Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 - Mark 2 ** Spoilers **

okay so I totally posted this in the right thread (COUGH COUGH)
So to people digging around in the code: Are we really really really sure that hildabert don't have overworld sprites somewhere in there. Like maybe some deserted corner* of the code no one really looked at* because they do show up in the Union Room for battles and some of us are wondering if, like, BW1 is loaning*the sprites or something in the transfer of info?

*I don't know how game coding is laid out and am guessing wildly
Huh okay


Where the fuck are TM94 and TM30

Serebii's Pokearth says TM94 is in Virbank Combinator or someshit (that place where you find Magnemite), while TM30 is by Rebirth Mountain, and you need the fucking DOWSING MACHINE to find it

I feel it's bullshit, because the latter makes zero sense

So, like, help?
For TM94, Beat the trio on south, then talk with a man in the entrance of the area
So I just noticed I've hatched 63 consecutive Timid Staryu from a Timid Ditto with an Everstone and a Timid Starmie with a Power Anklet. I know we've all been through strange coincidences in Pokemon games, but this is a bit much, so I searched every post with the word "Everstone" in the past month to check if 100% nature passing had been confirmed. It led me here:

Every single one of my 10 eggs that came from an everstoned parent was jolly.

This means that there's a 99.9% (better than RBY accuracy!) that Everstone always passes on nature.


Anybody want to affirm or deny?
The game's code is 100% identical between BW1 and BW2 when it comes to everstones.
Basically if the highest bit of the rng call is 1 it passes and if it's 0 it fails. There's an equal chance of the bit being 1 or 0 so 50:50 chance.

Never mind it looks like GF made a huge mistake and the first egg you receive will ALWAYS have the exact same nature/everstone/inheritance value.
I picked up and boxed 90 eggs last night, so this definitely isn't a first egg situation for me and something else is going on. Even if the Everstone code really didn't change, maybe another part of the code changed that can make nature passing consistent with a certain combination of items and parents.

Considering the parents I used, the first possibility that comes to my mind (not enough detail in breh's situation to tell if it could apply there too) is that maybe each parent now has an X% chance of 25% or more to pass down nature independently of held items, the same way that they have chances to pass down stats. So having two parents of the same nature where one holds an Everstone would guarantee that nature for the egg not just because of the Everstone, but because of the overlap between that and a usual chance to pass down nature.

Again, that's just speculation. All I know for sure is that I just had 63 out of 63 Staryu turn out Timid, but that's pretty exciting to me no matter what the explanation is.
I'm going to guess everyone claiming this isn't soft-resetting. But if so, I have another question:

Does everything else still get thrown through the randomizer for multiple eggs with an everstone? Ability, gender, etc.
Do all of your Staryus have the same IVs by any chance?
Nope. I've hatched all 90 now and some have 4 Attack at level 1 and others have 5. Their abilities also vary. I'll try some other breeding combinations over the next few days for the sake of experimenting. Mostly I want to see if the Everstone pattern holds up when Ditto isn't involved, genderless Pokemon aren't involved, and Dream World Pokemon are involved.


Calm Prankster Sableye (F) with Everstone + Timid Ditto with Power Band: 5 of 5 Calm, 0 of 5 Prankster

Since Dream World abilities can't be passed through Ditto, I wondered if the 100% Everstone would hold up. At least for this small test it did. Tiny sample size, I know. I might come back to similar tests later, but I am actually breeding Pokemon for PWT and not just testing for testing's own sake, so I didn't spend much time on this pairing and it was taking ages to get the two to produce eggs.

Calm Prankster Sableye (F) with Everstone + Timid Synchronize Alakazam (M) with Power Anklet: 20 of 20 Calm, 13 of 20 Prankster

This makes me more sure that the nature passing is based on the Everstone itself and not the pairing of two parents who happen to have the same nature. No changes to the odds of Dream World ability passing, unfortunately.

Calm Prankster Sableye (F) with Everstone + Calm Prankster Sableye (M) with Power Band: 30 of 30 Calm, 19 of 30 Prankster

And, again, basically what I expected.
Speaking of which, did anyone check to see whether Imposter Ditto can now be used to pass on Hidden Abilities? Wishful thinking, yes, but it'd still be worth checking, for the sake of being thorough if nothing else.
Jiggy, what about genders? Did they vary up in your results? Though I'm going to guess everything other than nature got thrown in the randomizer.

Basically I just want to be able to breed up DW ability breeders in BW2 and I want to make sure that's possible.
it's possible that with the new breeding changes (including the screwed up rng) it might be possible that DW ditto can now pass on DW abilities

of course its wishful thinking but eh :/
Exactly the sort of lines I was thinking along. I know it was proven impossible in B/W, but this is B2/W2. It's completely possible they changed this. Not as likely as I'd like it to be, but still possible.


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hoping that DW ditto can now pass on DW abilities

also, the breeding seed for everstone/inheritance is broken such that your first egg of your session will always have the same ES/INH result (you can get different results with a ditto parent, nidoran/volbeat, or power items. The seed is still the same, so you just shift calls around.


Updated PWT DLC tournaments


Note: Although "SARAH" appears in the text as a trainer name, there is some other flag that instructs the game to read from the text file ingame to get a trainer name. The reason "SARAH" is still there is because the name is unused \\ however, it was not overwritten by the ingame name like everyone else. It's unchanged data from their base template (however they edit it to make new tournaments).


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serebii already updated his site with this stuff (once we were done I posted the links here of the raw data). You can see it all pretty there, but he doesn't show IV/EVs

as for the pokestar sparkle, it all makes sense now. That hex was the old pokeathlon hex (which increased your pokemon's performance the higher it went). It was wiped upon poketransfer, so that hex was already planned to be used WAY ahead of time (other invisible hexes weren't wiped). Get more "famous", and once you reach enough fame (like 250+ which is a lot), you sparkle!


So this is really cool.

Is the trainer rebattleable? if so, we have the easiest way to grind ever created in a Pokemon game. I'm not sure, but if you use the following setup:

-level 1 mon with lucky egg
-high levelled mon with explosion or some other similar self KO move (destiny bond's an option)
-optimally, pass powers

you can pretty much level anything to 50 in a snap (I realize that you could already do this with audino before, but it took one or two most times)
She isn't rebattleable unless:
1. Serebii messed his clock up to the point where going forward doesn't do anything
2. It's only weekly/monthly
3. Reset by some other variable

As neat as it would be, I'm pretty sure she's only fightable the one (well, two) times. This was the same case with the Lilligant/Whimsicott & Cinccino battles in BW1.

that said maybe one could theoretically do the Hippowdon trade and just keep losing. She carries two other Pokemon, after all. Use the level 100 Hippo (and maybe the 1 other Pokemon), and then lose to the third perhaps?


that said maybe one could theoretically do the Hippowdon trade and just keep losing. She carries two other Pokemon, after all. Use the level 100 Hippo (and maybe the 1 other Pokemon), and then lose to the third perhaps?
Man, that sucks that she's not rebattleable, but I really hope that this can be abused.
Man, that sucks that she's not rebattleable, but I really hope that this can be abused.
It even works to our favor if with Hippowdon, since it has a higher EXP yield.
let's see assuming level 1, with lucky egg, with pass power (x2) vs level 100 hippowdon I think that would mean....87321 exp

edit: assuming the pokemon that kills the hippo also dies