based matches (bets on these are refunded):
Delko vs KingOldBoy - coin flip
JabbaTheGriffin vs bigfoots - activity
lJLeeRSX7 vs Night-san - activity
IredxL vs Gockel - activity
Blue_Tornado vs Bobtheball4 - activity
Bartman101 vs manav95 - activity
Huntofthelion vs reyscarface - coin flip
Dark Abyss vs alive - coin flip
TV-Rocka vs iss - activity
toshimelonhead vs Thorns - coin flip
Lakers vs UltraSkydive - activity
DragonKnight vs mexican_phoenix - coin flip
Iconic vs Shaymin Man - activity
doominic77 vs Aqueos - coin flip
Darkvirus vs _Flygon_ - coin flip
Articanus vs Ditto - coin flip

The deadline to finish your matches by is the 29th of July.

You do not need to send in a betting PM if you are only betting the 50 point minimum on yourself.
edit: ok, thanks for the response baldo, i don't like the method but at least it isn't something i was skipped over. thanks for clearing that up bald.
so we have to reserve 50 points on ourselves? Or can we spend all 300 points this round. since my normal OU team costs 255 points :(


nice times all the times
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surely too late but i'd like to play!

would i be allowed to make bets now on the off chance i get subbed in later?


mitt game strong
is a Past WCoP Champion
50 on silentecho
50 on megan fox

everyone betting against Iris may be making a huge mistake.

edit: badal, does this now mean i have 150(including the bet onmyself) points to buy with? or still 300?
Betting 50 on Apologies, G80, and DarkLucario, as well as myself obviously

I'll message ICSY and set up a time. Is there any limit on how long we have to complete our match?
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