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Pokémon BW2 In-game Tier List Mark II [See Post #840]

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by SuperJOCKE, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Punchshroom

    Punchshroom para is worse than sleep
    is a Community Contributor

    Dec 5, 2012
    A couple of things. Banette's bulk is pretty bad, in fact it is statistically the frailest of all available Ghost-types, which would by extension make it no different from any other offensive Ghost-type you can find.

    You cannot get Trick Room until after Ghetsis (N gives you HM08 Waterfall to reach the Abundant Shrine), and you didn't even list the E4 matchups (hint: he kinda sucks, even against Caitlin due to bad Speed and bulk). Banette also trades badly with even Team Plasma grunts, not OHKOing anything that cannot outright OHKO Banette back.
  2. 8-BIT Luster

    8-BIT Luster Completely Unviable

    Aug 22, 2013
    OK. this is my rough draft. I'm gonna neaten this up.
    Name: Aron

    Availability: Mid-game, Mistralton Cave (Black and White 2)-

    Stats: Aron and its evolutions have titanic Defense. Aggron has a base Defense stat of 180, making it one of the premier physical walls. The Aron line also has relatively high Attack stats. Unfortunately, its other stats are subpar, or even dismal.

    Typing: The Aron line’s Steel/Rock typing is both a blessing and a curse. While it grants 4x resistances to Normal and Flying, and immunity to Poison, Aron and its evolutions have a crippling 4x weakness to Fighting-and-Ground types, as well as a Weakness to Water. However, Aron has very strong STABs in Iron Head (learned at level 25,) Heavy Slam (learned at level 43,) and Rock Slide (TM80.)

    Movepool: Aron’s level-up movepool consists mainly of defensive moves such as Iron Defense, Protect and Roar. However, it does get some decent moves in Heavy Slam, Iron Head, and Double-Edge. Aron’s TM/HM movepool is incredibly vast, learning such moves as Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Brick Break, Dragon Claw, and thunder Wave, as well as 4 HMs. Since you get it so close to Driftveil City, you can teach it Bulldoze right away, giving you a decent Ground move that will hold you over until you get Earthquake. Aggron also learns Outrage, the Elemental punches, Superpower, Aqua Tail and Low Kick by tutoring.

    Major Battles: Aron and its evolutions do very well against Skyla’s Swoobat, taking all of her hits and firing back with a powerful Iron Head or Rock Tomb. It also does very well against Drayden’s Haxorus. However, it falls to Druddigon’s Revenge or Flygon’s Earth Power, so it is not advised to battle them with Aron. Despite doing excellently against the Shadow Triad in BW2, Aggron fails to do much against the Elite Four. It can, however, be used against Iris as a physical wall. It can also take her team on if taught Dragon Claw/Outrage.

    Additional Comments: While Aron evolves late (final form at level 42,) it does evolve into Lairon at level 32, which isn’t long after you catch it. (Aron is caught at level 29-30.)
  3. DHR-107

    DHR-107 Robot from the Future
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    Orange Islands

    Dec 26, 2008
    Wowzerz here we are again! Lets get this done and dusted :) As per tradition I'll start at the bottom of whats left and work my way up.


    Name: Yamask
    Availability: Mid Game in Relic Castle (40% on all three floors)
    Stats: Defensive. Cofagrigus has one of the best Defense stats in the game and can still pack a punch with decent special attack. Only issue is very low speed means you will be getting hit a lot.
    Typing: Pure Ghost. Walls a fair few trainers outright, and most fighting types won't give you problems.
    Movepool: Gets Shadow Ball via TM or Level Up, Will-O-Wisp and room for a coverage move or two. Hex is worth a shout as well.
    Major Battles: Comes at a good time. Defensively it can stand up to Zebstrika and Excadrill (burning both if needs be) and with Eviolite before it evolves its hard to crack. After it evolves it becomes the teams main defensive wall. Excells against Marshall at the Elite 4 and can hold its own against Iris' Haxorus.
    Additional Comments: It's Movepool is fairly small but its one of the few Pokemon that can fit all the moves it needs onto its moveset.


    Name: Tynamo
    Availability: Mid-Late game, Chargestone Cave (2% Chance top two floors, 8% bottom floor)
    Stats: You'll be holding onto Tynamo for a while which has pretty poor stats. However, it gets a significant boost upon evolving. However, like some others it is awfully slow.
    Typing: Pure Electric but with Levitate. This means it has 0 weaknesses and keeps its resists. It also comes right before a Flying type Gym leader.
    Movepool: As Tynamo its only 4 moves. Eelektrik and Eelektross have movepools which are pretty big through TMs and tutors; including Acrobatics, Flamethrower and other moves.
    Major Battles: Comes right before Skyla, but the moves it has probably won't be much help. As soon as it evoles it'll be a big help against Marlon and does reasonably in the Elite 4.
    Additional Comments: It has reasonable Bulk to go with its high offences, mixed attacking Electric- types are rare. Can also be found as both Tynamo and Eelektrik in the Seaside Cave (before the Plasma Frigate).

    Those should do for now, I'll throw up a few more later on :o
  4. SuperJOCKE

    SuperJOCKE Deleting...
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    Jun 4, 2010
    Small update.

    Gonna try to get this done ASAP, but between me moving to my own place within a week and work, I might not have as much time to focus on this kind of stuff. I'll try to work on it this coming weekend.

    You're still welcomed to help if you can and want.
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  5. Prime29


    May 15, 2014
    I've recently dusted off my copy of White 2 to help pass the time to Omega/Alpha. I also own Black 2 so I can do a playthrough of either ATM, if there's anything you'd like me to do to help, I'm more than willing.
  6. Magnetonium


    Feb 15, 2014
    I know its been almost a month since the last post but hey, can I reserve Spheal & Mandibuzz please.

    Only gonna start when I get approval

    EDIT: Wow this thread is dead now.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
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